Monday, February 7, 2011

FREE advice for the guys

One for you guys:

Let's say you have a wife who stays at home and takes care of your two young and very energetic sons.  Let's say that same wife took the project to paint your house.  This means: 2 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 1 loft, 2 bathrooms, 1 dining room, 1 family room, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room and 1 den.   Did you get all that? OK good.  (no it is not a castle just a regular home)  Also let's say she even painted in nice colors and she even asked your input before buying the pain to let you participate in the decision process since it is also YOUR home.  Let's say that same wife painted the whole house all by herself without your help, while taking care of the kids; that means feeding them, laundry, homework, sports activities, referee 143 fights per day, playdates, ect. 
OK now the free advice:  When she is done with the last room, in this case a bathroom, this is NOT the thing to say when you come home:  "Looks like you missed a spot right there BEHIND the toilet near the floor."  I guarantee she will not be happy if you say that.  (The chance of you getting lucky that day are pretty close to ZERO also.)  If you care that much about the spot behind the toilet close to the floor where nobody ever look wait for her to be out of the house and fix it yourself.  Say something like this instead: "thank you".  Magical words.   

Ran 3 miles this morning.  It is getting warmer and warmer here and I wish it would stay cool for a few more weeks.

I passed the 100 miles for this year !

Starting week 1 of half marathon training plan today.  I decided to stay with Hal Higdon but use the intermediate program this time.  It includes speedwork and I need that and also 3 long runs in the double digits and I also need that.  Last time I had only one 10 miles run and it was not enough to prepare for 13.1.

Week 1

Mon: 3 miles
Tue: stretch and strenght + XT
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: Speedwork 5x400m at 5k pace.
Fri: rest: will not be rest boys are both off school
Sat: 30 min XT
Sun: 5 miles
Still time for this great Giveaway that I really hope I will win!!! : Mike over at is giving away a Tanita BC-1000


Kovas said...

Well, you know what they say about free advice... :)

XLMIC said...

That is such a guy thing to do. Of course, you do know that he really and truly was just trying to be helpful :) I could never do that painting project. I have a hard time getting anything done other than the fight breakups and throwing food at the wee beasties at the appropriate times of day! You are a superwoman!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I think you have a great plan for your next half. Speedwork and long runs will definitely help you. And, my husband could use your advice! Sorry yours blew it.

Pam said...


Caroline said...

@XLMIC: I dont have 4 kids like you do!

RockStarTri said...

Mmmmmm. I'm sure this doesn't apply to me since my wife stays home with 2 daughters, not sons. She has tried painting but now just "calls the man."

Kate said...

GREAT ADVICE. "Thank You" goes a long way! A very long way.

Mama, you work too hard!

Thank you for agreeing with me about the supposed flat courses. Maybe they aren't San Franscisco-esque hills but they're still hills!
Boy oh boy.

I want to see how the Hal Higdon program works for you. I'll be using one of Bart Yasso's programs for the Chicago Marathon.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Maybe he should've just said, "Where's my dinner woman"!

kidding, kidding, kidding, but probably same effect.

Nice work ethic you got there.

Caroline said...

ha ha !! that made me laugh!

Crafty Jogger said...

Lol your husband sounds like my dad! He thought being a stay at home mom was SO EASY. (He would ask my mom, "What did you do all day?") Then, he had health problems, so he retired and my mom went back to work. After about a week, he decided taking care of 3 kids was TOUGH! He would get upset that no one noticed he unloaded the dishwasher or did just normal cleaning tasks lol. During those first few years, we frequently had to call my mom at work and say "mom, dad hasn't gone grocery shopping in a while. We have no lunch.. please bring home food for dinner!" He's better at it now... thank goodness!

And that is AMAZING you painted the whole thing! That sounds like the half marathon of house makeovers to me!

Hannah said...

Wow! Way to go to town on your painting project WHILE also being a super Mom! Oh yes. Husband...bad bad comment. Bad.

Glad you found me! You know I adore Canadians. :)

Way to hit 100 miles for the year! What a fun accomplishment. Congrats!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

LOL! Oh goodness, not a good thing to say for sure. Hope he rubbed your feet for it!
Love hal higdeons plans. Great speed work.

Anne said...

I'm not letting my husband read this post...don't want to give him any ideas. I am not painting the house on my own! :)

You are amazing woman! ...and yeah...very bad move on his part.

Yay for starting your new training schedule! I can't wait to get back to it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Great job on all that painting. Congrats on the 100 miles, too!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would have never would have said that, I like the comfort of my own bed over the couch

It goes both ways, i remember a long time ago, the kitchen was an absolute messs, so I cleaned it, not a typical boy cleaning, but like a mom cleaning, the floors, the counters, the applainces. When my girl got home, instead of "wow the kitchen looks really nice", it was "why is this dirty dish rag on the counter" OH AND THE ARGUEMENT that came after that

Darlene said...

You are a SUPER woman. Good luck on the training. I am on week 2 of mine. I did 10 mi, 11 mi & 12 mi but no speedwork. I'm not good at speed.

C2Iowa said...


Congrats on the 100

Shawn said...

Yeah...I like following Canadians who are infiltrating the US....I will tag along too!!!