Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My legs called and they want a divorce.  I said calm down it will pass.
OK so day 2 post half marathon, I am feeling it.  I wish my house did not have stairs.  It hurts to sit..my poor quads...

I did go to the gym today.  No running, just bike for 40 minutes.  That did not hurt at all.
Tomorrow I cannot run either it is my 6 mos screening to see if the tumor I have on my kidney has grown.   I know I have it since July of 2009 (2009 was NOT my year).  It has not grown since then so fingers crossed it will be the same this time.  I usually don't think about it too much except when the 6 mos is up and I have to have the ultrasound then of course that is all I can think about.  Unfortunately they cannot do a biopsy on these kind of tumors so we don't know what kind it is.  The fact that it has not grown is a good sign

Did you see I modified the name of my blog?

The next Half Marathon will be The Disneyland Half Marathon on Labor day weekend

It was between this one and the Rock and Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon in October . 
How can I not do Disneyland though?  The course goes in both park and at Angel Stadium and it is DISNEYLAND!  Last year I ran the 5k race and I remember wishing I was ready for the big race.  My kids will do the kids race on the Saturday and we will stay there for my race on Sunday.  Like everything Disney it is not cheap:  $125 well $133.63 once Active adds their lovely processing fee. 

One thing I learned from my first training experience is that 1 double digit run is not enough to get ready for the half marathon.  I am not sure if I will use the same plan but if I do, I will add one more 10-12 miler. 


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Another day off will be good for you. I hope your appt. goes well tomorrow.
I agree with you about getting some more double digit runs in before your next half. My husband did Disneyland a few years ago. I wish I would've been a half marathon runner back then--then I could've done it too!

$125 is pretty steep. I'm appreciating the prices for some of the smaller Oregon halfs I'm doing this summer.

Chris K said...

That next half you are doing sounds pretty Goofy. Sorry.

Caroline said...

@ Chris: Ha! Ha!!

XLMIC said...

Do you have a foam roller? It might really help with the soreness and tightness. Disney sounds fun... with or without the run ;-)

Christine said...

Great new title!!! :)
I would recommend not running at all this week, give your legs some rest. Biking is great for this week!

middleagedrunner said...

Good luck with your appointment today- sending good thoughts your way.
I'm the worlds biggest disney fan and would NEVER turn down an opportunity to race there. Expensive, sure, but a small price to pay for the MAGIC (which I totally buy into! I'm always depressed that I live 1600 miles away from WDW cos I lovveeeeeee it there....)

Rae said...

I hope your appointment goes well today. I'll be thinking of you!

Kovas said...

The new title is great, love that you've signed up for another race already!

Cathy said...

I want to do the Disney Half so bad! The price is a little discouraging though. I'm so excited about running around the bases at Anaheim Stadium!

Darlene said...
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Darlene said...

I didn't run for a week after my first half. I want to do another but haven't signed up yet. I'm thinking of one April 23 & another Sept 18.

I wish I could do a Disney one!! That's expensive. My recent half only cost $30. I think I did a 10, 11 & 12 then tapered.