Monday, January 10, 2011

That annoying step

Today I found this new blog thanks to Kovas. (I am sure you will love that I mention your pal in the same post I mention YOU!)  I was reading his race recap  and found out he has this Running Arch Nemesis:  Chris.   
So I got curious and paid a visit to his blog.  Well there I found this post on the world verification, you know that step where you have to re-type crazy words that make no sense to post a comment.

I always thought mine was off because when I type comments on my own blog I don't have to re-type a crazy word...well turns out mine was on and now thanks to Chris (and Kovas of course) it is OFF!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

It's simple jealousy - when I grow up, I want to be Chris K. But please don't become a follower of his, else his head will swell ever larger.

XLMIC said...

I just found that "off" switch too! Nice, isn't it?