Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More about the Half Marathon and the Oscars!

Ultrasound today, of course they did not tell me anything and I have to wait until next week to find out the results.  Will try not to think about it too much.  My legs are MUCH better. I am thinking of going for 2-3 miles on the treadmill tomorrow.
I LOVE movies and the Oscar race is on!
These are my predictions:

Best Movie: The King's Speech.
Best Actor: Colin Firth
Best Actress: Natalie Portman
Best supp Actor: Christian Bale
Best Supp Actress: Amy Adams

Well the official pictures are in and they came with a VIDEO!
This is so cool! I have never been to a race where they film the runners!
So when I got the email last night and I saw the video of me crossing the line I could not resist.  I bought the pictures and the video, that was all in one package.  This was my 13th race and I had bought picture once before that, those are so expensive and Bill usually snaps a couple of good shots so I cannot justify spending money on more pictures.  But this time it is special and he said that I should get them so I did. 

Here's me crossing the finish line on the left the one who raises her arm up!
(Followed by guy with no shirt what is up with that guys who read my blog? Do you go shirtless at races?)

And more pictures of  the race.

The winners:

The non winner:

I cropped shirtless guy out of this picture as much as I could

This is the original one


Amanda@runninghood said...

Yay! Too cool. I've never seen a video from a race before...awesome!

XLMIC said...

That video was pretty nifty! I liked your victorious arms-up!

Thanks for trying to crop that shirtless guy out!

Christine said...

Nice pictures and how cool to have a video!! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

First, you are a winner, you finished that race, less then 2% of the world has done what you just did.

The shirtless guy made me laugh!!!! 70's mustache, really, who still sports the stache!! headband and furry animal!! He is lost in a time capsule

No, I always wear a shirt, most men do, though I so see the occasional shirtless guy, in tri, I still swim in my tri top (which are designed to swim, bike, run in) one less thing for me to worry about

Rae said...

Awesome pictures!

Darlene said...

I'm jealous - I didn't get a video - that's cool. I bought my pics too.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh i love those videos. So fun!! You look like you had a great time (besides your legs, haha).

Emz said...


It is magnum himself.