Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Cool Giveaways -

Hey Chris K.  if you read this here's something you will like:

2 Giveaways that are not girly.

1.  Jess has some NUUN and Nike shirt for one lucky person.

2. Dorothy at Mile Post has 2 AUTOGRAPHED copies of Run To Overcome by Meb Keflezighi

I am telling all of you to increase my chances but really I don't need you to participate of course!! I kid, I kid.

Today I did a 4 miles run on the treadmill...I also tried another energy product..5 hours Energy.  Bill came home last night and said he had met a marathoner at work and this guy told him I should try it.  So far nothing bad happened.  I always test this stuff at home first just to see if my stomach can take it.  Only took a little bit of it. Not the tastiest (is that even an English word?) stuff...I needed water after.  It does go down better then the gels that is for sure and that is a big plus.  Tomorrow I might try it again before I go for my 3 miles run and see how it is but I am thinking I should just stick with water on Sunday.

This is what I am reading this week for inspiration.  I know the story by heart but I love reading it again.   He will be the one I think about when it gets tough on Sunday. 


Anne said...

You girl are going to do great on Sunday! :)

Chris K said...

Yeah, well that's an abberation. Maybe they heard that the men are revolting about all the girly stuff. Good luck in Cbad!

Kovas said...

Good luck Sunday!

Emz said...

Yay for Sunday!!!

Absolutely loved your comment today.
Kids learn early they have 97% of what they need at Costco. But I'd love to see the price on that new item. "the new mom".