Saturday, February 19, 2011

More HM for me?

We are on red alert once again in Southern California.  We may need military intervention to help the poor residents who are freaking out.  We have major issues.  Yes it is raining.  That is HUGE.  Water is falling from the sky.  We are not sure what to do, clearly it is best to stay home.  I had a mom called this morning "My son won't be able to make it to the game because of the rain!" WHAT??????? Now just to be clear.  It is JUST raining.  No storm.  No thunder.  Just regular rain.  I want to see some snow falling here just once to see what they will do.

I braved the dangerous weather and went for a 3 miles run.  It was not raining but the winds were nasty.  Made me cry the whole time I was facing it.  Good test in case we have rain for my 10k race next week.  Bill goes : "You are not going to run that race if it rains right?" hmmm WRONG! Why not.  I will not melt.

So I am thinking of adding another half marathon to my schedule. 


San Francisco is July 31st and LA is October 30th.  For SF they offer 2 Half Marathons.  We can pick between the first half or the second half of the marathon.  First half looks much harder then the 2nd and starts earlier also.  Would be fun to get a family trip to San Francisco...all I need to do is convince Bill it is a great idea...wish me luck.

Game 7 today, we played the giant Celtics.  Compare to them we looked like a bunch of shrimps even my son who is really tall.

 I look like crap scared..they do scary stuff sometimes like going to score on the opposite basket..oh yeah

Will challenging his inner Han Solo

Once again #3 not interested in what I got to say

Ahhh I love him!

He took that shot and it went in and he was pretty far away..I like that a lot. 
I hear DUKE calling...
Hey Coach K do you need our number?
See how good Will looks in Blue and Black??


Michael said...

I really hate running in the rain. My husband and I were considering doing SF, but decided against it after he BQ and we are going to Boston this year. Looks like a really fun race, but very, very hilly. Love the pics :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Great basketball pics (as usual, coach!). Oh, please consider the SF first half!!!!! I'm doing it and so are some other mommy bloggers. I would love to meet you!

XLMIC said...

Do SF and I can cheer you on (or maybe run it?)!

Ha! Scoring in the other basket! We did that on my h.s. soccer team, we were so bad :P

Chris K said...

#3 is my favorite Player.

I don't recall....when is your first full marathon?

Caroline said...

@Chris: of course he I go with #4
Full? you don't recall because I never mention that..! ha! not yet..need to "master" the HM first.

Kate said...

Yes! We did run the SF Half. We ran the second half, because it started later :) It was a ton of fun! They say the 2nd half is less hilly but I have to say, it was pretty darn hilly! I know the 1st half is more scenic as you run over the golden gate bridge. If I run it again I will probably run the full. I am madly in love with San Francisco, so I will make any excuse to run there. I thought it was a great race! My only issue was the porta-potty situation. The line was unbelievable! I had to pee in a bush, but oh well, it happens.

I have yet to run ANY races in LA but I would love to! I think you should just do them both! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ha, these pictures crack me up....especially the one of you and your caption. The one of #2 not paying attention is funny at this age are a riot! I say run them both too! :)

Nelly said...

I saw your question on Kate's blog about the SF marathon, and couldn't help but weigh in here, haha

I did the SF 1st half marathon in 2009 - it is hilly. There are 2 major hills in it (getting to the foot of Golden Gate bridge, and then the Presidio) as well as some rolling hills that take their toll. Definitely a tough run. Though the experience of running across the golden gate bridge is worth it - that is amazing.

I did the SF full marathon in 2010, and the 2nd half of the marathon is definitely easier than the 1st half. There is one long gradual uphill for 2.5 miles at the beginning (miles 14-16.5), but that is about it. The 2nd half is definitely not as scenic, you run through golden gate park, the haight, and then a lot of industrial areas before finishing by SF giants park.

Good luck with the decision!

Pam said...

You should almost hope that it DOES rain for your race next weekend. If everyone else stays home, that will guarantee you an age group placement! :)

I've read race reports on both of those HMs, and they both sound like so much fun!

Anne said...

Y'a pas grand température qui nous arrête nous, les québecoises! :) Funny about the rain keeping people at home. Great basketball pics once again.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love this pics!! hahaha!

SOunds like you got bit by the race bug! Both of those HM sound fabulous--anything in Cali sounds great to me!

hahaha@ Chris K. #3!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh ya, go for the SF half. I heard that awesome! And your kids are just too cute. Yes, Duke is calling that talent!

Darlene said...

That's too funny. I was scared to run a half marathon but as soon as I finished I started looking to sign up for more. I may do one on Apr 23 (but it is hilly) and I am contemplating doing another in Sept or Oct (but it is hard for me to do ong runs in the summer).