Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EFS Magic potion has arrived!

This arrived today:

I have high hopes that this will work for me.  I cannot wait to test that magic potion.  NO GEL, no Gatorade.  It is not cheap but if it works the it will be worth it.  They were nice and added one extra bottle so I can try both flavors, vanilla and wild berry.  I almost wish I had a longer run on Sunday just to try it but I only have 5 miles.

3 miler this morning, I found something that is close to speed.  I ran this at what I think is my 5k pace and was not even tired at the end.  Maybe I CAN go faster then I think.

Tomorrow is speedwork.  Bring it on.  I have to do it at the gym, I think it will be better, I can control the speed without having to look at my Garmin 123 times per 30 seconds.  Will see how that goes.  I am bringing a bucket in case I need to show everyone what I had for breakfast...oh gross I know.  I kid of course.

Basketball practice in an hour, it is pretty windy here...should be interesting.
Here some pictures of our last game, our best effort so far by a mile no more like by a marathon!

 Before the game, thinking  that I should have eaten something after my 5 miles run.

That's my boy. These made me happy.  They all went IN.

What are they all looking at?  Will on the right asking for the ball  is the only one "in the game"  That was our basket right there.  See the one with the ball looking in the other direction?  I lost my voice yelling "shoot!" 1023 times that day. Notice my shirt?

Better view of my shirt for the Canadian lovers out there.  Kovas and Chris K: you can find these at Target for $7.00.  You're Welcome.

****LAST DAY for  this great Giveaway that I really hope I will win!!! : Mike over at is giving away a Tanita BC-1000******


Kovas said...

Both our Targets were out! Must see some kind of Canada convention going on, I can't even find curling shoes at any of the stores.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I hope this stuff wrks for you Caroline!! Great pictures of the bball game!!

DRog said...

Cute pics!
you should have eaten after your 5miler:)
Im also going to give the EFS a tryout


Anne said...

Great pics of your boy!!! :)
Love the t-shirt (mais, ici c'est la fleur de lys qu'on porte ;))

Caroline said...

@Anne: si j'avais un fleur de lys je le porterais...aucune chance de trouver ca ici!!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

cute boys. I love it! My hubs is sponsored by EFS. Their news liquid shots are great!

Chris K said...

Alez La Canada! Yeah, that stuff aint cheap, use it judicously. One bottle might last you an entire race. Maybe.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay I was so behind but now I'm almost caught up. Loved your son's birthday pictures! I'm so glad you are back to training and adding speed. You will see so much improvement! You look so fit in that picture of you before the game. And just to be even more looks like we have read many of the same books from the looks of your reading material thing on your side bar. :) Good taste.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I see you are gunning for your second pukie, alot of people have won once, a very few, proud and dedicated have won it a second time or more

Jill said...

Nice! Hope it's a miracle fix for all runs :).

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Your little boys are the CUTEST!!! Girl, you are faster than you think:) Yay for speed work. Hope the magic potion works!!!