Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things people say to me about running

My favorite group of runners are the gals over at Run like a Mother.  The book is one of my favorite book and I love their Facebook page.   So I took this topic from their Facebook page today and decided to put it here!
The question was "What's the most memorable thing a family member has said to you about your running?"

I got a few of my own so here goes!

- This one I get a lot : "Are you crazy?"

-After I asked my husband if he thought I should sign up for a half marathon he said "You think YOU can do that?" lovely right!? Well that is great motivation I can tell you that!  I'll show HIM!!!

"Why do you do that to yourself" from my dad

- My mom after seeing pics from a race "You look awful and very tired"

- Also from dear old dad "You do know you are not going to the Olympics right?"

- and still from dad last week " You are not 20 anymore " to that I said "yes and you are not 70 anymore!!" (He's 77!)

- From my 4 yrs old son : " Mom I think you need a shower, you smell like Maggie (our dog)"

- From my friend who is a doctor "You need to watch out for your knees!"

- From my dad (again): "Why do you start running so much, you are over 40!"

- From my mom: "I think 10km is enough for you!"

-From my husband: " People who looks older then you  crossed the line before you!" and  one of my favorite : "People pushing a stroller finished before you!" As if  I want to know this when I finish a race!

- Still from the husband : "The guy who finished first ran the 5k in half your time..but you did GREAT sweetie!"

- From my kids after I got a Top finisher medal: "Mommy you are the best of the 40s!"

- From my 6 yrs after a race :" Mom you look like you are about to puke!"

- From my 4 yrs old after a race "Mom you won!!! I said hmm no I didn't and he said well why did you put your arms in the air like you won then?"

And my favorites.....

From my husband last week after my first 10k: "You did really great!"
From my 6 yrs old son  :"Mommy you are the best running mommy!"
From my 4 yrs old son: "Good job mommy you did not even fall at the end!"
From my non-running mom friends " You are nuts but you are a rock star!"


Eryn said...

That is AWESOME.

My favorite to date was from my mom, when I told her I was going to train for a half marathon, "Who are you? I raised you to be far lazier than that!"

Caroline said...

Ha ha!! That is a good one!!

kizzy said...

I enjoyed reading...some of the lines are really familiar...I heard them too from my parents...
But it didn't stop me from running...Keep running and have fun!

"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."
-Oprah Winfrey ~smartwool

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

I'm not sure why but this post made me teary eyed. I guess we get so much negative and we are so misunderstood! but you (and I) do it for yourself! Great job!!! It is totally worth it! Especially when our kids really think we are winners, even if thousands cross the finish before us!

Great post!

Caroline said...

@ Kizzy: I like that quote! So true!!!

@5 miles 2 empty: thank you! you are so right!! Good luck in Vegas!!!

racing dawn said...

the best is - 'mom are you going to win THIS time?' probably not honey... :) love it - great post!

Zaneta said...

awesome quotes!! :)