Saturday, January 8, 2011

The first game...

Must type kids are driving Bill crazy...and I don't want WWIII in my house tonight!!!

Went to the gym this was cross training...did 30 min on elliptical...gym was full some guy came and said : "I CALL 30 minutes on you!" What?? I said " You could just say can I please have a turn now or are you almost done"...anyway...I got off and all that was available was those bikes that are lower...I hate I did only 10 minutes on that.

I had to get ready for my younger son's basketball game...I guess I can say their names...instead of older and younger all the time.  I did give them names when they were born...OK so Jonathan is the almost 5 yrs old one.  He had a game at is just hilarious to go to those games. 

Jonathan is the one with the ball

Then at 12:30 I was coaching my older son, Will. 
We are the Mavericks and it was our first game.  Well I did not need to go to the gym this morning, this was a real workout!  And I lost my voice!  We did OK but they sucked all the energy I had left.  I ran that court for the whole game while 2 out of 5 were almost asleep watching the others play!  These are 6 yrs old boys...the expectations have to be really LOW!!

Will is #4

Tomorrow long run.  This time I will not cut it short no matter what, if I have to walk then so be it.  I got my new fuel belt and I am going to try GU for the first time.  Let's hope my super picky stomach likes it!


Pam said...

As picky as your stomach is, I wouldn't get too far from home if you've never tried GU! lol They don't bother me at all, but I know people with pretty strong stomachs that have had problems with GU.

Crafty Jogger said...

Your coaching pictures are awesome! What a wonderful thing to do with your son.

Good luck with your long run and using GU for the first time.

Anne said...

So cute! I used to coach my kids' soccer teams :)

I agree with Pam...I'd maybe try the more natural eloads or Carb Boom energy gel...both are made from natural ingredients. Cause Gu is reputed to be hard on the stomach. Good luck :)