Sunday, February 6, 2011


Major congratulations  to Chris K. at BQ or Die who BQ’d today!  I am so happy for you!
Hope you are doing something great to celebrate this accomplishment, you should be really proud of yourself! Bravo mon ami ! Obviously you need a new name for your blog:  I BQd, now what? or something like that.

We had Jonathan's birthday party today.  Now my kids are on an epic SUGAR high...yeah for me...not really.  I took 201 pictures, I think I went overboard a bit. Here they are: (just kidding I am no that crazy!!)

Don't forget to check this great Giveaway that I really hope I will win!!! : Mike over at is giving away a Tanita BC-1000.

Now off to run 3 miles before the game! It is way too hot here for my taste.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! :) Adorable pics!

DRog said...

201 pics looks like you were the one on the sugar high!!

Happy Bday!!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday to Jonathan! :)

Chris K said...

Merci Beaucoup Caroline. You will never know how much everyone's support helped me get my BQ. Bonnne Anniversaire a Jonathan.

Jenn said...

Love the birthday party pics! You're a good mom and he's a lucky boy to have you!! 201 pictures-WOW! I have taken 201 pictures in the last 10 years combined-ha!

Hope the run went well:)