Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peace of mind

I need peace of mind.  I am what you American call a worry wart
If there is something to worry about, I will worry about it for sure. 
I hate it, but I cannot help it.  I worry but at least I am not a pessimist. 
So today I did my 3 miles run.  I am in the taper week.  That is my first real taper.  I follow the plan because well,  I always follow the rules.  It says 3 miles, I do 3 miles.  Tomorrow 2 miles and then that's it I am done.  That makes me happy and very stressed out at the same time.  When I was in school I would study until the last minute, even if I knew everything I would still study, you can never be too prepared.  I see the half marathon as a test and the training plan was the studying part.

Well now I worry.  Will my legs forget they ran 1o miles the other day? How about my lungs?
Then today during my run, as I was stopped at a stop light,  I realized that during all my runs outside those stop lights are there and I do stop when it's red and I wait for the little white guy.  That means I rest a little.  During the half marathon there will be no stop light to "force" me to rest and bring my heart rate down a little.  Is that going to mess things up? 
I told you I worry. 
It is exhausting

Then later I go pick Will up at school and his teacher tells me 6 kids were out sick today. 
A stomach bug.   That is not good.  I don't need people in my family to get a stomach bug this week (or any week ).  Now I worry Will is going to get it and pass it on to me.  I have already given to the FLU charity this year that is enough.  Can I tell you I made my boys wash their hands about 43 times since 3?  Now I think I should not go volunteer in the class full of enemy germs on Friday and play it safe. 
Am I crazy? Yeah a  little bit but hey I am nice, I am Canadian remember?!! :)

I am also worried that my current diet will not be enough for the race.  I eat a salad every day for dinner.  That is not a lot of calories.  Maybe I should try some plain pasta..I should be able to digest that and get some carbs in.  

Ah that last week should not be called taper it should be call going insane week.  This is how I am after a day of 3 miles...tomorrow is only 2...that is less then 20 minutes!

I need to find a yoga class or something...don't say a therapist like my dad suggested.  That put him on the banned list for half marathon pictures!   If only I could have one glass of wine..that would help!!!

American Idol tonight....are you watching?


Tricia said...

TOTALLY normal to stress out during taper. Just try to relax and trust your traiing. At this point there isnt anything you can do (running wise) to train more, you can only do harm by pushing yourself. :) Rest, relax and enjoy some carbs.

Colleen said...

Ahhh... taper tantrums! :) You'll be fine, I promise! It's totally normal to worry at this stage!

Glad I found your blog! Best of luck this weekend!

Amanda@runninghood said...

You will be great Caroline! You've done the work. Now enjoy the ride of the race. Enjoy this week. Be positive, happy and know that you know that you're going to do great! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh, and I did watch American Idol on the TM tonight.

Christine said...

Trust me, everybody goes through that before the first race! Being exciting/nervous is good energy!! :)
I agree, try to avoid any contact with the flu. I would not recommend doing yoga this week, the rule is not to do/eat anything new the 2 weeks before the race, just keep doing what you did all training long and you will be fine. The training is the hard part, the race is the reward!! You have people cheering you on, volunteers handing out drinks and food (this is your stop sign) and your family will be there! So much easier than any lonely long run!
You are ready and all will be fine!! :)

middleagedrunner said...

You're going to do GREAT! That being said I TOTALLY understand the worry- I'm already looking at my "taper" week and knowing it is going to be TORMENT!
Avoid that flu- it's going around like crazy up here and i'm secretly glad I don't have kids! Make those little buggers wash their hands and stay the heck away from that classroom (if it's the dreaded norovirus those stupid germs can live for FORTY EIGHT hours on a surface! AKKK! PANIC!)
Can't wait for your race, you are going to be healthy, well fed and ready to kick some ass!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Taper madness!!! Welcome to the club, we all go through it, since we are not training and we are now resting for the race, our minds are in constant battle over if we trust our training. You doing ok, stay in taper mode and rock this race