Monday, November 22, 2010

People at the Gym

Workout had to be at the gym today both boys are off from school ALL WEEK!
 There was no running on the plan today but ran 2 miles and worked on my 6 packs humm I mean my 2 packs...and upper body plus some stretching.  The guy next to me on the treadmill was in serious need of deodorant I am telling you this was not just the usual stinky smell from working out..! As if this was not bad enough he started passing these awful gas..the worst! I could not stay there I was about to pass I changed treadmill.  I did not even think if this would offend him or not I just moved a few TM over.  After he was done he came and asked if the treadmill I was on was broken and says I should tell the manager so they can put a sign on it!!!! Ahhh!
Of course I did not tell him the real reason I moved but I could not believe he did not figure it out on his own!

On the treadmill I like to look at the people working out...what can I say; I need a distraction! Some are really interesting and funny.  There's this one personal trainer, I guess he is ok looking and all his clients are cougars!!!! They come in, with full make up on, super tight clothes (most should not be wearing those kind of outfits), hair perfectly done, super long fake nails, and they bring him coffee, smoothies and food!! They come one after the other and they all do the same! This morning one said "Now please Dan (that's the trainer) nothing to make me sweat today!!!" Ha ha!!!!!! I thought that was hilarious!!! 

I found a hat for the cooler days!  On clearance for $6.97 instead of $20! A good bargain! I look like a dork with it but it is ok, it even has an opening for my ponytail!!


Zaneta said...

haha! That's too funny about the cougars!! lol

Caroline said...

I call them The real Housewives of Alta Loma (that's my town!)