Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hood to Coast + thank you

I want to thank all of you who left me "happy birthday" messages yesterday!
I appreciate them all and I am touched by your kindness.

I had a great day, I got to run outside instead of my usual Tuesday treadmill run.  I got some nice gifts and I got to go see HOOD TO COAST!

Did you see it? I hope many of you had the chance to see it.  It was GREAT.  No really it was.  Better then I expected.  I loved everything about it, I could have watched that for hours!  I laughed : Dead Jocks and Rachel...really hilarious I want to be on THEIR team!   I cried: team sad..I never want to be that mom... And what about Kathy! She is one of a kind.  If you saw it; the visit at her Doctor right before the race is priceless!  He told her not to run the first leg and she looked at him with a smile and what did she do? She ran the first leg!

This made me want to

1. Go for a run a 11 no I did not..Bill would never let me:  the man got me pepper spray for my birthday for my Sunday long runs...!

2. Do that race one day, those of you who did run it, you are so lucky!!!

People clapped at the end..that is always a good sign, the theater was not full..not even close, that tells me I don't live in a town of runners!

Went to bed way pass my bedtime but it was worth it!

I went for a 5 miler instead of 3 since I could run outside today also, will do 3 tomorrow on the treadmill. 

Again thank you all for your lovely comments...and oh no no I am not a genius,  far from it, trust me: see the blond hair on my head well that is all there you go....


abbi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Jason said...

Happy Belated Birthday. And yes the movie made we want to get out and run. Instead I got to bed very late and woke up at 4:18am to go swimming.

middleagedrunner said...

Hah! I just tagged you for stylish blogger and now I see you already did it! Well, take it as a compliment that everybody loves your blog. :-)

Christine said...

I LOVED the movie as well, so inspirational!! My favorite was Rachel :)

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

Oh I can't wait to see it! Happy Late birthday by the way. I'm glad you were inspired, its the perfect motivator movie.