Friday, January 7, 2011

The mental games

Today is rest day.  On rest day I always volunteer at my son's school and help the teacher for a couple of hours.  I run a couple of kids free errands that is a MAJOR treat.  And then I think....way too much....about my up coming half marathon.  I am now doing it at night also and it is driving me crazy. 

I think about every miles, where will I collapse, should I GU or not, when?, should I carry my belt at the race or trust that they will have enough of water for all 10000 runners, should I wear my compression tights or not, long sleeves or short or thank, should I break my new shoes this Sunday for my long run, should I do a run/walk strategy for the half or walk when I get too tired or just to drink, if I run/walk..then at what ratio...will I get side pain..
see do you have a headache already just by reading this....?

I can see myself running the half in my head....and I try to figure out how long it will take me.  I am not fast but I am steady.  I wonder how to break the race, two 5 milers and a 5k? I can manage that mentally.  I think. 

I have a type A personality...I know poor husband right...I don't like the unknown, I like to be READY.  And my first half is the a foreign language or something.  The mental aspect of this race is huge for me.  I don't want my mind to start playing trick on me. I want it to be in a good place, a positive one.  I tell myself the time should not matter...but the truth is it does to me.  

What I need is a crystal ball that will show me it will all be OK.  Anyone has one of these I can borrow??!!!


My parents suitcases have been delivered this morning!  The airline never called to let them know they found them and I just checked the website in the tracking bags section and the bags are still showing as missing!!! Not so great customer service from United Airlines who like all the others are charging $ to check luggage


Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

I was the same way before my marathon but you have to trust what has worked for you in the past. If you are used to your GU at a certain place, then plan to carry it so that you have it. I would say to carry a throw away water bottle at the beginning. The first water stop or two are always really crowded and you ran run through the middle and then peel off to the side if you still want a water break. It will help a lot and when you tire of carrying it with you, it's a throw away so toss it! Hope that helps... you will love the experience I'm sure!!!

Pam said...

haha all those questions sound SO familiar! They are all the same ones I asked myself!

Christine said...

I felt the same way before my first half marathon and my marathon. Being nervous is good! It will give you the extra power during the race :)

IN order to answer your questions, dedicate your last long run as your half marathon dry run. Wear the same things as you are planning on doing on race day and you will see how you fell and you can make adjustments if needed.

All will be good, you trained so hard for it!!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

"I don't like the unknown, I like to be READY." - I'm with you on this. Fear of the unknown causes me to panic like crazy! I was this way during my first half and my first full marathon. But you know what, I enjoyed the surprise come race day. And I know you will too. Just do your best to be ready for the big day and just have fun.

My best comment for this is for you to read my latest post, "Fear or Faith". It's just so apt.

Carrie said...

So nice to find your blog. I look forward to following your 1/2 marathon journey. Are you following a particular training program? I like your mental plan of breaking the race down into smaller chunks. Definitely sounds like the way to go. Good luck.

Anne said...

You are going to be so ready! You have trained hard and as I've read somewhere before...the training is the hard part, race day is your Victory lap...just enjoy it!

My humble advice would be to not change things around at this point. No new shoes a few weeks before the race (selon mon physiothérapeute, on peut porter les souliers jusqu'à plus de dit que ce sont les vendeurs de souliers qui nous disent qu'on doit les changer après 400-500K) :) new Gu on race new clothes on race day. Everything should be comfortable.
Bonne will kick butt I'm sure!

Allyssa said...

I didn't have wifi for a few days so I'm late to comment but I wanted you to know you are not alone! My first Half is coming up the last sunday in february and I spend my days thinking up all the same questions that you listed. Glad to know I'm not the only one obsessing over such things!