Monday, January 10, 2011

Me and GU

Today I start week 11 of my Half Marathon training, I cannot believe it is almost here.  In two weeks at this time I will likely be posting my race report!

I went to the gym and did Bike for 20 minutes and Strength work, not my favorite thing to do lifting weights but I did it.

This was week 10 and I did what is in red

WEEK 10:

Mon: Strength and stretch: I did not make it to the gym that day it was the last day of my parents visit and I wanted to be with them.
Tue: 5 miles: 5 miles
Wed: 3 miles or cross: 3 milesThu: 5 miles + strength:  5 miles
Fri: REST : rest
Sat: 60 min cross: 30 min elliptical and 15 bike.

Sun:  8 miles: 8 miles
total: 21 miles: 21 miles
WEEK 11:Mon: Strength and stretch
Tue: 5 miles
Wed: 3 miles or cross:
Thu: 5 miles + strength:
Sat: 60 min cross
Sun:  10 miles:
total: 23 miles
Me and GU are not a good fit.  :(
I tried Vanilla yesterday and it was just OK.  Really sweet for me and I could only take half.  Today I opened a Mint Chocolate GU I won in a giveaway.   Oh boy....for sure I cannot take that one.  I took a tiny quantity and I had heartburn almost instantly, I should have known with the chocolate.  All the other flavors I have here are sweet so I anticipate not so great results.  The coffee one might be OK, we will see.
I went to 3 different places looking for PLAIN GU today and no luck.
Can I run a Half Marathon and not take anything but water?  I am sure lots of people do it right?
Tomorrow is HOOD TO COAST day!!!!!
I cannot wait!!!!!
Are you going?
I went to the movies yesterday and I wanted to make sure I would not have any issues with the passes that I won through the Runner's World Best race ever contest and they told me no problem that this will be a special event and the winners will be taken to special seats!
I am so looking forward to it and it is my birthday tomorrow!


Pam said...

Yes, lots of folks do it on water alone. If it's gonna be warm that day, maybe consider taking a salt tablet beforehand!

If you feel like you need something though, try Heed or Clif products. They're more natural and may be easier on the belly.

Christine said...

Did you try sport beans? They work well for me, I'm not good with GU either.

I also bought tickets for the hood to coast movie and I'm SO excited! Unfortunately we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow afternoon. I have to drive about 50 miles to the cinema. I hope I can see the movie!!

Amy said...

How exciting that your race is so close!

I need to go buy tickets to that movie! My husband said he's go with me. How cool that it lands on your birthday as well!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Yay for almost being there! So exciting! You can totally do it with just water. I never used anything until my first marathon and then I only used one packet of GU for the whole thing. You'll be fine.

I am not going to the HOod To Coast thing but I sure did love Hood To Coast the few times I've done is awesome! Have fun!

XLMIC said...

I never used GU until I ran in a full marathon... not even in training runs... well, maybe one or two training runs. In the half, I think focusing on staying hydrated will be the ticket. Great job with your training!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I will be cheering for you! So close to your half! you will have to change your blog title to Journey Past a Half marathon!! :D

Chris K said...

You will love Carlsbad. It is one of my favorite courses.

I have tried just about every type of "GU" out there and I finally found one that works great. It doesn't have a gelling agent which helps the tummy. It also contains electrolytes so you don't have to drink any of that nasty stuff on the course. It's called Electrolyte Fuel System by the First Endurance Company. One little flask is packed with 400 calories which just may be enough for your half. Feel free to email me through my blog if you have any questions.

Bonne Chance!

Jenn said...

I can only take vanilla powerbar gels. They are runnier than the others and I can squeeze them right down my throat without tasting much. I rarely use gels in training. I like Heed by Hammer Nutrition. It's a more natural sports drink and it seems to work well. For a HM, I think you could make it without anything. I had never even heard of gels my first half. Hope you find something that works. I'm excited for you:) Coming up quick!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am the same way on Powerbar gel, luckly there are a ton of brands on the market to find the right one for you and your stomach