Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disneyland Half Marathon part 2, the kids race, Drew Carey- Athelte's Plate

Before I get to the rest of my recap for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, I want to mention that I am featured on the Athlete by Athlete's Plate over at Jason's blog Cook Train Eat Race.  If you want to see what I eat every day go check his post!  I eat the same thing every single day.  If you are a long time reader you already know this about me now you get to see it in pictures!  Thank you Jason for featuring me on your great blog!
Disneyland Kids Race

This was my boys 2nd year running this race.  This year they changed the location and had the race at Downtown Disney instead of at California Adventure.  Not quite the same for the kids but the one plus was that they crossed the Half Marathon finish line so that made it special for them.  Will was signed up for the 400m dash and Jonathan for the 200m.  I was a little mad because I had emailed Run Disney and asked if it will be possible to pick up the kids bib on race morning, they said no.  Sure enough they had a table for bib pick up at Downtown Disney.  In the final instructions it said to be there no later than 9 am.  Race was at 10 am.  My kids did not even start until almost 11 am! That is a LONG time to wait.  We decided that I would go to the Finish Line to wait for them and take pictures and Bill would line up with them at the start.  We also decided to have them both run the 400m to make things easier on Bill.  I got a good spot right at the Finish Line and I waited and waited and waited...One other lady was there as well.  It was about 9:30 am.  I never thought it would take 90 min before I see my kids!!!  When it got close to the start of the race a bunch of people started to stand in front of all the parents that were waiting for their kids like me.  Brightroom and Run Disney employees.  The parents were not happy.  We had been waiting for a while and now these people were blocking our view!    The photographers ended up sitting so it was OK.  The Run Disney people not so much.  I yelled at them several times "Excuse me, Excuse me!" they would not turn around!  Other parents started to yell at them as well "MOVE!"  They were standing there doing NOTHING! I was furious! Finally one turned and I said "Can you please move or sit so we can see our kids?" She said "We have to make sure they don't run into the photographers!!!!" What? Are you kidding me? from here???! I said "Well we are the parents, we have been waiting, we PAID and we want to see them!"  I had some parents cheering me on it was crazy.  They moved for a little while.  Of course not when MY KIDS wave finally showed up.  I was livid.  This huge Run Disney dude was blocking me right at that moment.   BOO HOOO.  The kids had a good time.  That is what matters the most.  Will came in first this time, he was not going to let his little brother beat him a second time!!!  Then Jonathan and Bill followed.  Jonathan was hilarious, he looked so angry, running with 2 fists and no smile.  The Angry Runner!!!  They got cute medals and they were happy!  Here are some race pictures.  Of course Brightroom is not offering family packages so it would cost a fortune to get pics for that weekend..(theirs and mine).  I do love these so much!!!

After that we went to the Expo for a little bit.  I wanted to get an official program and just take a look around.  We went by where I met Jeff Galloway on Friday and there we saw Drew Carey and Megan Price.  She is an actress on the sitcom Rules of Engagement.  We love that show.  (If you watch it, my husband is just like "Jeff" in the show...I know...poor me.)  There was a line for people to meet them and take pictures.  It was not long so we decide to get in line.  We waited about 10-15 min only.  When it got to be our turn, we started walking towards their table and then this guy put his arm in front of me to make me stop! He does not say anything like I don't know "Please wait a minute"..No;  arm in front of me, not Bill, ME the girl!!  So I look at him and guess who?  The same Run Disney dude that was blocking me at the kids race!!!!!!! Seriously!  We had to wait because they had a gal with them coming to meet Drew Carey.  She had ran across America so she earned the right to cut in!  I just did not like the way that guy made us wait.  He could have used his know like we teach our toddlers to do?!!! Anyway, after this gal it was our turn, the guy waiting behind us offered to take pics with our camera and asked Bill to take his in exchange.  Drew Carey is so nice and he looks fantastic.  He was injured (separated his clavicle) and he explained all that to Will and he made him touch his bone so he can feel where is was broken. Will asked him how that happened to him and he said he was chasing bad guys like Batman!!! Safe to say Will loves Drew Carey now!!!  Megan Price was also very nice, she asked Jonathan about his race and she said she did it with her daughter and that she is running the Thinkerbelle half marathon in January.  We were lucky to meet them because they were there for just an hour.


Unknown said...

Great stories. I'm glad you spoke up during the race.

SupermomE13 said...

Ok, NO ONE that is so GRUMPY and RUDE should be allowed to work for Disney!!!

The boys did AWESOME and the pics are great. So fun! I wish we lived closer to Disney. :)

Teamarcia said...

Great pics of the kids. I'm so glad you spoke up. that is ridiculous.

Fruit Fly said...

If it makes you feel any better we had a cast member roll her eyes at us during the race when she took our picture. That sucks about the rude treatment - but the photos were great!

And how cool that you met Drew!!

Jill said...

Awesome photos, how cool are those!!

If people can't be happy at the happiest place on earth then they should just be shot! Or at least find a new job.

Congratulations to the bunch of you, VERY happy for you!!!

Laura said...

Grumpy people can suck it. :)
Love this pics - congrats to the kids and what a great trip!

Emz said...

The photos man.....I love all the photos!!
Love the angry runner. Awesome job J!!

Looks like bill got a few moments off to enjoy his running family.
I love that!

Off to check out your food on CTER!!

Tricia said...

Wow, they got some fantastic pictures of your kids. I love your little one's expression -- such concentration. Too bad they make it so expensive to get them.

Jenn said...

Oh Gosh! LOVE the pics-especially the one where you're little guy in green is actually airborn!!!

Geez-some people are just CRANKY!

Black Knight said...

Great pics, I like the one where the runner (yes, he is a runner) has both the feet off the ground.
I am with Supermom, a rude person must not work in Disneyland!