Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Speed (it is all relative) training and people at the gym part 2

Today on the plan I had 3.5 miles run and I did 4 miles speed (more on that) training with some weights.  I have weights on Thursday and not sure the gym will be open on Turkey day so I did it today (patting myself on the back right now).

So speed training.  It is not on my plan to do speed training or hills but I know it is better to do some so I do at least I try.  Speed is all relative.  Speed for me is slower then slow for Kara Goucher!  So I did intervals of 0.25 miles going 20 to 30 sec faster then race pace.  Speed work is no fun when you have sinusitis like I do now...boy it was hard to breath on the last one!  Am I going to run faster because of those? I don't know but it helps to change things up a bit when running on the treadmill so for that it is a plus!!!

People at the gym...(I think this will become a regular topic..if you go to the gym almost every day like I do you know there is good entertainment there and for FREE!!)

So today I got 2 stories..

First is this young gal I have never seen before coming up to me and asking "Did you ran the Riverside 10k?" (I had the race shirt on) so I said yes and then she asked how I did and I told her the truth.  She responded "HA! HA! I beat you by 10 minutes!"  HA! HA! Really? and so I could not resist and I was a very bad girl and I said " Well good for you.. Do you have any kids?" and of course she said no and then I said "How old are you dear?" 23...and to that I said "Well I got 18 yrs on you AND 2 kids" The look on her face was worth being 10 minutes slower!! ha ha!!!

Second one:  It is one thing to have people on treadmill or elliptical SINGING really loud and not really well but this morning I had a guy next to me who was Whistling !!! He was walking quite slow and whistling really loud.  A fist for me....cannot say I enjoyed it.


abbi said...

That's pretty bizarre about that girl approaching you like that - great response!

Caroline said...

She was just next to me when I first started and I put my race shirt to cover the treadmill screen
that why she asked I guess