Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tips for my Susan G Komen team!

All right ladies here are some tips for you !

First of all remember you have PLENTY OF TIME to get ready to walk or run this thing
If you are going to try to run the 5k and you are not a runner right now this is for you.
I am no expert on running so these great tips come from a real expert: Jeff Galloway.

  • Start by Walking.
    Everyone needs to feel comfortable and successful right from the start. Begin by walking for 30 minutes. Keep doing this until it feels easy.
  • Walk Briskly.
    When normal walking becomes easy, walk briskly for 30 minutes and monitor your heart rate every 5-8 minutes. If it seems below the target zone, pick up the pace. Many people will never want or need to go beyond a brisk walk, provided they can maintain their target pulse rate.
  • Insert a Few "Jogs."
    When you are comfortable walking briskly and want to step up the pace, simply insert 3-4 "jogs" of 100 yards or so (about the length of one football field or a city block) into your 30-minute walk. Warm up by walking slowly, build into a brisk walk and then do the short jogs when you feel ready.
  • Increase the Running as Desired.
    Increase the running segments as you feel stronger, always avoiding discomfort. You may eventually fill in the 30 minutes with slow running - or you may keep your walking breaks. You're using the running to push the heart rate above the threshold and the walking to keep from getting uncomfortable.

Right now it is still too early to start a training plan but it is a good time to start moving a couple times a week!  The Holiday season is almost here so perfect timing to burn a few calories right?  So all you need is wakling/running shoes and off you go!!!

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