Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Really this has been one of those morning where people amaze me and  not  in good a way.

We start at the school yard where my non BFFs hang out..remember botox gal? This morning she asked me this and exactly like that "Is it true you used to be fat?" REALLY?? I could not believe it.  Even though it is true I used to be heavier..well yes fat, who says things like that.  I said "Yes it is true I used to weigh 380 lbs and now I am 120 lbs!" Not true of course but she is so stupid it went over her head. She said "Wow you lost 200 lbs!"  I said : "Clearly Math is not one of your strength because if this was true it would be 260 lbs."  I think she may still wonder what I meant..

Then I went running.  At one of the stop light I saw a young guy dressed in a Gym Uniform I looked at him and he was smoking! REALLY? I stared at him and shook my sad.  This is the second time I see that and with 2 different guys.

I had a  fantastic 3.5 miles run where I ran faster then I ever did, with mile #3 under 8 minutes..for me this is FAST.  I was so happy.  I had just read an article written by Joan Benoit Samuelson about breakthrough workout and this was one for me.

Then I went to look for a rain jacket for my race this weekend and for my 5k run with Dean Karnazes!   So far I have been really lucky and I have never had to race in the rain but it looks like this weekend this will change.  Getting to the parking lot at the store I saw a couple walking back to their car, they had a 2/3 yrs old girl with them.  I saw them put her in her car seat before I got in the store.  When I got out, 20 minutes later (with a running rain jacket!) they were still there.  Guess what they were doing while their kid was in their car?  YEP,  SMOKING! REALLY???


XLMIC said...

Under 8? Holy moley! Awesome! I haven't done that yet…WTG, Caroline :)

I hope they were outside of the car. Sheesh.

And someone needs to school Botox Chick in some manners.

Michael said...

People can say and do some pretty stupid things - it's hard not to let them get under your skin. But WAY TO GO on the run!!! Under 8 - that's jealous!

Kate said...

Does this mean we might actually meet this weekend!? How exciting!

Why don't more people think before they speak? That is incredibly rude and just plain ignorant. She should learn some social skills.

Do you have any details about the run with Dean?
You can email me! :)

Pam said...

Do you ever watch New Adventures of Old Christine? I keep picturing Lindsay and Marley when you talk about the botox bimbos.

Sub-8??? WOW! I'm officially super impressed!

Chris K said...

Fast is right. Nice job.

Have fun with Dean. He's a cool Dude. Clearly, he did not go to Duke.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

sub 8? Nicec job! Thats good news. The smoking is not. Sheesh, i wish they knew what they were doing to their bodies.

Jenn said...

Great job on the run! Wow- 380-ha! I love tactless comments.

Yes, I know a little about smoking from the punks who tried to sideswipe me and leave me for dead last night....

Have a great run with Dean. SO jealous!

Anne said...

That is speedy...I never made it sub nine!

No worries about the rain...on est pas faite en chocolat :)

Really?????? some people!!! Vraiment!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I will ignore that botox bimbo, no use getting mad because her lack of manners

Once at a triahtlon, I was leaving the race and I saw a group of triathletes smoking in the parking lot together!!! REALLY!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! I just shook my head in dis belief

Hannah said...

Enjoy your 5k with Dean!

Christine said...

This girl is unbelievable!! I'm speechless! Good for you to tell her the truth :)
Congrats on a sub 8 min mile, that is FAST!!