Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's all in the arms (or is it?)

Friday,  Beth over at SUAR had an interesting post about her gait analysis.  One of the things she needs to work on is Arm placement.  So do I (that and many other things).  My arms go way too far forward, my hands end up touching in the middle.  
Yesterday I went a 3 miles run and decided I would really focus on my arms, trying to push  my elbows back a lot more and stopping them near my ribs like Beth was advised to do.  At first It felt weird, I could not find a good rhythm.  But I did stick with my plan to try to improve my arm placement  and things got better and also  faster.  My splits were faster then usual.  I thought well maybe the arm thing has something to do with it.  It is supposed to help increasing the cadence.   It could also mean I just had a good day.  Today I went out for 5 miles and did the same thing as yesterday with my arms.   First 3 miles I could do it no problem, not crossing in front and keeping the elbows back.  At Mile 4 I got a little tired and sloppy and less focused and started crossing my hands in the front again.  I got back to better form until the end of the 5 miles.  Well I ran my fastest 5 miles in training.  That is enough to convince me that the arms have something to do with how fast I go.  Progress is a good thing.   Thanks Beth!

Yesterday I coached Will's team.  We had the worst referee in the league.  We played a team who's coach clearly did not read the rules for our division:   No men to men. No stuff. No stealing the ball.  No hitting all the other players on the other team.  All my kids got hit in the face, Will even came home bleeding.  This division is 6-7 yrs old boys!!  The ref called nothing!  At one point I said "Were you planning on using that thing around your neck today?"  he looked at me "what thing?"  "THE FREAKING WHISTLE!!!!!"  He said "Don't worry HUN I got it under control!"  HUN?? Really?? I was so mad. I said "Do not call me HUN, I am almost old enough to be your MUM!"  At the end of the game he came to me and he said : "Good job coach!"  I said "I wish I could say the same thing to you!"  Coach Caro was NOT happy after that game.  Here's some pics.

 Best supporter!
 Clearly #3 has no interest in what I am saying!!

 That's my boy!
 He thought it was hilarious to just keep the ball and not pass to not so much!

Wonder what Bill drinks during the games...!!! That is a little crooked!

Boys were out front when I came home from my run.  Will wanted to shoot in the big hoop and he was so proud that I could put the ball in!  He said "Mom maybe I will not be a doctor after all and I will be a pro basketball player instead is that OK?" Ha!! Ha!!! Fine with me!!





Chris K said...

I am so impressed with you two. Both you and Will can take me in a 1:1. I'm sure.

My Coach really got me to move my arms back last year. I think about being a Gunslinger. Another thing I heard is to think of elbowing the runner behind you.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Oh the referees! Get used to it. My sister came to watch my daughter play this winter (8th grade) and she was appalled. I told her we're all used to it, including the players. Ali gets pounded inside and she pounds back.
I do hate it when they don't ref appropriately for the age group. I've decided as long as they are equally bad for both teams, then that's a good day.

Pam said...

I've been hearing a lot about this arms thing lately. I think I will try it for myself!

RockStarTri said...

I coached my kids bball for years. When they were younger you could sort of forgive the refs unless they let the game out of hand. The problem is now that they are older and the game has gotten extremely physical, poor refs get kids hurt. Basketball is my youngest's #1 sport. It doesn't hurt that at 12 years old she is 5'6". School ball was a tremendous step back though in quality and skill of both the refs and players.

Good form on the "J"!

Anne said...

SWOOSH! :) T'es une pro!

Kristin @NyceLife said...

Wow, impressive on the jumper- both you and your son. I cannot WAIT for my daughter to play real ball- she's on the 3 year old team at the Y and it is basket ball in that they hold a BB, not much more than that, ha ha.

Colleen said...

Yay for the running breakthrough! :)

And those pictures from the game are too cute. It's a shame that the ref didn't do a good job, but those kids are too darn cute!