Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today I got an email signed anonymous.  Anonymous thinks that I made up that story I posted yesterday about my kids and Keith Urban. He/she says "do you expect people to believe this fabrication and it does not even look like it is you in the picture and the video looks edited " 
I was not going to waste my time addressing this but I have seen some anonymous comments on blogs and also read emails people received from anonymous source and this is getting ridiculous.  Beth over at SUAR got comments about her hair and her pain and now this.  I am officially allergic to anonymous comments/emails. Grow up people.  Of course it is me in the picture,  I was 6 days post surgery with my stomach full of staples but it IS me, I don't even see where someone could think it is someone else.  And the story about my kids is true. Why would I invent something crazy like that?  As far as the video goes, there's several clips of Will on youtube all from different cities.  I think that tour was 71 shows total;  all in arenas so that's about 15000-20000 people per night.   You do the math.  That is how many people saw it in person.  OK done with this. 
I am on to week 2 of training plan.

WEEK 1 was

Week 1
Mon: 3 miles: 3 miles
Tue: stretch and strenght + XT: 30 min elliptical + abs
Wed: 3 miles: 3 miles
Thu: Speedwork 5x400m at 5k pace.: 4 miles total
Fri: rest: will not be rest boys are both off school: REST
Sat: 30 min XT: 3 miles run
Sun: 5 miles: 5 miles

Week 2
Mon: 3 miles
Tue: stretch and strenght + XT
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: Speedwork: 30 min tempo.
Fri: rest:

Sat: 3 miles orXT
Sun: 6 miles

This week speedwork is tempo...this will be my first real tempo workout.  I hope I do this right.
I subscribe to a lot of magazines.  Most of them through air miles programs.  Today this arrived in the mail:

Guys: YOU ARE WELCOMEHow do you like my blog now?  I looked at it, and really this should be called the 2011 Boobs issue.  Guess the price of the bikini she is wearing?  $165!!!  I did found one page I liked:

Sawyer to the rescue!!!!! Am I right ladies?


Shawn said...

Sawyer looks tired...maybe he needs a facial?

I have not rx'd 1 a nony mouse email yet...course, I have not put the real unbelievable stuff on the blog yet.

Got some spam though, made me feel important.

Takes all kinds!!!

XLMIC said...

I thought you were going say that was you on the cover of SI... suck it, Anonymous! lol

Those rude Anon comments need to just stop. I am so sorry you got one. I have yet to be so initiated... lucky me :)

Thinking strong thoughts for you on your speed work! Fleet of foot and all that! Go, Caroline!

Pam said...

What an idiot...

Caroline said...

ha ha!! yes that's it it is ME on the cover if SI!!!!

XLMIC said...

Caroline... I will TOTALLY lend you my spurtle!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Yes, yes, yes! I miss Lost...

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

Ahhh...I see you got a copy of my latest magazine cover. I'm actually a little bloated there. hahaha! :p

Teamarcia said...

Oh that is so totally you in that pic! I mean seriously these anons are just jealous i think.
Si swimsuit time already? Whatever.

Chris K said...

Now we're talking. Can you introduce me to her? I didn't doubt it was you guys for a nano second.

So far, I have not gotten any a-hole comments or emails. Surprising considering some of the stuff I've posted about.

I already know that I will ignore it though.

Caroline said...

Chris: they are afraid of the manly runner!!!

DRog said...

lol@ Shawn and XLMIC!

so odd that someone would actually think that way?!


RockStarTri said...

There are so many things that could be so much more inventive than making up being a Keith Urban stalker (oops I mean fan) family.

I only read Sports Illustrated for the articles.

Anne said...

Sometimes I wonder if these anonymous comments are for real or if they just sit there and go, hmmm what could I say that would get her upset! Yup, an idiot!

Ça prend toute sorte de monde pour faire un monde :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What cracks me up about anonymous commentors is that they hide behind a computer and talk trash, so low class

I like your blog before the issue came out, does that earn me extra bonus points?

Anonymous said...

People who leave comments like that, especially Anonymous comments are not worth anyone's time. Sorry that happened to you!

Love Sawyer!

Rae said...

That is totally you in that picture! Looks exactly like you!

Jess @ THIR said...

Hi Caroline, I can't even remember how I found your blog to be honest... I've been reading it quietly for a little while :) I recognise a few names I read in your comments today though, like BDD, Julie, and a few other tri people :)
So I guess it was just one of those random click things?!?!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

I don't get those people. They are just wasting energy. Why bother with such rude comments, ya know? But I LOVE that you addressed this! Thank you and happy training!

Kristin @NyceLife said...

What the heck, why would someone say that? I am enjoying seeing your progress through doing the whole speedwork/tempo stuff that I am just learning about- so you did your 1st 1/2 with just running, right?

Caroline said...

@kristin: yes that's right.