Saturday, February 5, 2011

The need for speed

This is what kept going through my head on my 5 miles run this morning:

I need speed!  I have never been a sprinter.  As a swimmer I could qualify for the Nationals in the 200m breaststroke but never in the 100m and forget about the 50m freestyle but the 800m yep! 

Every time I try to get faster splits, I run (ha!) into the same issues: first I want to puke (excuse me there is no polite way to put this) and or I get side pain.  And I am not talking about super speed here just a little faster.  Today at least I ran negative splits that is progress.   I decided to do the Sunday run today because I realized that tomorrow I may run out of time, birthday party for Jonathan and then Super Bowl.  I don't care about the game but Bill does and I want him to be able to watch the game in peace.  So tomorrow I just have to find 30 minutes for a 3 milers that I was supposed to do today.

After my run I coached Will's team.  Our best game by far! The light went on in their head! I was so proud of them.  Will scored a few really good baskets, made my day.  There they are, The Mavericks, Will is the one next to me.

After the game we had lunch with Bill's dad and his sisters for Jonathan's birthday followed by homework with Will.  Now I am ready for a nap!

Want to wish all the best to my blogger friends running the Surf City marathon and half marathon tomorrow: Patrick, Julie, Kate, Dawn and Chris who is going for the BQ!!!
I will be thinking of you! 
Cannot wait for the recaps!

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Amanda@runninghood said...

Do you have a day of speed work in your training? Makes such a but helps so much. I love it when the light goes on with glad this is happening with your son's team. Cute picture.

XLMIC said...

Adding even a little bit of speed work to your schedule will help a lot. I do one day every other week because that is all my body can take. Hope your Sunday is great!

Christine said...

I hear you on the speed. I was thinking the same way after my first half marathon, but honestly looking back the best advice would be: be patience, enjoy running and the speed will come by itself! :)

Jill said...

Weekly speedwork will really help a lot...give it some time and it will come!

Love Mavrick and Ice and Goose - best movie ever!! :)

Darlene said...

I'm having the same problem. I worked hard to run at a consistent 11min/mi so I could last 13.1 but now I'm stuck there. I used to be faster (I was never fast) & I feel I need to be if I run 3 or 4 miles but I can't without dying.

RockStarTri said...

Ever since I saw the Quentin Tarantino commentary on the true meaning of "top gun" I haven't been able to watch that movie in the same light. Google it to see what I mean.

The way to get faster, fortunately or unfortunately, is speed work and speedwork is hard!

Colleen said...

Speed is a tricky thing... It's easy to gain if you don't mind pain but most of us don't like pain! :) Speed work will pay off (and the desire to puke and/or the side stitches will subside with time!