Sunday, November 28, 2010

Technology issues - weekend long run - week recap and Ho! Ho! Ho!

5 miles is what was on the plan today.  Was ready to get out at 8:45, weather was PERFECT, kids were fed but then my Itouch decided to act up! Grrrr...Actually it was the Nike + app that was having a tamper was "frozen".  Everytime Itunes sends a message that there is an update for Itouch and I install it something happens to Nike +.  I tried everything to get it to work...nothing! I was getting a little frustrated (like yelling at the computer frustrated). At 9:30 I decided to delete the app and re-install it.  Well that made it work again but it also erased all my data and calibration! :(  Good thing the data are all at but still it sucks.  So ok that was fixed.  I had new headphones to try for my run and I hate them! They are Nike ones that go around the ears...well my ears are too small and they fell off the whole 5 miles...very annoying!  Must find another pair fast!
The run itself though was perfect! I felt pretty good, no side pain this time I did not stop once.  I could have gone longer so I feel good about that. :)
This was my week for training , in red is what I really did.

Week 4 :
Mon: Stretch and Strength: did that plus ran 2 miles
Tue: 3.5 miles: 4 miles speed work + strength (Thu Strength in case gym is closed)
Wed: 2 miles or cross: 2 miles and 20 min bike
Thu: 3.5 miles + strength: 3.5 miles
Fri: Rest: REST well Christmas that really rest?
Sat: 40 min cross: 30 min Elliptical and ran 2 miles
Sun: 5 miles: 5 miles
total: 14: 18.5 miles

So overall a pretty good week for me!
After my run and a quick shower we took the kids to see Santa!!!

And tomorrow is back to school after an 11 days of Thanksgiving break....Yeah I am not really sad about that!!!!!

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