Monday, November 1, 2010

One year ago../ One year later

One year ago I could not run a mile without stopping.
One year ago my body was 67 lbs heavier (that is more then what my 6 yrs old son weighs now.)
One year ago I started getting sick.
One year ago I was 13 days away from facing a second surgery in less then 6 mos, this time a Gallbladder removal.
One year ago my jeans size was a double digit number
One year ago I never thought I would ever consider running a half marathon must less actually sign up for one.
One year ago I my idea of working out was to bring a book and sit on the bike at the gym and pedal.
One year ago my hair was still dry when I was done "working out" at the gym.
One year ago I was the proud mother of 2 wonderful boys.

One year ago

One year later I can run 6 miles without stopping and about 8 with some walking break to drink.
One year later I have gone down several sizes of jeans...
One year later I am prisoner of the food I eat and I still have to learn to accept that this is the way it is.
One year later I have a new passion and something that is just for ME: running.
One year later I have more scars on my belly to remind me where I was at in my life one year ago.
One year later I am still the mother of 2 wonderful curious active boys.
One year later I appreciate the good days a lot more.
One year later I still have health issues and I am still frustrated but I don't let it be my only focus anymore, running is my escape.  I race to keep the motivation alive but also to show myself and my kids what I can do.
One year later I still visit the Doctors more often then the average gal my age should.
One year later I am registered for my first half marathon....

One year later


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

awesome post! =)

CAROTABI said...

thank you very much!

Eryn said...

that is SO awesome. just AWE.SOME.

Caroline said...

Thank you Eryn.