Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Easy Wednesday - Thanksgiving-

Still doing good this week and following the plan.  2 easy miles and 20 minutes on the bike.  Gym was empty, people are gone for Thanksgiving and I love it!!!  Turns out they are open tomorrow! No kids gym though.  I get to run outside because dear husband will be home cooking the turkey!!!  Thanksgiving does not mean much to me as far as tradition goes since I spent 30 yrs of my life in Canada where we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.  Of course I understand the meaning of it and I want my kids to grow up with all the American traditions since we live here and well they are Americans!  So we are doing the turkey and all the good stuff that I cannot eat!  My father in law is coming and one of my dear friend who is Scottish, is also coming with her 2 sons! So we will have a American-Canadian-Scottish Thanksgiving !

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading this!

I am thankful for

-My family: my husband and my fantastic boys.
-My parents and my brother and his family.
-All my friends back home, I miss them so much, every day.
-All my friends that I have here in the US
-my husband for working hard so I can stay home to take care of our kids.
-my husband who comes to all my races and wait for me to crosss the line with the kids.
-my doctors who are trying to "fix" me, still a work in progress.
- all my friends who joined my Race for the Cure team!
-For coffee...I should not drink you but I cannot give you up! My only vice!!!
-The Run like a Mother gang for all the support and advices and for telling me yes you can run a 1/2 marathon!
-The cooler weather! I feel better now that you are here!! Please stay for a while!
-My kid's teachers: they are so lucky to have wonderful teachers this year.
-That my parents are coming to visit us for Christmas.
-My home
-That the tumor I have on my kidney did not grow in the last year
-My sweet dog Maggie I love her so much
-My camera!
-Our babysitter who is the nicest gal
-Keith Urban for bringing joy into my kids life every day and for giving them the love of music.
-My ipod...could not run without it
-That I am here and I am able to take care of my sons
-Running..the great escape.


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

That is cool! International Thanksgiving for ya =)

pls join my thanksgiving blog hop. Check it out on my blog. =)

Caroline said...

I will !
I just finish my list and I am headed over your way!!!

Jen said...


Good luck on your running journey and thank you for your list, welcome to our turkey day festivities :)

Caroline said...

And Merci beaucoup!!

Jana said...

Following from the Hot Legs Running Blog hop. You have inspired me. Come on by and visit sometime. I am at Happy Holidays, Jana

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Following from Hotlegs Runner.
It sounds like you have a great day on tap!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Caroline said...

thank you Jana and Tracy!