Monday, November 22, 2010

The plan

Today was the start of week 4 of my training for the half marathon.
I am following Hal Higdon's Novice plan.  Higdon because he goes with miles instead of time and Novice well because I am a half marathon NOVICE!  I do use the Galloway method for the long runs (5 miles and up) ratio 5:1.

I am doing this blog to keep track of my journey to this race so I need to include what I do and how good I follow the plan for the next one (if I cross the finish line alive I am pretty sure I will want to do it again!).

All right so last week (week 3) this was on the plan and I did what is in red.

Mon: Stretch and Strength: I rested because this was the day post 1st 10k race and Dr appt.
Tue: 3.5 miles: I did nothing because my Dr appt was rescheduled during gym time :(
Wed: 2 miles or cross: Ran 3 miles
Thu: 3.5 miles + strength: 4 miles +strength
Fri: Rest: Rest
Sat: 40 min cross: Nothing : Sick
Sun: 5 miles: 5 miles
total: 14: my total 12

Overall not the best week...things out of my control got in the way: Dr visits and a nasty cold at least I finished strong with a 5 miler.
Week 4 :
Mon: Stretch and Strength: did that plus ran 2 miles
Tue: 3.5 miles: 4 miles speed work + strength (Thu Stregth in case gym is closed)
Wed: 2 miles or cross: 2 miles and 20 min bike
Thu: 3.5 miles + strength: 3.5 miles
Fri: Rest: REST well Christmas that really rest?
Sat: 40 min cross: 30 min Eleptical and ran 2 miles
Sun: 5 miles
total: 14

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