Monday, September 30, 2013

Catching up

I am the worst blogger.
I am the worst follower.
I read blogs but I have not had time to comment.
I apologize.
I am looking for time.
And for balance.

I am on single parent mode.
My husband has been working nights again for almost a month now.
It does throw the family schedule off.
But I am not complaining ...I remember all too well where we were exactly one year ago.

I have been working more at my part time job and we are still having a lot to do with my 4th grader and soccer and everything else.

And there is the running part of my life.
I am sooooo grateful that I have a treadmill at home.
I would have missed so many runs this last month.

I have reached a PR distance last Sunday.

I am happy but this is still so much slower than where I was before the knee problem started.
October is here and that means race time is coming.
At the end of this month I have RnR Los Angeles on the schedule.
I am so nervous about this one.
I am focussing on getting the mileage up and trying to ignore the pace thing...but it is hard.
I put the towel over the time on the board... :)

Other stuff
We went to see our celebrity BFF, Keith Urban, play at the legendary Hollywood Bowl last Friday.

He was awesome! If you have never seen him live, go see him....he is a true performer.
We love him.

Yesterday we had family pictures taken.  One of my good friend is a professional photographer and she had mini session for the holidays...shorter session and much cheaper :)
I don't have the pictures she took yet but I snapped a few with my phone...

Fall TV...
I love The Voice...just to listen to Adam Levine and Blake Shelton go at it is enough...:) , Parenthood and waiting impatiently for Scandal to come back....

Ok gotta go read....what is new with you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hard work pays off

If you do the will get the results.
It is true for anything in

Thanks for the comments and emails.

I am of course happy that we are on the right track and doing ok but still...these grades came at a cost. The one positive is that now I have that to show my son that hard work pays off.  It helps.
I am very proud of him. 

This week we made it to the first soccer practice so that is's to hoping we make it to the second one tonight!

I rested Monday and Tuesday and I still fell pain...I am not sure what I will do today.  As I type this I am in my running clothes.....looking at the treadmill... I know I should rest.  I know.
It is just so frustrating to have a set back like that after I made progress.
One more rest day I guess.
Going to go do yard work...that is a workout right ......

Reading the YA novel "the future of us" right now and found my new favorite character in a book: CODY! (See second line...)

If you know me well and have been a long time reader you will get this....:)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A new milestone in the recovery road and a confession

Recovery is hard.
Coming back from injury requires patience.
A lot of it.
And humility.
And perseverance.

I have had many days of total frustration where I wonder if I should just quit this running thing.
But I don't.
I want to be where I was in April.
I am struggling with how much I suck right now.
But I will not quit.

If you are on the injury list or are coming back from one know this:

I remember how miserable I was all summer with no running.
So sucky running is better than no running.

I am a little worried about my next race.  
I am not sure I have enough time to be race ready.
Obviously I am not going after any magical time.
I would like to have the running portion of it to be bigger than then the walking one.

This was my week:

I reached a new milestone in my recovery: a 20 miles week.
I had 2 back to back runs.
The first one was not good.  I had pain so I stopped at 3.
Second one I went really easy and it was better.  

I still have to add walking in my runs.  This means I am a lot slower.
I have to accept this.

It has been extremely hot here and HUMDID.  In Southern California that is rare.
I still do all my runs on my treadmill.
Yesterday I did 6 miles and it was warm in the house...I ended up completely dehydrated and feeling like crap all day.  Go figure.

So although I am a little discouraged by how much I suck I am not giving up.

Confession part of this post:
I have been hmmmm not great at PT this week.  I know I know.
I am good at stretching and foam rolling but I have neglected the other stuff....the exercises.
Not too happy with myself for that.

I want to congratulate COY (first in Philly is her blog): she is a brand spanking new IRONMAN! 
You have all my admiration Coy!