Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peace of mind

Just got back from seeing the Good Doc.  Got the results of my last screening and the tumor did NOT grow.  I am happy.  Every time I go for the results I secretly hope he will say: "It is gone!" but I will take it is not growing.  We do this again in August, until then I have peace of mind as far as that goes.  It is not easy to know that I have a tumor on my kidney and I don't know if it is the bad kind..you know the kind that start with a C.  They cannot do a biopsy on these kind of tumor, too risky.  OK enough of the depressing stuff.

To CELEBRATE good news my friends have a drink or buy expensive shoes or go to a spa, me I signed up for not one but TWO HALF MARATHONS!

First one May 1, 2011 and second one September 4th, 2011.   Also today my new shoes arrived, one day free delivery! I like that! I cannot wait to try them tomorrow.

Today I ran 3 miles temp0-kind of...I am not sure if I am doing this tempo thing right.  I was at the gym, so I had to distract myself with the people at the gym...today we had 2 guys working out with their winter coats on (I live in Southern California, it is NOT cold here) and winter hats.  I don't get it.  Also one gal wearing FLIP FLOPS on the treadmill...trying to run at speed 3.0 ...really? That should not even be allowed!  I wish I could take pictures of all these weirdos for you but I am way too shy!!!


Jenn said...

Two half marathons! Woohoo! You definitely caught the bug!

I lived in South Texas for 3 years. I don't think it ever got cold enough to even wear a sweater....I was shocked at how many people wore hats and winter coats in 55 degree weather!!!!

Not growing is good news! Little victories!

Caroline said...

YES YOU ARE RIGHT..it is a victory

RockStarTri said...

Flip flops are the new barefoot? I don't think so. Overall, good news though.

XLMIC said...

Excellent news on the screening results! Whew for now!

OOOOOoooo eeeeeee! TWO half marathons! You go, girl!

I would love to get a look at your gym "buddies" ;-) they sound hilarious!

Christine said...

I'm so glad it didn't grow!!! YEAH for signing up for 2 half marathons!!! That is awesome and you will have a lot of fun!!

Anne said...

Yay for not growing! :)

Double yay for two halfs!! :) :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Great news on the medical front

"To CELEBRATE good news, my friends have a drink or buy expensive shoes or go to a spa, me I signed up for not one but TWO HALF MARATHONS!"

That right there is the truest words that any endurance athlete has ever spoken. Makes me so proud, eye little watery

Rae said...

Yay for no growth!

Pam said...

That's GREAT news!

Two half marathons! You wild woman you! :)

Darlene said...

Congrats! 2 halfs, I would do the same.