Sunday, November 14, 2010

10k RACE!

Today I ran my first 10k race!  I already had a couple things not going my way: back pain and a cold and then last night my neighbors decided to have a really loud party from 5 pm to 2 am.  The kind of loud that makes you call the cops....not once but 3 thank you rude neighbors.  We got to the race early, me and my supporting crew aka husband and 2 sons!  Parking was insane so they just dropped me close to the starting line and off I went.  First goal: finding the porta potty...well no porta potty at the start! Really? This race had a half marathon, a 10k and a 5k...more then 5000 runners....porta potty at the start should be a must I think...Anyway...saw a Starbucks and decided to go there to take care of business...I figure I get coffee from them enough they kind of owe me that much!  Thank you Starbucks!  Ok so that is done now back to the starting line!
At the start the usual funny stuff...people with strollers trying to get in the front in the already packed crowd..I don't get that.  The sun was out already and it was warmer then I would have liked but oh well could be worst.   And finally the start! I had decided to try the Galloway method for this race with ratio 5:1.  First 5 minutes went by real fast and  I hesitated to stop but I stayed with my plan.  First mile went by quick and easy, I skipped the first water station and continue...Mile 2 first hill...a nasty one...Mile 3 came following a pretty hard hill and that was the best part of my race because my crew was there with signs to cheer me on!!! I checked the time: 26:00! WAY too fast for me.....must slow down.

Best Supporting Crew ever!

Getting to half way point, I saw my kids there

Waiving to my family, best part of the race!
"See you at the end!"

After that things got pretty hard.  The nasty GUSTY winds! NOOOOOO! For 2 miles that included hard hills we raced against really strong winds.  That was really hard.  I had to take an extra walk break, made me upset but it is what it is.  After mile 5 I thought ok you got this, hang in there, the worst has to be over...and it was.  The winds were not as bad but we had one more big hill...ok I can do this...turning the corner for the last stretch a guy yelled at me: "Come on finish strong!" thank you stranger I needed that!!!

Turning the last corner.  I can see the finish line!

I finished a little over an hour, don't know the official time yet, forgot to stop my watch but I think 1:06 something like second half much slower but that is ok.  I did it!  I was very tired at the end and I had a few tears but I was happy!  Now my back is not happy with tomorrow must take it easy I think!!!

Smiling at end that is a plus!!!


abbi said...

Great job! Congrats on your 10K!

Caroline said...

thank you Abbi!

Eryn said...

Awesome job! I meant to ask before...have you changed your diet this year in addition to running? Your weight loss is inspiring!

Rae said...

Congrats on your first 10K! Your boys are so cute! I love that they made you signs!

Wifey said...

Congratulations! What a great race ... and I love the pics! Your kids are adorable!

Winks & Smiles,

Caroline said...

Thank you so much for your comments!
Rae: thanks for following me!
Eryn: next post topic will be weight loss.