Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maybe I am just crazy

Maybe I am crazy to think I can actually complete a half marathon....
This blog will be mainly for me and also for my kids if they want to know more about their mom one day!
I started running back in March of 2010.  I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was furious that something so horrible was happening to someone so nice and so young just like that.  I did not know what to do to help so I decided to run the Susan G Komen Race for the cure in LA.  It is only 5 km but to me at the time it was a lot to cover! I ran on the treadmill at my gym and thought I was getting in shape!!
Yeah right!
The day of the race came....started with a hill...and killed my legs but I did not stop and I finished the race alive and just under 35 minutes...not too bad for a first race in 20 years.
I got hooked.

Me and my friend Shana the warrior at the Susan G Komen race for the cure!

I came home after that race and signed up for another race for the next month. A second 5km in Carlsbad with "real" runners....I trained a little better and took 2 minutes out of my time.

Then I found the book Run like a Mother thanks to Dara Torres my idol who I follow on Twitter!  Reading that book made me believe that I can actually become a runner.  I started running more races, all 5 k.  One morning in June, we were getting ready for one of my race and my husband said "30 minutes" today and I said "yeah right!".  When I crossed the finish line the time on my watch 30:35! Progress...
I ran 9 5ks since March and I kept doing better at each one so I decided to make the jump to the 10k distance! First one coming up in 2 weeks...I am not going to lie I am nervous!
I also made the decision to run my fist half marathon in January of 2011.  January 23 2011 to be exact.  12 days after I will turn 42!
I have 2 goals: 1. to not die and 2. to finish!
I will not worry about the time.
Maybe I am crazy to think I can do it but many others have so why not me?!