Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canadian and stylish (not really)

Today I did my first TEMPO run.  4. miles total.  I think I did it the way I was supposed to.  At the peak of the build up I went about 20 sec faster then my 5k pace.  Build up was supposed to be 20 minutes but I did 30 min.  The intervals from last week were harder then the tempo run.  I hope this is how it is supposed to feel.  I have to alternate intervals and tempo and increase every week.  Next race is in a week, I am curious to see if I will see a difference that soon.  I feel good about the fact that I actually CAN do the speedwork that is on my training plan.

The Manly Runner tagged me for a stylish award.  I had been tagged before but I still got some stuff to share so here we go! Merci Chris pour cet honneur!!

1. I missed my College Graduation for my Chem Eng. Degree because I had to coach a very important basketball game that day:  The Provincial Championship (In Canada we have provinces instead of states).  That game was televised and there was no way I was going to miss it.  We ended up winning by 12.  It was the best moment of my "coaching career".

2. After I graduated from College I did the backpacking Europe thing.  I went to France, Austria (I have an older half sister who lives in Vienna), Germany, Italy and Hungary to visit my grandmother and my dad's family.  While in Austria, we were camping at this huge camping place.  It was packed and we were wondering what was going on.  FREE outdoor U2 concert!!! Talk about great timing!!

3. When I was young these were the 2 posters I had in my room:

Where I am from Hockey is a religion and well this guy,  The Great One was THE hockey God.  I had the chance to see him play a few times when the Oilers played the Quebec Nordiques.

And then I had this one: If you have no clue who this guy is well it probably means you are much younger then me!!
Jon Baker aka Larry Wilcox...I LOVED him! not so much.   I recently saw a picture of him on the news because he got himself in some legal troubles and that just ruined everything for me. 

4.  My favorite movies are E.T., The Shindler's List, Cinema Paradisio, Life is Beautiful and Le Déclin de l'Empire Américain.

5. I bought my wedding dress of the rack for $99.  My mother in law, who had big shopping plans was very disappointed with me.  Clearly she did not know me very well.  I hate shopping even for wedding dresses.

6. I met my husband at a work seminar in Grand Falls NB.  I had fought with my boss for a week begging him NOT to send me to that thing.  I thought it was going to be a waste of my time.  He still made me go.  I guess I owe him now.

 7.  Last week I finally decided it was time to let go of some clothes that use to belong to that girl: Yep that is me.  In my closet I had jeans of all
sizes from 16 to 4.

Ok I gotta to pass this to a few people
Tricia because she got upset she did not get it from the manly runner so here you go dear
Marcia because well she is not on probation over here!!!
rockstartri because well he is a rock star and I like his weekly quotes


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Jon over Ponch any day! What a fun post!

Michael said...

OMG, the picture of Jon is hysterical and I know who that is :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to following you!

Jess @ THIR said...

Wow, we have something else in common... I'm an engineer too... :)

Chris K said...

Nope, since I tagged you I can pull rank and veto who you tag. Marcia is hereby untagged. And, very much on probation until she gives up that Blog name.

I saw a comedian that said, all deadpan, "Yeah, I saw Shindler's wasn't that funny".

Teamarcia said...

Chris can veto nothing therefore I consider myself tagged...and STUDLY!
Thank you! : )

Oh and Jon was great and all but I always liked Ponch more. : 0

Kovas said...

I remember when Gretzky left Canada and the world thought hockey would never be the same. Turns out there are other Canucks who can play.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

These are always fun to read

I LOVE HOCKEY!!! It is my favorite sport!! I use to play, I wish i still did, maybe it can be my new off season hobby, though I am already in an expensive sport, cant justify taking up another one.

So the debate begins, I think Gordie Howe is the greatest ever

Big Daddy Diesel said...

PS thank you for the kind comment on yesterdays post

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How cool you met your huby at a conference you didnt want to go to! happy ever after!

Jenn said...

Ah Yes! Wayne Gretzky, the hockey God. Seriously though, is he really that desperate these days that he needs to become the spokemodel for Shape Up shoes for men. I'm concerned and it's killing his image-ha!

I love your whole list! My, you look quite a bit different now don't you:)

Congrats on the tempo! Nice work:)

Tricia said...

Oh goodness. PLEASE tell me you knew I was totally just messing with Chris.


that being said, "YES! I finally feel like part of the 'in' crowd" yipeee

Caroline said...

@Tricia: Oh Goodness!! of course..!!! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ha! I bought my wedding dress off the rack for $99 too! DAvid's Bridal. I was on my way to a run in the forest and I drove by, stopped, went in, saw it, tried it on, bought it, put it in my trunk and went for a run. Simple. EAsy. I hate shopping. :) A girl after my own heart! ;)

Good luck finding a good chiro. I can ask my chiro (He's amazing and travels a ton to speak) if he knows of a good one near you. I bet he does.

Darlene said...

I love Cinema Paradisio and Life is Beautiful too

Colleen said...

Yay for speed work! :)

Great list. Those posters made me laugh!