Monday, February 18, 2013

RnR Pasadena Half Marathon Race Recap

Yesterday I ran my third race of 2013 and my second half marathon for this year.
This is the second year for this race and I ran it both times.
This race is very well organized.
Plenty of porta potty, easy drop off for the runners, easy parking, waves are organized and it starts RIGHT on time.
They have plenty of water stations on the course and the volunteers were all really nice and cheerful. 

The weather was almost perfect...well compare to Surf City is was was much cooler, no wind but the sun was out bright and early.

The course is HARD.  It is hilly.  First uphill section comes at 0.5 mile just to give us a taste of what's to come!

I knew what to expect because this was the same course as last year.  I knew where the hardest sections would be...(around mile 9 after the "suicide bridge").

This is not a PR course.  My goal was to do better than I did at Surf City and to be PRESENT mentally for 13 miles and not let my mind check out like I did at Surf City.

I was happy to be freezing at the start and I felt pretty good for the first 8 miles or so.  I had a really really bad toothache...the kind that keeps you up and will require a dentist I carried Oragel with me.  Took 3 miles for my Ipod to join me in the race...for a minute there I thought I would run the whole race without music and I have to admit I did panic a little...but finally it started working!

I saw my family at mile 5.


And again right after mile 7.  This course is good for spectators.  They can see their runners more than once on the course without having to walk too much.  Here was all up...not steep but not flat either. 



After got harder for me.  I knew the bridge was coming and what was on the other side of the bridge.   I walked that hill and took some salt.  I tried to eat a bite of honey stinger but it was not going down so I did not force it. I also applied more Oragel since I was walking.

Got to mile 10 still OK.  At mile 11 I started to have dry heaves... and I feared I would get sick again and I did not want then I knew I was not going to PR so I decided I was not going to puke either....yes I am a wuss like that.  To stop the cramps I walked a little..and it worked.  I finished running and not puking.

And I did a lot better than I did in Surf City.  Not just the time but mentally also.  And because of that I am very happy with my race this time.


I am already signed up for next year. This is my favorite race (well if we don't count Hood to Coast as a race) They had a $20 off promotion so I went for it.
It is a pretty hard course but I like it.  I got the orange shirt for signing up at the Expo.


Could you run with a wig like that??

The female winner was the great Deena Kastor! 1:12:57.  She just turned 40 a couple days ago.

There was a band playing music after the race and the kids showed their best dance moves..

IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2132_edited-1.JPG

Next up San Diego Half Marathon in.....3 weeks!


Darlene said...

Good job! I am so impressed that you run so many halfs

Jennifer K. said...

Congrats! Are you familiar with the Pasadena half marathon that takes place in June? I'm wondering how similar the course is. Pasadena is pretty hilly no matter what you do.

Running In Boise said...

I like that blue skirt you wore. It looks light.

Unknown said...

Excellent! So happy to hear the experience was much better than Surf City! I'll have to check this one out sometime.

middleagedrunner said...

Awesome race lady! Nice job not barfing- I know what a legit accomplishment that is!
LOVE the race bling too, I'm pretty jealous right now!

middleagedrunner said...

Awesome race lady! Nice job not barfing- I know what a legit accomplishment that is!
LOVE the race bling too, I'm pretty jealous right now!

Nelly said...

Sounds like overall it was a good race! And awesome on Deena! She is my favorite female runner, loved watching her get the bronze in 2004 Olympic marathon - meant so much to her.

Kate Geisen said...

Hurray for finishing happier, even with the toothache! Nice job, Caroline!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on a strong, puke-free finish despite the hard course! You are a racing machine! I love that your family comes out to cheer you on so much!

Lisa said...

Looks like a fantastic day - not only for you running, but also for your family. Love races like that. Such a great atmosphere :)

Nice work!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I second everything you said about the race. It was a tough course and around Mile 12 I was feeling it. I was surprised to see that small hill 1/2 mile into the course. I am not sure if I would do it again but I have been thinking about going back next year to see if I can do better now that I know what to expect. I am glad that your race ended on a positive note. The afro guy was running near me for a while and I am not sure how he can do that!

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

Caroline you are killing it!! So proud of you. It touches my heart so much to see your sweet boys out there cheering their Mommy on. You are the coolest. I'm also glad that you finished strong and did NOT throw up. Hopefully your tooth gets better, too.

Unknown said...

I love seeing your kids cheering you on. They're so supportive!

Congrats on your race and on managing your discomfort.

Hope the tooth has been taken care of.

Coy Martinez said...

Now THAT'S a happy ending friend! You know, it made me wonder if you've ever thought about trying Jeff Galloways method of run/walk an entire half? I do it on my full's and I don't lose much time at all. I wonder if you tried that if it might help you feel better the entire time? Just a thought :) Congrats! Makes me want to race in Cali!

Anonymous said...

You raced smart, that shows that you are an experienced runner! Good job!