Saturday, January 15, 2011

Game 2 and Following the rules

Today is cross training day and I coached and played basketball.
I am not going to the gym to jump on the elliptical for 30 min, no time for that, too much going on and I have a 10 miler tomorrow.

We had Game 2 with my team and we played a team who does not follow the rules and that made me really mad.  The kids are 6-7 yrs old, they are not allowed to play men to men, only zone and only half court.  They are not allowed to take the ball away from an opponent, no steal allowed even if they are clean.

Well guess what the other team the Pacers did the whole game???  It is really hard to have my team play by the rules when they get the ball stolen from their hands the whole game. Grrrrrrr. 

I would have fought the other coach but here is a picture of me next to him.  Now remember I am 5'11".

More pictures


H Love said...

nice job coach! I am coaching b-ball to for my son...4th-5th grade parks and rec. First practice Tues! I am only 5"4 so hope I don't meet a coach like you did! Hello big guy!

Chris K said...

You should have kicked that Coach in the shins. Ridiculous. Hey, did you see my recent post where I met 3 S.D. State Lady Aztec basketball players? Good luck next weekend.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

Good job coach! I bet your kids loved it!