Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Annual running event at our school

Well I survived the root canal day.
It was not as bad as I thought it would be and all of you who said I would feel better after getting were all RIGHT!
I give the dentist who did my RC an A+.
He could not have been nicer.  I am a world class wuss when it comes to the dentist's chair.
He was the best.

Today I had my last visit for my crown.  So it is all done.

We had my favorite day at school: the annual Jog-A-thon!
So fun to see all the little kids run laps to raise money for the PTA.

My kids take this really seriously.
They want to be the one who runs the most laps in their class.

I always go to help for this event.
First up was Will after morning recess. 

Ready to start!
The teacher asked me to give them a few advices...I told them to start slow and to remember to breath!!!

Will in action...

Strawberry-lemonade NUUN for this runner!

So he went all out......and ended up with the most laps for his class...
Jonathan's class was scheduled for 1 pm so I went home for a little while....
At noon I got a call from the school nurse.......
"Will needs to be picked up because he threw up!"  
Of course he did.... crap....
He went all out...and he is my kid... I am the puking there you go...

He was fine but when this happens it is automatic...kid is sent home.
That meant I did not see Jonathan run his laps...
I was so sad that I missed him.

I almost went with Will but I wanted to make sure he was OK and keeping food down first.
So no pictures of Jonathan running...booooo :(

I got this class picture from a mom
Jonathan is the one standing the far right...
(too bad this guy in the back is ruining the picture...must learn how to use photoshop!!)

Tomorrow we are heading the happiest place on earth!
The mom of Jonathan's friend invited us to go, her husband works there and they have special passes.  It is a minimum day at school and we will go for the afternoon and celebrate the GREAT report cards they all got!  It's been 3 yrs since the last time we went so it will be fun for the kids!

Monday, February 25, 2013

sometimes stuff gets in the way of training


Toothache is my enemy lately...
So I have had pain in a tooth for a few weeks.
I ran my last half marathon with Oragel in my hand...

Last week I went to the dentist and was told I would need a root canal on my tooth who already has a crown...
This really sucks...
So the root canal was scheduled for March 15, that was the soonest they could take me for that.  That was last Tuesday.

Saturday morning I woke up with the worst toothache of my life.
It was awful.  The worst pain I have had...after childbirth..nothing can beat that I think...14 hrs of labor with no epidural...

I decided to go for my long run anyway....well that was very stupid.
Each step was making the pain worst.  I stopped and called the emergency number for the dentist. I turned around and went back home.  3 miles instead of 8.  Just great.

After a few phone calls I ended up with a prescription and an appointment for this morning.
Saturday was a long day.  The pain was really bad; I wanted to pull my tooth out.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a lot better.  I think the meds were helping.  I decided to go to the gym and do the best I can there.  I put Downton Abbey on and started.


I took it easy the rest of the day.  I watched the Oscars, so happy ARGO won. 

This morning I went to the dentist for my root canal. 
Fun times...

photo photo

After the root canal I had to drive to my regular dentist to get crown done.
It sucks because I had a crown already and now they need to put a new one.
What a waste of money....

After 4 hours of being on the chairs I finally went a lot of pain...
Wednesday I go back to get the permanent crown...right now I have a lovely fake cap. 

I am hoping tomorrow I will be feeling good enough to go running...
Right now all I want to do is sleep...
but no can do...
time to get the kids, homework and soccer practice...:)

Hope you are having a better start to your week!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Race Pics and ..unplanned rest day :( and my new obsession

Today we had perfect weather here for me.  Cold and sunny.
I was supposed to go for 5 miles, my third one this week.  First 2 were easy and at HM pace.  Today was supposed to be tempo.

Well it was not.
My younger son gave me the gift of a nasty cough.
I have decided to follow the "above the neck is OK" rule for once in hope that I will get better faster.  I had some mild pain in the chest last night so I decided it is best to rest.

I hate those days when it is not planned to rest.  I feel bad for not going for my run. I know it is 100% silly and that I am not a pro and one 5 miles will not matter.  I just cannot help but feeling guilty I guess is the best word to explain it.  Anyway...I am hoping that a couple days of rest will allow me to do my long run this weekend.  That is more important than a 5 miler I think.  I rest on Fridays always because it is a day of working at the school and tomorrow is an important one.   It is the annual Jog-A-Thon!  I love that day!  It is so fun to see all the kids running and my boys both take this very seriously!!

I have a new obsession.  It is British.  It is brilliant.  It is preventing me from doing my work at home and it has made me spend too much time in front of my computer screen but I don't care.   This is my new obsession:

I love it.
I always thought it was on pay TV...last week I saw the first season was available on Netflix and I started watching it.  I was done with the first season in a couple days and this morning I finished season 2 and even started season 3.  I told you it is an obsession.  Do you watch it?  I love everything about this series.  The actors are all excellent...just for Maggie Smith it is worth watching...!  Anyway..I highly recommend this!  What a treat!

Race pictures from the RnR Pasadena Half Marathon are available! Marathon foto is really fast.  Most of mine were up on Monday!  It is a shame it cost so much for them..this time mine are pretty good I think.

This is my favorite: On the Colorado Bridge

And a good one at the finish line: arms up no puking!

And a few more I like:

Too bad those are so $$$$$

Monday, February 18, 2013

RnR Pasadena Half Marathon Race Recap

Yesterday I ran my third race of 2013 and my second half marathon for this year.
This is the second year for this race and I ran it both times.
This race is very well organized.
Plenty of porta potty, easy drop off for the runners, easy parking, waves are organized and it starts RIGHT on time.
They have plenty of water stations on the course and the volunteers were all really nice and cheerful. 

The weather was almost perfect...well compare to Surf City is was was much cooler, no wind but the sun was out bright and early.

The course is HARD.  It is hilly.  First uphill section comes at 0.5 mile just to give us a taste of what's to come!

I knew what to expect because this was the same course as last year.  I knew where the hardest sections would be...(around mile 9 after the "suicide bridge").

This is not a PR course.  My goal was to do better than I did at Surf City and to be PRESENT mentally for 13 miles and not let my mind check out like I did at Surf City.

I was happy to be freezing at the start and I felt pretty good for the first 8 miles or so.  I had a really really bad toothache...the kind that keeps you up and will require a dentist I carried Oragel with me.  Took 3 miles for my Ipod to join me in the race...for a minute there I thought I would run the whole race without music and I have to admit I did panic a little...but finally it started working!

I saw my family at mile 5.


And again right after mile 7.  This course is good for spectators.  They can see their runners more than once on the course without having to walk too much.  Here was all up...not steep but not flat either. 



After got harder for me.  I knew the bridge was coming and what was on the other side of the bridge.   I walked that hill and took some salt.  I tried to eat a bite of honey stinger but it was not going down so I did not force it. I also applied more Oragel since I was walking.

Got to mile 10 still OK.  At mile 11 I started to have dry heaves... and I feared I would get sick again and I did not want then I knew I was not going to PR so I decided I was not going to puke either....yes I am a wuss like that.  To stop the cramps I walked a little..and it worked.  I finished running and not puking.

And I did a lot better than I did in Surf City.  Not just the time but mentally also.  And because of that I am very happy with my race this time.


I am already signed up for next year. This is my favorite race (well if we don't count Hood to Coast as a race) They had a $20 off promotion so I went for it.
It is a pretty hard course but I like it.  I got the orange shirt for signing up at the Expo.


Could you run with a wig like that??

The female winner was the great Deena Kastor! 1:12:57.  She just turned 40 a couple days ago.

There was a band playing music after the race and the kids showed their best dance moves..

IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2132_edited-1.JPG

Next up San Diego Half Marathon in.....3 weeks!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I love

Happy Heart Day!

So I thought I would share a few things I love these days...

1. Well these and every day.  They asked if they could picked their clothes this morning "to look nice" for Valentine's Day.  I was expecting...all kinds of outfits but not this:


2. My running shoes.  The best ones I have had so far.  I hope Brooks take their sweet time to make any changes to these perfect shoes. (Ghost 5)


3. This new TV show

Are you watching this?  You should!  It is so so good AND Kevin Bacon is in it...major bonus!!!

4. That album.

5. That movie.  (Hope this wins the golden statuette next month!)

6. To be an ambassador for this company

7. That I will run another relay with NUNN in November!
8. That we get health insurance very soon!!
9. That this is what my 7 yrs old son bought with this birthday money

10. last but most important:
My wonderful husband!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carly Maybe

Did you all watch the Grammys?
I did!
I loved Mumford and far my favorite of the night.  I was happy that for once I knew most of the performers....usually this goes in overdose of hip hop/rap that I don't know or like.   This year was much better!

While I was watching this I got this tweet


So Carly loves NUUN....!
In case you don't know the JUNOS is our (Canada) version of the Grammys.

I don't follow her on twitter but it was not hard to find her tweet about this...

And well I had to reply because I am after all, the director/editor of THE Team NUUN Call me Maybe video...

I know you are dying to see it again....

So there's my Grammy story...

Did you notice that new orange picture on the right side....Ragnar in my future...more on that soon!

It's race week!  again..
I feel optimistic after a decent 10 miler Saturday, a recovery run Sunday and a 5 mile tempo this's to hoping the warmer days take their sweet time to show up again!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Running skirt and race pics

I ran a 10 miler yesterday and it went well.
We are having cooler days and I love it.  By cooler I mean low 40s.
I am hoping this weather lasts another week for RnR Pasadena!
I saw these two during my run:


Mister goat was very friendly, came to me to see if I had food, the pony paid me no attention...must not like blond ..or my accent...

Today I did 4 miles in recovery mode...I had some weird knee pain...never had that was sharp and I had to stop twice.  I am hoping it just my legs reminding me that I am 44.

Yesterday I stopped by our Lululemon store..well it is called a showroom.  It is very small and only open 3 day a week and for only 4 hours I think.  I still have money on gift cards and I wanted to try one of their skirt to know what size I need.  Of course they don't carry any in TALL.  I tried a regular and I think the TALL would be best for me.  The young gals who work there are a little on the "way too bubbly for me" side. You know the kind who will say "OMG you look so good in this!" just to make you buy it.  Well that does not work with me.  I told the one helping me that I think I need a TALL size.  She replied "No you don't! it looks fine!"  Of course she will say that because they had zero TALL in their small store.   Anyway so I did not buy any skirt there.  That store is very strange..they do not accept CASH for payment!  Never seen anything like that before...a store that does not accept people who want to pay with actual money....

So no Lulu skirt but I did find a PUMA skirt in clearance online while looking for clothes for Bill.  (no no he is not into skirts...!) I paid $17 for it!  It is one with no shorties like a prefer.  I like to wear the 5" Nike compression shorts under. 


It is reversible!


It has a drawstring..bonus point for that!


I really like it...I wish they had other colors! Nobody sent me anything for this mini review I just wanted to share with you in case you are looking for running skirt like that one.

Race pics...

This is at the end because I have no handheld bottle.  Grinding my teeth....thinking "Don't puke on the photographer"

Arm swinging action...and a not very convincing half smile...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am a NUUN Ambassador!

In French we have a say "Apres la pluie, le beau temps!" It means after the rain the sun will shine!

So after my less then awesome race last weekend (see previous post for that and thanks to everyone for the comments!) I got an email that made my day.  I was asked to be a NUUN Ambassador for this year!

I am honored and very happy that I will be representing this great company and product!

If you are a regular reader you know that I have serious stomach issues.  I have them during almost all of the races but I also have them when I am not running.  I have chronic GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) also known as acid reflux.  It really sucks.  Because of that I follow a very strict diet.   Because of that diet and running I lost 70 lbs.  I have had a really hard time with finding fuel for my long runs.  I also have problems with dehydration.  I live in a place where it is hot most of the time and that does not help with that.  Most of the stuff that is available for fuel for runners does not work for me.  I tried them all..the GU, the block shots, the sports beans...Gatorade, Powerade...liquid EFS.  All rejected by my picky stomach. 

 I think the first time I tried NUUN was at a Race Expo in 2011.  Kim was there and they had a boot where we could taste the different flavors.   I liked that the flavors were not strong and that this drink was not full of sugars like other sport drinks.  We bought a few tubes and I hoped for the best!   At first I tried it just during the day to see if I could tolerate it without getting heartburn.  I tried a few flavor and for me the fruit punch is the best.  It does not cause heartburn and I like the taste of it.   I started using it on my long runs and also for hot days.   I drink it before and after long runs and half marathon races.   It made a big difference for dehydration problems.  I do still struggle with GI issues during races..mainly dryheaving.  I have days that it is not so bad and other's Surf City 2013!

Last summer, I was one of the lucky gals who got to run the mother of all relays; Hood to Coast,  on team NUUN.  This was a dream come true for me. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity.  You can find my posts about this fantastic experience under that tab Hood to Coast.  I got to visit the NUUN offices while we were in Seattle and meet all the nice folks who work there.  I am so happy that I will get to be a small part of the family for this year!  Thank you NUUN!

Right now and for a very short time you have the opportunity to apply to be a NUUN Ambassador just like me!  You can go here for more information on how to do that!

Also you can order one brand new NUUN running singlet available for pre sale only and that ends tomorrow so hurry!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surf City Half Marathon race recap

I almost skipped this one...writing the recap I mean...
I started this little blog to document my "running journey" for me and maybe one day for my boys so they can read about dear old mom...the good AND the bad...

This one falls in the bad...the ugly...the let's forget this day....well wait maybe not..more like a let's learn something from this day...

I don't even know where to start....

Saturday I guess....

So I went to the Expo with my friend Sandy.  She offered to drive and I cannot thank her enough.  It was so nice to go to an Expo with her instead of my supporting crew...I love them to death but going to race Expo with them is not the best. 

Last year at the same race,  I was all set to meet another blogger friend, the one and only Patrick...and he hmmmm took a nap and forgot about our rendez-vous!....well this year he was there!  Yes people he does exist for real.  Patrick, I was so happy to meet you in person and I hope you had a good race yesterday!

I also saw my NUUN friends! Kim who works at NUUN and who could not be nicer..seriously what a lovely person she is and also teammate  Tiffany who was working the Expo representing her Crossfit gym!

We took a few pictures at the Expo..

Saturday was also my son Jonathan's birthday. And.....I decided to have his party on his birthday..imagine that....
That meant being on my feet for 5 a mini golf place... that was not very good planning on my son had a blast so that's all that matters...right...

I was so tired after that party and also a little worried about my race...
I went to bed early hoping for the best.

Got up early to get to the race because I was afraid we would get stuck in traffic on the way there..because it is not a small race..but it was fine and I got there with plenty of time to get ready..

No lines at the porta potty that was good.  Got to my coral and waited for the start.  The start is too late for me..7:45 for the first wave and it was pass 8:00 when I started.  The sun was out already and that is never good for me.  It was supposed to be OVERCAST!

I started very conservative..I was not feeling like this was going to be a good running day.  And I was right....

I had planned on seeing my family around mile 5.  Just before getting there 2 firemen ran by me..I thought this cannot be good...shortly after I saw a runner who was having a seizure on the side of the road...that was scary...I heard the firetruck a few times during the race, saw a few people throwing up and others cramping so bad they could not move...rough day

Mile 5: still feeling OK

Not long after that I feel apart.
My $*#$&* stomach....had a party...a pukefest kind of party.
It was not pretty.
I felt like giving up from then until the very end.
It sucked.
Every time I started running I felt like I was going to throw up and I did..
So there was a lot of walking..and it sucked.
I was so frustrated.
There is not a whole lot to say.  This is not something I can control.
I think this was one of the most difficult race for far as stomach issues go it was THE worst for sure.

I will say this though...I did not deserve to get a good race day.  The truth is I did not put the work in to have a good race.  I did not put the mileage that was needed.  My long runs were not long enough.  My longest run was 9 miles leading up to Surf City.  That is not enough.  I am not a good enough runner to just "wing it" for a half marathon.   I did not put the right mileage in because I was sick or hurt and I went the safe way.  Is that an excuse? well no it is a reason..but it does not change the fact that no work = no result. Not for me anyway.

I carried my phone this time...I usually don't and I don't think I will do it again (making my handheld too heavy)..but this time it was good to have it because I could let Bill know that things were not going good so that he does not worry if I am a little late....I also got that picture around mile 10. 

I kept drinking water during the race because it was a lot warmer than I expected and I did not want to get dehydration...the thing is I think maybe I drank too much...

The last miles took forever to get done.  My handheld felt like 20lbs I could not wait to get rid of it, mentally I was more then done...I wanted this to end.

Finally I could see the finish line..I saw Bill and gave him my handheld...

I crossed the finish line just ahead of the 2:30 pacer who was in front of me at the start.  That group was one happy group,  chanting as they crossed the finish line it was nice to see!

I got really sick right after I was really embarrassing...I could not control my stomach and it was where a lot of people were ..between the finish line and where we were getting our medal...I found a spot with dirt..luckily...  All the water I drank and bile..a lot of was not pretty...there were no medic around...finally it stopped and I got my medal and walked out of the crowded area....

I met with my family and we headed to the car.  I had to stopped a couple times and Bill decided to just get the car and I sat on the corner of the street and waited.

So there you have it.  Another Surf City disaster.  I do like this race.  The course is pretty.  The medal is nice.  It is well organized.  The volunteers were all super nice, lots of young people helping.  They had plenty of water.  Oh I almost forgot, I saw Jen on the course! So happy she yelled out my name...! I have no complain other than it starts too late.