Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Rainbow

Have you ever seen one of these?
I took these pictures from my driveway after the basketball practice from hell yesterday

Everyone was out taking pictures.  This was REALLY cool.  I had never seen a double rainbow and the pictures don't do it justice.

On the sub 8 thing from yesterday.  It was only 1 mile and it was very close to 8...7:58 to be exact.  I don't now where it came from to be honest.   I think maybe because at mile 3 I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the car and I went in panic mode because my kids were both in school and I thought "That's it!  For sure one of the schools will call while I am running!"

This morning my old legs were hurting a bit from yesterday's run and I had intervals on the menu.
6x400 m at 5k pace.
I am not using that pace because I know I can do better then my best 5k pace now.
I did the first 3 at 8:33 with 40 sec rest in between
Last 3: 2 at 8.22 with  50 sec rest in between and last one at 8 min.
The last one was hard,  I almost puke on the treadmill...I said a couple of bad words...all in French so it does not count.  Anne:  the one that starts with a T and ends with a K!!! Oops!
4 miles total, should have done a longer warm up but not enough time today.

My son Will did the big 2nd grade Math test last week, the one that they needed 100% to pass.  This morning his teacher told me he passed!!! He is the only 1st grader who did with just a few other 2nd graders.  These kids will receive a special award next week and that is when they will find out if they passed or not so I cannot even tell Will that he did..!  I cannot wait to see his face when the Principal calls his name!! :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

The double rainbow is freaking cool!!!

Congrats to Will

2 pukies in one month!!!! I dont think there has every been a 2 x winner in one month, I have had 2x winners, but your the first to do in 30 days, Pukie Hall of Fame material, thats for sure

Hannah said...

Way to go, Will!

I vote we get a French lesson...just the bad words. Then I can use them and not have them count, too!

Those pictures are gorgeous! Nice job capturing them!

Christine said...

AWESOME rainbow!!!

XLMIC said...

Your pictures came out much better than mine! I LOVE rainbows... and the doubles are especially amazing :) Good job on the run! You are getting awfully speedy!

Jason said...

Way to go Will.

Yeah for Double Rainbows

BUT the most important is YEAH for being a Duke fan. I am one as 'em and it's that time of the year.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

A big (secret) CONGRATS to your son! And I don't doubt you could really crush the 8-minute mile! One thing I've learned is that your body is capable a lot more than your mind ever accepts. But congrats either way.

Michael said...

I have seen a double rainbow before but they are such a rare sight - it's pretty incredible. The pics are great, but I'm sure it was much more amazing in person. Way to go Will!! That's awesome!

Pam said...

Yay Will!

I've seen a partial double rainbow before but never a fully defined one like that. So pretty!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Yay for will passing!!! THOSE RAINBOWS ARE GORGEOUS!!!! Holy cow!!! Awesome run speedster!! Thank you for your sweet comment!

shannon said...

AWESOME pictures! I haven't seen a rainbow in such a long time, and I've never seen a double rainbow. Just beautiful!