Friday, November 19, 2010

My boys and Keith Urban: A Story of how dreams can come true...

Friday is my rest day and I use it to go volunteer at my son's school.  So nothing to say about running today so thought would share a family story. 

I have 2 sons and they are 4 1/2 and 6.  They are both OBSESSED with Keith Urban.  Not Batman, not Buzz Lightyear, not Ben 10 or any other super hero most boys their age are obsessed with.  For us it is all about KEITH.   This love affair started back when my older son was about 19 mos old.  I left him in the playroom while I was changing his baby brother's diaper, the TV was on and somehow he figured out how to change the channel.  He put the TV on CMT and park himself in front of the big TV, mouth wide open like he had seen Santa Claus!!!  I kept checking on him to make sure he was fine then he started to cry and scream pointing at the TV.  I came to see what was wrong, he was just pointing at the TV.  Well thank God for TIVO!  I hit rewind and the tears stopped!!! Like magic!  Did not pay much attention at what was on, some guy playing guitar, never seen him before.  The song ends, the crying came back.. and it went on and on and get it right...So after 43 times I learned the name of the dude causing all this commotion: Keith Urban.  So I kept the recording of this one video of course...the song was BETTER LIFE (now the official anthem of our family!!)  Of course I thought this would pass....Oh no....the next day same thing...pointing at the TV waiting for the song to start.  At the end the host says "And this was Keith Urban and Better Life" and guess what was the first word out of my son's mouth? No it was not MOMMY!!!! Yes it was Keith! I kid you not.  He would get up in the morning and stand in his crib and say KEITH!  After a week I got really tired of the same song all day I went to the store and found a DVD of one of his concert and that saved my sanity or what was left of it!!!!

Since then we have purchased all of Keith's CDs and DVDs.  I thought this would pass and my son would move on to another obsession and also that my younger son would not follow in the under 2 yrs old Keith fan club....I could not have been more WRONG

Future Stars??

My youngest took this to a whole new level.  He also said Keith before day I might forgive them for this I am not sure...and when he was old enough to tell people his name he would say - you guessed it- KEITH! and not it is not Keith of course!   Last year we were at the grocery store and a lady asked him what is your name and he said :"I'm Keith and this is (pointing to me) Nicole-the-wife!"  This is not a joke! All true!  He knows all of Keith's songs he know all the words that he says on the DVDs even when he just talks between songs!
For his 4th birthday he asked for a Keith cake!  When he got his piece with Keith on it he refused to "break Keith" and he had no cake!!!

I have video of the kids singing and I put them on Youtube so that my family could see them.  Well last year I got an email from a guy in Nashville asking if he could use one of my clip to include it in a video montage that they were making for Keith Urban's tour!  Of course I said yes! They used 7 people for this and my son was the only child in it.  He is right after the girl.  This montage was used for the whole tour in the US, Canada and Australia!  I got to go to one show here in LA and saw it in person, it was very strange to hear 20 000 people clapping for my kid!!!

From one of the concert

Almost one year ago my family got to meet Keith Urban.  It was like Christmas for my kids!
He could not have been nicer!  I was so happy to be able to see my kids meet their idol and that he was just as great as they imagined him to be.  This was a great day for them.  They saw him play after we met him and at the end of his set he came up to my son and put his guitar pick in his hand and left the stage!  On the way home my older son said : "Wow dreams CAN come true!!!"


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a neat story. I admit, I'm a little choked up. So special.

Eryn said...

That is SO awesome. I'm a big Keith fan too :) So so fun.

Caroline said...

He is the best!!

abbi said...

That's a pretty cool story and a little funny that his first word was Keith!