Sunday, February 20, 2011

A date with hills and wind

This morning went out for a 6 miles run.  First 3 miles were all up hill and last 3 against the wind.  I'd take the hills over the wind any day I think.  It went well though.  I ran this faster then I did my last 10k race.  Looking good for my next race next Sunday at the ROSE BOWL!

Good weekend for sports on TV, well for me anyway. 
NBA All Star weekend.  Yesterday we watched all the contests on TV. 
These were my 2 favorite dunks.

My kids asked if I can teach them how to do this.  They don't understand why I thought that was funny!!!

Then today it was the Heritage Classic,  a scheduled outdoor regular season NHL game.  This year is was the Montreal Canadiens visiting the Calgary Flames.  Well things did not go well for my team.  We lost 4-0.   Neil was happier then me at the end I am sure of it.

We are getting really close to the best time of the year: MARCH MADNESS.
During those days my house is a mess and I don't care.
Laundry piles are almost as tall as me (5'11") and I don't care.
I feed my kids frozen stuff that I put in the over..I care a little but they don't.
I don't call my parents as often as I normally do...I care a little and they care a lot.
I wear my DUKE shirt every day until they are out, I have several don't worry I don't stink.

It is looking good for my Blue Devils to return where they belong at #1 tomorrow!

One local team is doing really well right now..The San Diego Aztecs so I will be rooting for them as well.


Chris K said...

100% agree on the 1st dunk. #2 fav was the guy who dunked 3 balls. C'mon, where is that one Canada?

Go Aztecs. 27-1. Better record than your precious Dukies.

Caroline said...

My precious Dukies are in a tougher division mister K.

Christine said...

Great job on the 6 miler, sounds like a PR is coming!! :)

Kovas said...

Hills over wind, agreed. Bummer about the Habs.

Michael said...

110% agree with hills over wind. I hate running in the wind - it just exhausts you.

Kristin @NyceLife said...

Great job on the run! I love March Madness too :) Being from Philly I usually have a team or 2 to root for...

Kate said...

Wind vs. Hills. Jeez, I don't know which is worse! I guess I'd take the hills too!

Great run!

Andrew Opala said...

The best is down hill with wind at your back.

BTW it's good you're not 6' tall!

Colleen said...

I honestly feel like every run or bike is windy for us. it's so heartbreaking! :)

We love March Madness as well - although I have to say, GO BUCKEYES!