Friday, January 14, 2011


7937: That is me.

That is my bib number for my first Half Marathon.
Two lucky 7 in it...that is not bad even though I don't believe in luck especially when sports is's the work that matters, the effort.

Today is rest day...I don't like rest days.  I feel weird, tired, and that I am cheating my training plan.  I know I need to rest.  I think too much on rest days...I think about my long run on Sunday, my first double digit run ever...10 miles.  I went and drove the course that I will take.  It will take me to the next town!  I have bought a different kind of gel to try, Clif shots energy gel, I know I cannot take the block ones..that does not go down easy enough for me.  If that does not work then I will rely on water only or take a granola bar with me.

I have to decide if I take my belt or not.  I am thinking of taking it and giving it to Bill when I see them around mile 6.  I also have to decide what to wear, the temperature is warming up already, 76 degrees right now.  The race is by the ocean so it will be around 50-55 degrees at the start and  60-65 at the finish.  In the packet info they asked that we don't discard clothing along the course. 

See rest day = not good for my head! I think too much!!!
Got to figure out what to do at basketball practice today.  Those boys have a really short attention span!!!

Every year I watch the Oscars and I participate in a friendly pool so in order to get ready for this I rented 3 movies for the weekend

Social Network
The kids are alright

Did you see them?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Watch a movie, play some boardgames with the kids, go out for dinner, just try to keep the mind occupied, its a tough day for us endurance atheltes to ejoy a "day off", but like you said, its necessary

abbi said...

I know how it feels to take rest but you do need it. Have a great weekend.

XLMIC said...

It is also a prime number ;-)

I enjoyed Inception and didn't see the other two.

Try to wrap your brain around rest days being a real part of the training plan.

Wishing you an amazing 10-miler this Sunday :)

middleagedrunner said...

Have a GREAT 10 miler. I have one planned for Sunday too. We can compare notes on Monday and cry, or cheer depending on how things go!

Crafty Jogger said...

Don't stress out! You are going to be SOOO prepared for your race.

Good luck with the Clif shots and your 10 mile run!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Yay for lucky sevens! I've seen the Social Network, and Inception.

Christine said...

Did you try gummi bears? They are as good as all those gels, just make sure you get enough sugar/carbs! You will be fine! The race # is already perfect! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Good luck this weekend!

JUST saw Inception this weekend. Loved it, but should've watched it twice!