Monday, January 31, 2011

Racing at home

Ran 4 miles outside today, felt OK but I cannot wait to get my new shoes!  Since the half marathon I get pain under my foot, I think it is my current shoes.  Soon we will see if I am right.

In June I will be going HOME!!!!!
Home is Quebec in case you did not know yet.  My favorite place ever.

June 4th is my  25th High School reunion and there is NO WAY I am missing this.  I have not been back home in over 2 1/2 years.  This is the longest I have gone without going home.  Finally the price of the tickets are going down ..from 860 to 550.  I found a 10k race that I could do while I am there. 

Only problem is that it is the day after the reunion.  I still want to do it.  I have never raced in Quebec yet.  This will be the 58th year they have that race and the course is in a beautiful part of the city, running by this:

The Montmorency Falls: The falls, at 275 ft high  and 150 feet wide are the highest in the province of Quebec and 98 ft higher than Niagara Falls.

Free Geography lesson of the day over.

Now I want to convince a few of my classmates to join me for the race.  That won't be easy.  They will have an open bar at the reunion.  I cannot drink so I don't care about that part!

To be continued...

Now I must decide on a training plan for my next race: a 10k.  It is in 4 weeks, I am going to have to modify one I think because training for next half starts next Monday.
Training for this week

MON: 4 miles
TUE: 3 miles tempo at gym
WED:  4 miles
THU: 3 miles + strength
FRI: rest
SAT: 2 easy miles + 30 min elliptical @ gym
SUN: 5 miles
TOTAL: 21 miles



Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Sounds great!! I will be anxious to see your 10k pics the day after the reunion!! :)

Pam said...

That scenery is stunning! You should definitely run that race!

Christine said...

How exciting!!! Planning on doing a race while traveling shows you that you are a serious runner! :)

RockStarTri said...

Racing while on vacation is hard core. Of course you have to set a PR!

Chris K said...

La Quebec me manque beaucoup aussi. Je suis Quebecois. C'est vrai. (not really).

Jen said...

How beautiful! I went to Quebec when I was a little girl and remember loving it. I really need to visit again!

Kate said...

I've never been to Quebec but I would LOVE to visit. It looks so beautiful.

Rae said...

That is awesome that you get to go home...and race there!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is exciting you get to go home

And how beautiful your home is!!!

Colleen said...

Looks amazing!

DRog said...

I was born in Montreal and grew up in the city for my first 4 years and the suburb of Beaconsfield for the next 4 years. The few memories I have a aweomse, my Dad still loves it and goes back often