Monday, February 28, 2011

Race Report: Pasadena 10k race

Yesterday I ran my 3rd 10k race.  It was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  A double loop course around the Rose Bowl ground.  It was freezing cold for Southern California: -1 Celsius!  The grass was white when we got up and the mountains were covered in snow! At least it was not raining like it did the day before for my run with Dean Karnazes.  My kids were really upset that they missed that one so yesterday they braved the cold and they came to support their mom!  They were really impressed to see -1 on the thermometer in the car!!!

This was not a big race and some people did not show because of the cold! To me that is crazy! It was not THAT cold!  I would always take colder temperatures over the heat that we get for most of the year.  I wanted to do well for that 10k,  I had planned to rest the day before but when the opportunity to run with Dean K. came I could not pass on it and so I did not rest and instead of running 5k like we were supposed to we actually ran 8k because we took a wrong turn!!  Yesterday I started feeling a bit sick..sinus I was a little worried for my race.

I started faster then usual but I felt pretty good.  I had been running faster lately and I wanted to see how I could hold up in a race.  First 3 miles all went fine, I kept a faster pace then in my 2 previous 10k race.  Only problem was all the walkers who were walking 3 people wide talking and drinking coffee...the runners had to go off the path to pass them, that drove me nuts! I skipped the 2 water stations they had.  I saw the boys after the first loop, our car was parked right in front of the path so they were able to watch a movie in the car while I was going around! Tough life I tell you.

The Start:

 Mile 3:

At mile 4 my stomach decided that it did not like going at a faster pace and I started getting dry heaves.  AGAIN!  Yes BDD you read that correctly.  This is a real problem for me now.  They had a water station there and I took a couple sip and continued running...a little slower.  Mile 4 was my slowest split of the race.  For the last 2 miles I just picked people in front and focused on passing them and not think about my stomach and what would happen once I stop running!  I crossed the finish line and I had to delay the hugs from the kids ...went to hide from them, I don't want them to see me getting sick after a race and associate that with running!   Again dry heaves, it sucks and it hurts also. 

My first 10k was in November, one month later I ran my 2nd one and took 5 minutes off my time and yesterday I took 4 minutes off of that time.  So 9 minutes in 3 months! I am happy with this.  Progress is a good thing.  I wanted to run negative splits but I could not keep the pace I had for the first 3 miles.  I need to improve on that.

That is Will at the bottom right of the picture waving to me!

I saw myself on Regis and Kelly for a whole 2 seconds...only because I am really tall and I know where I was at the start!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Ran with Dean Karnazes!!

This morning I had the honor to run with Dean Karnazes.
The weather has been horrible here, pouring rain since last night and all through the night.
I slept really bad.  I kept thinking "You are crazy, you will get up at 5:30 am to go run in this crappy weather!"  I got up, got dressed and went to the run by myself.  It was still raining pretty hard when I left so I decided to leave the boys at home.  When I got to Riverside by some miracle the rain stopped!
I was so happy that I had decided to come regardless of the bad weather.
Got there at 7 am.  This was at a high school.  All the kids from the cross country team were there and some other folks like me.  Not a huge crowd.  I think the rain scared the weaker ones away!!   I got my bib and I decided to wait outside to get a chance to see him when he arrived.  I had charged my camera last night, both batteries and right there camera decided to stop working! NOOOOOO!!!!! I ran to my car to get the other battery and came back just in time to see him arrive!  In yellow,  that is Dean when he got to the school.

He went inside in the gym to talk to the people that came for the run.  Picture is not very good but here he is with the school principal.

After that we headed out for the run.  I went out and waited for him to show up.  Yes I was in stalker mode.  He came to talk to me right there.  "Hi I am Dean! Thanks for coming, how are you?" really nice guy, was saying hello to everyone.  He is much smaller then I thought.

Dean's coach with the hat and glasses

I made my way close to the front for the start.  I was pretty close to him so I thought my chances would be good to run close to him for a few minutes.
This is before the start, he told everyone that the only rule is :"DON'T PASS ME!"
I did not know why someone would want to pass him and miss the chance to exchange a few words, but some did take off like it was a real race!  Their loss and my gain!

 We took off, he was not going fast, about 9:20/mile.  I did not know this but the run was actually on a trail.  Hello MUD!  I had decided to go with my GOOD shoes because the rain had stopped...OOPS!  Oh well,  at this point I did not care about my shoes.  The trail was really muddy and slippery...causing a few to fall.  I had the chance to run next to him and to talk to him.  I stayed close to him for the whole run.  It was GREAT!  He is very humble and super nice.  He answered all the questions that people were asking him.  He was saying that he does not like the media stuff.  He kept thanking people for coming this morning.  He said that yesterday his 42 miles were hard. 

There a picture I took:  you can see people ahead going up the hill...

 Me running with my new buddy!!!
See how happy he looks to be running with me!! ha ha!!
Thank you to the nice guy who took my camera and ran ahead to snap this one for me!!!

I found this one on Facebook! This is the finish line.

After that Dean said a few words to thank everyone.  We were told that he would only take pictures with the 2 groups of kids.  Before they got people ready for this, I went to talk to him and I asked him to sign my bib and he did!  He shook me hand and again said thank you for coming to run with him. 

I am so happy that I went.  If you have the chance to catch him when he passes near your town, GO!  It is worth the $. 
Watch Regis and Kelly on Monday maybe you will see me!!!
Now I got to go dry my shoes because I have a 10k race tomorrow morning!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Brrrrr and Run Dean Run!!

It is cold in Southern California, even for this Quebecer!
This is a double race weekend for me. Yikes!

I just saw on the news that we may get snow! We are used to having the mountains white but in 11 yrs that I have been living here I have never seen snow on the ground in my town.  We are about 30 minutes drive from the mountains here.  I sure hope we do get snow!!!

Tomorrow is my Run with Dean Karnazes at 8 am and I hope we don't get crazy rain storms between 7:30 and 8:30..after that I don't care!!!  He started his adventure this morning here in California.  Here's a picture from the start at Disneyland:

He has almost ran 32 miles so far.  You can track him live here:

I cannot wait to see how it will be tomorrow! I hope I get to meet him but if not that is OK, it will be a great experience. 

I have a 10k race on Sunday and now I got a mini shoe problem.  If it is pouring rain tomorrow morning and I wear my running shoes they will be completely soaked...will they dry before my 10k race?  I need them for my race that is for sure.  Now I am thinking of wearing my old running shoes for tomorrow.  It is just 5k and it is not a race, only problem is the shoes I wear now are stability ones and my old shoes are cushioned.  I would not want to get weird pain by wearing the old shoes...ahhh I am giving myself a headache over shoes now!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Rainbow

Have you ever seen one of these?
I took these pictures from my driveway after the basketball practice from hell yesterday

Everyone was out taking pictures.  This was REALLY cool.  I had never seen a double rainbow and the pictures don't do it justice.

On the sub 8 thing from yesterday.  It was only 1 mile and it was very close to 8...7:58 to be exact.  I don't now where it came from to be honest.   I think maybe because at mile 3 I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the car and I went in panic mode because my kids were both in school and I thought "That's it!  For sure one of the schools will call while I am running!"

This morning my old legs were hurting a bit from yesterday's run and I had intervals on the menu.
6x400 m at 5k pace.
I am not using that pace because I know I can do better then my best 5k pace now.
I did the first 3 at 8:33 with 40 sec rest in between
Last 3: 2 at 8.22 with  50 sec rest in between and last one at 8 min.
The last one was hard,  I almost puke on the treadmill...I said a couple of bad words...all in French so it does not count.  Anne:  the one that starts with a T and ends with a K!!! Oops!
4 miles total, should have done a longer warm up but not enough time today.

My son Will did the big 2nd grade Math test last week, the one that they needed 100% to pass.  This morning his teacher told me he passed!!! He is the only 1st grader who did with just a few other 2nd graders.  These kids will receive a special award next week and that is when they will find out if they passed or not so I cannot even tell Will that he did..!  I cannot wait to see his face when the Principal calls his name!! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Really this has been one of those morning where people amaze me and  not  in good a way.

We start at the school yard where my non BFFs hang out..remember botox gal? This morning she asked me this and exactly like that "Is it true you used to be fat?" REALLY?? I could not believe it.  Even though it is true I used to be heavier..well yes fat, who says things like that.  I said "Yes it is true I used to weigh 380 lbs and now I am 120 lbs!" Not true of course but she is so stupid it went over her head. She said "Wow you lost 200 lbs!"  I said : "Clearly Math is not one of your strength because if this was true it would be 260 lbs."  I think she may still wonder what I meant..

Then I went running.  At one of the stop light I saw a young guy dressed in a Gym Uniform I looked at him and he was smoking! REALLY? I stared at him and shook my sad.  This is the second time I see that and with 2 different guys.

I had a  fantastic 3.5 miles run where I ran faster then I ever did, with mile #3 under 8 minutes..for me this is FAST.  I was so happy.  I had just read an article written by Joan Benoit Samuelson about breakthrough workout and this was one for me.

Then I went to look for a rain jacket for my race this weekend and for my 5k run with Dean Karnazes!   So far I have been really lucky and I have never had to race in the rain but it looks like this weekend this will change.  Getting to the parking lot at the store I saw a couple walking back to their car, they had a 2/3 yrs old girl with them.  I saw them put her in her car seat before I got in the store.  When I got out, 20 minutes later (with a running rain jacket!) they were still there.  Guess what they were doing while their kid was in their car?  YEP,  SMOKING! REALLY???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running with Dean Karnazes

I just registered for this!
He is coming to Riverside, CA this Saturday.  I already have a 10k race on Sunday and my Saturday was already busy with our last game and the team party that will follow it and it was supposed to be a REST day plus we are supposed to get rain all weekend here but I don't care.  There are only 12 Run with Dean 5k runs during his mega run across the USA.  This one is only 30 minutes away from me.  This is a great opportunity.  It is like getting a chance to play hockey with this guy:

So I am going! I hope I get to meet him! That would be wonderful!
If you don't already have his book : "50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days- and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance!" is on sale at Barnes and Nobles for $5.38 right now.

I am in week 3 of Training plan for Half Marathon #2

Last week:
Week 2
Mon: 3 miles: 3 miles
Tue: stretch and strenght + XT: XT 40 minutes eliptical
Wed: 3 miles: 3 miles
Thu: Speedwork: 30 min tempo.: 4 miles tempo
Fri: rest:  REST

Sat: 3 miles or XT: 3 miles
Sun: 6 miles: 6 miles (half hills)
total: 19 miles

Week 3:
Mon: 3 miles: 3.25 miles
Tue: stretch and strenght + XT: bike +abs and arms
Wed: 3.5 miles
Thu: Speedwork: 6x400m 5k pace

Sat: REST: 5k Run with Dean
Sun: 10k race:

Go wish Beth a Happy Birthday!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Number ONE

Today was a day off of school  for my number ONE guys.   We did a lot of that:

  Those are Toys Story 3 Dominos

We stayed in the same theme for puzzles!

They are now watching their number ONE super hero: Batman in a not so number 1 movie: Batman and Robin (the worst Batman movie ever made I think).  It is so bad it is no even funny.  They don't care it is BATMAN.

Went to the gym this morning to practice my number ONE sport: running.  I did an easy 3.25 miles.  Got a bit of pain under my right foot, from big toe to middle of foot, hope it will pass before my race on Sunday.

I saw on Beth's blog that Dean Karnazes is doing this Run across America thing and he will be in the town where Bill works on Saturday at 9 am for a 5k.  I have to coach my last basketball game at noon but I am tempted to do this before the game.  It is less then 45 minutes away from me.  I do have a race on Sunday I am not sure I should do is just 5k and it is with a legend...

Ok now speaking of number ONE.....
This made me happy this morning:

AP Top 25
1Duke (35) 25-21,531
2Ohio State (10) 25-21,519
3Kansas (5) 25-21,457
4Pittsburgh (12) 24-31,452
5Texas (1) 23-41,395
6San Diego State27-11,327
7Brigham Young (2) 25-21,261
9Notre Dame21-51,036

Sorry Chris K (and sorry EMZ), well not really no.

I mean come on
SD has this at their games:

Chris K is that you????

And at Duke's games we have this:

And CK don't start with the numbers...I got some numbers for you:

Duke: 4
SD: 0

Do stop by Chris K's blog today though he does not know much about College Hoops but he does have a great interview for you to read!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A date with hills and wind

This morning went out for a 6 miles run.  First 3 miles were all up hill and last 3 against the wind.  I'd take the hills over the wind any day I think.  It went well though.  I ran this faster then I did my last 10k race.  Looking good for my next race next Sunday at the ROSE BOWL!

Good weekend for sports on TV, well for me anyway. 
NBA All Star weekend.  Yesterday we watched all the contests on TV. 
These were my 2 favorite dunks.

My kids asked if I can teach them how to do this.  They don't understand why I thought that was funny!!!

Then today it was the Heritage Classic,  a scheduled outdoor regular season NHL game.  This year is was the Montreal Canadiens visiting the Calgary Flames.  Well things did not go well for my team.  We lost 4-0.   Neil was happier then me at the end I am sure of it.

We are getting really close to the best time of the year: MARCH MADNESS.
During those days my house is a mess and I don't care.
Laundry piles are almost as tall as me (5'11") and I don't care.
I feed my kids frozen stuff that I put in the over..I care a little but they don't.
I don't call my parents as often as I normally do...I care a little and they care a lot.
I wear my DUKE shirt every day until they are out, I have several don't worry I don't stink.

It is looking good for my Blue Devils to return where they belong at #1 tomorrow!

One local team is doing really well right now..The San Diego Aztecs so I will be rooting for them as well.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More HM for me?

We are on red alert once again in Southern California.  We may need military intervention to help the poor residents who are freaking out.  We have major issues.  Yes it is raining.  That is HUGE.  Water is falling from the sky.  We are not sure what to do, clearly it is best to stay home.  I had a mom called this morning "My son won't be able to make it to the game because of the rain!" WHAT??????? Now just to be clear.  It is JUST raining.  No storm.  No thunder.  Just regular rain.  I want to see some snow falling here just once to see what they will do.

I braved the dangerous weather and went for a 3 miles run.  It was not raining but the winds were nasty.  Made me cry the whole time I was facing it.  Good test in case we have rain for my 10k race next week.  Bill goes : "You are not going to run that race if it rains right?" hmmm WRONG! Why not.  I will not melt.

So I am thinking of adding another half marathon to my schedule. 


San Francisco is July 31st and LA is October 30th.  For SF they offer 2 Half Marathons.  We can pick between the first half or the second half of the marathon.  First half looks much harder then the 2nd and starts earlier also.  Would be fun to get a family trip to San Francisco...all I need to do is convince Bill it is a great idea...wish me luck.

Game 7 today, we played the giant Celtics.  Compare to them we looked like a bunch of shrimps even my son who is really tall.

 I look like crap scared..they do scary stuff sometimes like going to score on the opposite basket..oh yeah

Will challenging his inner Han Solo

Once again #3 not interested in what I got to say

Ahhh I love him!

He took that shot and it went in and he was pretty far away..I like that a lot. 
I hear DUKE calling...
Hey Coach K do you need our number?
See how good Will looks in Blue and Black??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canadian and stylish (not really)

Today I did my first TEMPO run.  4. miles total.  I think I did it the way I was supposed to.  At the peak of the build up I went about 20 sec faster then my 5k pace.  Build up was supposed to be 20 minutes but I did 30 min.  The intervals from last week were harder then the tempo run.  I hope this is how it is supposed to feel.  I have to alternate intervals and tempo and increase every week.  Next race is in a week, I am curious to see if I will see a difference that soon.  I feel good about the fact that I actually CAN do the speedwork that is on my training plan.

The Manly Runner tagged me for a stylish award.  I had been tagged before but I still got some stuff to share so here we go! Merci Chris pour cet honneur!!

1. I missed my College Graduation for my Chem Eng. Degree because I had to coach a very important basketball game that day:  The Provincial Championship (In Canada we have provinces instead of states).  That game was televised and there was no way I was going to miss it.  We ended up winning by 12.  It was the best moment of my "coaching career".

2. After I graduated from College I did the backpacking Europe thing.  I went to France, Austria (I have an older half sister who lives in Vienna), Germany, Italy and Hungary to visit my grandmother and my dad's family.  While in Austria, we were camping at this huge camping place.  It was packed and we were wondering what was going on.  FREE outdoor U2 concert!!! Talk about great timing!!

3. When I was young these were the 2 posters I had in my room:

Where I am from Hockey is a religion and well this guy,  The Great One was THE hockey God.  I had the chance to see him play a few times when the Oilers played the Quebec Nordiques.

And then I had this one: If you have no clue who this guy is well it probably means you are much younger then me!!
Jon Baker aka Larry Wilcox...I LOVED him! not so much.   I recently saw a picture of him on the news because he got himself in some legal troubles and that just ruined everything for me. 

4.  My favorite movies are E.T., The Shindler's List, Cinema Paradisio, Life is Beautiful and Le Déclin de l'Empire Américain.

5. I bought my wedding dress of the rack for $99.  My mother in law, who had big shopping plans was very disappointed with me.  Clearly she did not know me very well.  I hate shopping even for wedding dresses.

6. I met my husband at a work seminar in Grand Falls NB.  I had fought with my boss for a week begging him NOT to send me to that thing.  I thought it was going to be a waste of my time.  He still made me go.  I guess I owe him now.

 7.  Last week I finally decided it was time to let go of some clothes that use to belong to that girl: Yep that is me.  In my closet I had jeans of all
sizes from 16 to 4.

Ok I gotta to pass this to a few people
Tricia because she got upset she did not get it from the manly runner so here you go dear
Marcia because well she is not on probation over here!!!
rockstartri because well he is a rock star and I like his weekly quotes