Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cross Training and People at the Gym (part 3)

Today is cross training day on the plan.  I do not really enjoy cross training.  I almost always cheat and add a bit of running in the mix.  Today no different..did 30 minutes on elliptical machine and ran 2 miles that were not scheduled on treadmill.   Lost another pound....Took the kids to get a smoothie!

Weekend morning at the gym, always interesting to me.  I see people I don't see during the week so it is very entertaining!!  So in the people at the gym segment today we have:

- A woman walking on treadmill with sunglasses on...maybe it is me...I don't get it.

- This one I wish I had taken a picture but I don't have the guts to do that: a woman in the free weight room wearing FLIP FLOPS!!!!!!! No kidding! That should not be allowed right?!

- The loveliest thing: an older couple, probably in mid 70s, walking on treadmill and HOLDING HANDS!!!  Made me smile. 

1 comment:

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

1. maybe the woman in sunnies had the pink eye but still wanted to workout =p

2. I see this all the time too.

3. Awwww. makes my heart melt =)