Monday, January 17, 2011

The last week

I cannot believe I am starting the last week of my training plan for my first Half Marathon.

This was last week's plan, I did what is in red
WEEK 11:
Mon: Strength and stretch: S and S plus 30 min bike
Tue: 5 miles: 5 miles
Wed: 3 miles or cross: 5 miles
Thu: 5 miles + strength: 3 miles 
Fri: REST : rest
Sat: 60 min cross: basketball
Sun:  10 miles: 10 miles
total: 23 miles: 23 miles
This is this week
Week 12
Mon: Strength and stretch
Tue: 4 miles
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 2 miles
total: 22 miles
Went to the gym this morning, did 35 minutes on the bike and some strength a little bit of everything.
I thought my legs would hurt this morning and no pain.  Icing works!
The kids are home today for MLK day...they started fighting at around 7:32 AM.  Rigth now we are going through a peaceful break..let's hope it lasts more then 11 minutes!
The heat is back here...I HATE it.  This is so wrong.  It is JANUARY.  Heat go away come back in June or not at all, fine with me.
Now looking for new good music for my half marathon playlist!
If you have a new favorite let me rap though...I am allergic to it.


Chris K said...

Well, I signed up to volunteer at the water station at Mile 16. Maybe you should just run the Full and I'll give you a motivational high-five to get you through the last 10 miles.

Christine said...

Good job on following your plan! Take it very easy this week. All the hard work is done. You will do great!!

Jenn said...

Allergic to rap-ha!! Only one week!!! Your cutback week looks great:) Firework by Katy Perry has good words and no rap! Hope your mind doesn't drive you crazy this week. Mine always seems to do that the week before a race!

Caroline said...

@ Chris: mile 16! crap that is just after the turnaround for the 1/2!

@Jenn ah yes, I already have anxiety..Fireworks I will check it out! thanks!

@Christine: thank you !!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

woohoo!!!! go go go girl! I'll be cheering for ya! And you will be in my prayers. =)

middleagedrunner said...

So excited for you!
My go-to songs:
-Running Down a Dream (Tom Petty)
-Legs (ZZ Top)
-Rag Doll (Aerosmith) (all songs form my youth...)
-Firework is GREAT to0- I second that 100%
............AND........ OBVI!!...........
-Another one bites the dust (Queen. Kickass!)

All great songs for maintaining a 7:35 pace. Which is a poor choice for a 1/2 if you ask me!