Monday, February 21, 2011

Number ONE

Today was a day off of school  for my number ONE guys.   We did a lot of that:

  Those are Toys Story 3 Dominos

We stayed in the same theme for puzzles!

They are now watching their number ONE super hero: Batman in a not so number 1 movie: Batman and Robin (the worst Batman movie ever made I think).  It is so bad it is no even funny.  They don't care it is BATMAN.

Went to the gym this morning to practice my number ONE sport: running.  I did an easy 3.25 miles.  Got a bit of pain under my right foot, from big toe to middle of foot, hope it will pass before my race on Sunday.

I saw on Beth's blog that Dean Karnazes is doing this Run across America thing and he will be in the town where Bill works on Saturday at 9 am for a 5k.  I have to coach my last basketball game at noon but I am tempted to do this before the game.  It is less then 45 minutes away from me.  I do have a race on Sunday I am not sure I should do is just 5k and it is with a legend...

Ok now speaking of number ONE.....
This made me happy this morning:

AP Top 25
1Duke (35) 25-21,531
2Ohio State (10) 25-21,519
3Kansas (5) 25-21,457
4Pittsburgh (12) 24-31,452
5Texas (1) 23-41,395
6San Diego State27-11,327
7Brigham Young (2) 25-21,261
9Notre Dame21-51,036

Sorry Chris K (and sorry EMZ), well not really no.

I mean come on
SD has this at their games:

Chris K is that you????

And at Duke's games we have this:

And CK don't start with the numbers...I got some numbers for you:

Duke: 4
SD: 0

Do stop by Chris K's blog today though he does not know much about College Hoops but he does have a great interview for you to read!


Chris K said...

Oh those are fighting words... you are making fun of an Aztec Warrior! I honestly do not understand how Duke can have TWICE AS MANY loses as SDSU and be #1. East Coast bias rears its ugly head again. Just like when Marshall Faulk got screwed out of the Heisman. Gino Torretta?

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

OMG! he'll be in Riverside! I wish I could stalk, er, see him! but riding with a group on that day =(

your boys are so cute!

Caroline said...

@Julie thanks!! I am very tempted it is $50 though
@Chris ah football THAT I know nothing about :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Yes Emily for sure! She's the best!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh, and your boys are too cute. I say go run with DEan!

Anne said...

Why not go do that run with's only a 5K and you can take pics for us out here in Canada :) ...because usually, when Americans say America, they mean the United States ;) :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wolverine is by far the best superhero movie, even Transformers rock as a movie. Batman, eh, its ok

Jenn said...

Ugh...coming from a UConn alumni...this post hurts! :) I'll stick with being happy we're at #15 this season so far. Didn't even think we'd be ranked this long!

Jenn said...

OH-I love the trash talking! This could get heated in the next few weeks!!!

Run with Dean!! I've met him. I'm sure he remembers me.........

Glad you had a good day with your boys!!

Emz said...

Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline .....

seriously. a. duke. fan?

Oh. please say no.

This is going to be a long March.

Duke? really? Duke. Crap. I HATE [wish I knew a stronger word] Duke. I'll have to send you my post from last year about Duke.

Caroline said...

and bing it on!!!