Friday, December 31, 2010

3 things Thursday on a Friday...

Yesterday was a crazy day.

1. Went out for a 5 miles run.

2. Came back got the kids ready to go to Pasadena with my parents.
Got stuck in major traffic...all the people headed to camp there for the Parade...!
Went to have lunch at a restaurant.  My first instinct was to no order anything and instead I cave to the pressure from my husband and ordered a salad that ended up making me really sick...I cannot eat out, it is sad but true and sometimes Bill has a hard time accepting this, mostly because he feels bad for me.
Came back home in traffic again.

3. Started feeling really bad...stomach was not happy and major heartburn. was in bed at 7:30 pm. :( was scared the FLU was back...but does not look like it. ....

Today Friday is rest day.
Taking my dad to a hockey game, we ARE CANADIANS it is a must.  Ducks against Flyers.  Should be good times!  Lets hope my stomach agrees to cooperate.

Happy last day of 2010 to all of you !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's ranining again...

After a couple of days of sunshine the rain is back in Southern California....Good thing today I only had a 3 mile run to do.  I waited for a little break from the dripping clouds and headed out! I love running when it is it was about 10 Celsius...perfect!

I took my kids to see Yogi Bear as promised....they loved it, I almost fell asleep but that is OK.

Is your birthday close to the Holidays?

Mine is right AFTER.  The absolute worst when you are a kid.  Nobody cares.  Actually most of my friends even forget.  You get the famous double-gift, no party because everyone is partied out and it is also really close to back to school, basically it sucks! 

At my age of course I don't care about my birthday anymore other then I get this about 2 days after Christmas: "OK Now what do you want for your birthday?" and not in the nicest tone, more like tell me what you want so we can get this out of the way kind of tone.  I get it from my brother, my mom and now even my husband....!  They will ask every day until they get an answer.  Well this year I have decided not to answer that question!  If they cannot come up with something then so be it.  Last time I checked it was not my fault that I was born that day.  One of my best friend back home was born December 24th and I have always sent a birthday present wrapped in non Christmassy paper for her separate from the Christmas presents and cards.  It is not that hard.

My youngest son is born February 2nd.  Not too close to the Holiday season but still kind of close and I always make sure to make a big deal for his birthday just like I do for his brother who was born in June.  I don't tell him he cannot have toys just because he just got some new ones at Christmas! 

On my birthday this year I will get to go see Hood to Coast! That will be awesome I know it!
I saw the preview today and it looks GREAT!  If you want to know if it plays near you look on the right side of my blog and you can find the info!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 RACES

Today I ran 5 miles and I felt like I could have gone a lot longer so that gives me hope for my Half coming up very soon....
I have been able to run outside a lot more because I have my parents here to watch the boys I feel this is helping me a lot to prepare for my half also.

Went to see a movie with Bill...a rare thing for us!  We saw The little Fockers.  It will not win any Oscars but funny like the other 2, just what I needed!

Tomorrow movie again but with my boys : Yogi Bear this time!!

I am done racing for 2010.
I started in March with my very first race and ended up running in 12 races this year!
I did not have this blog for most of 2010 so I wanted to have a post to recap the year.

1. March 2010: Susan G Komen Race for the Cure: 5k.:
I will be back for this one as long as I can walk so for a long time hopefully.  It started it all for me and also it is for an important cause! If you are in California and you want to join a team you are welcome to join mine!

2. April 2010: Carlsbad 5000:
A very popular and fast 5k.  I loved it! I would do it again but not in 2011 because I am doing the half marathon in Carlsbad in January.

3. May 2010: Cucamonga Challenge:
A 5k Race, will not do this one again.  It was the worst organization ever.  No time, no real start or finish.  We had to wait for the lights at crossing streets.  I am not paying for this race again!

4. June 2010: Fontana Days of Running:
I loved that one! First I PR for 5k by a lot, it was a fast course, very popular, very organized, they also offer half marathon at that race.  I would have done it again, the half this time but I will be in Quebec in June this year for my 25th High School reunion (yep I am that old!!) !

5. July 2010: Claremont July 4th 5k race:
I loved having a local race on the 4th of July! I will do it again even though not perfect as far as organization goes.  They had a really crazy start...walkers in front, strollers in front...not good for the runners...hopefully they learned something...but I will be back for that one.

6. August 2010: Angel Stadium 5-10k race:
Loved that one! We got to run inside Angels Stadium twice! The second time the team was practicing and it was really cool!  I am doing the 10k next year!

7. September 2010: Disneyland 5k run:
Loved it! My kids ran the Kids race also.  It was the best, running inside both parks, really fun.  Next year I am doing the Half Marathon!

8. September 2010: Rose Bowl 5k:
Fun race. Beautiful place. loved the course.  I won my first top finisher medal!  I will do that one again!

9. October 2010: LA Cancer Race:
This was a Halloween Race, I did the 5k and the kids ran the Kids race.  We liked it a lot, it was on the Veterans Ground, really nice place but VERY HILLY, will be back for the 10k next year.

10. November 2010: Mission Inn 10k:
My first 10k.  It was hard.  Hilly and also very windy that day.  I want to do it again to do better!  They do offer a half marathon so maybe....but at least 10k for sure.

11.  December 2010: Universal Studio backlot 5-10k race:
I ran the 5k.  If I do it again I would still do just the 5k.  This is a really hard course, the HILLS are killer.  It was the hardest course for me of all 12 races.

12. December 2010: Make Room for Santa 10k in Tustin:
My second 10k. I PR by 5 minutes so I was really happy.  I would do it again for sure!
Fun Holiday Race everything was great for me that day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

WEEK 9...already....this is the plan for this week...
Mon: Strength and stretch
Tue: 5 miles
Wed: 3 miles or cross:
Thu: 5 miles + strength:
Sat: rest

Sun:  10k race:
total: 19 miles:
Today we headed to Laguna Beach with my parents who are visiting from Quebec.  What a nice day!  Cool weather and lots of sunshine...wish I could run there all the time! 
This morning no running, bike for 30 minutes plus abs and arms.
Here are some pics from our visit to Laguna Beach!
Next up Big Bear!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do you use a fuel belt?

I need advice!

If you have a running belt that you love please tell me what kind it is.
If you had one you hated I also would like to know!

Right now I am thinking getting this one:

Amphipod Velocity Full-Tilt Hydration Waistpack - 20 fl. oz

Liar Liar pants on fire....

Dear Nike + and Lance who talks to me during my runs....I always had an idea that you were lying to me...telling me I was faster then I really am and now I know for sure you are a liar!
You say 6.84 miles and my new honest friend GARMIN says 6.0 miles!
I will keep taking you out for runs because I like hearing Lance talking to me and also you come with music but from now on I will not believe a word you say!
Dear GARMIN: I love you!
Went out for a 6 miler and felt really good, must be my new toy!!!!!
Week 8: I did what is in red
Mon: Rest: sick
Tue: Rest: sick
Wed: 3 miles or cross: 3 miles
Thu: 3 miles + strength: 3 miles
Fri: 4.5 miles: 4.5 miles
Sun: 6  miles: 6 miles
total: 16.5: 16.5 miles

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
We did here at our house!  My boys are still very young and Christmas is magical not just because of the presents, even though those help a lot, but because of the joy in this day, everything is special!
No nap, eating special food at special hours, seeing grand parents, staying up late and oh yes those new toys!!!

Speaking of new toys.....notice anything on this picture....

No? ok how about now?

Thank you Santa Bill!!!!!
Will test this tomorrow for my long run!!!

More pictures from our Christmas!

They were in a hurry!!!

They think Keith Urban actually sent that to them...

My 3 kids!

Friday, December 24, 2010



We made cookies for Santa.
We wrote a note.
We left some milk.
We are all set and ready....!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

And then we went to see the lights!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Went out for a 4.5 miles run this morning.  Beautiful day today the sun is out and the air is clear!

My parents arrived the 1003 comments about my weight....arrgh....ready to move on from that already....and then got the 456 questions about running...
I am a late bloomer as far as running goes...started at 41 but so what right?
Well I get "Why do you do that?" "where is it coming from?" "Don't you think you are too old for that?" "running this much is not good for you and it will not help you put weight on" far nothing positive...I try my best to ignore all that...not always easy.  I am sure I am not the only one who has to answer these...

There is a street close to my house where each year they have decoration contest for Christmas...Thousands of lights everywhere, it is the coolest thing.  It has become a big attraction and the police has to close some streets around to control traffic.  We are headed there tonight.  The best part is to see the look on my kids face when they see all the lights everywhere!

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you my running blogging pals!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 Things Thursday-Trois Trucs Jeudi

1. I ran 3 miles outside today!  The sun came out and the rain took a break! The mountains are white it is very nice!!

2. My parents are on a plane right now on their way from Quebec to come spend the Holidays with us!!!  My kids are beyond excited to see them!!!

3.  I should not be in front of the computer typing this because my house is still not ready for their arrival....3 more hours for way too much to do....!

3.1 Oh and it is exactly 1 month before my HALF MARATHON....
Am I freaking out about this??????????
Oh Yeah...A little bit....

3.2 Looking for some races to fill out my 2011 to suggestions in Southern marathon just yet...

3.3 Oh and Santa....I still want a GARMIN for Christmas...PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE

OK that was more then 3 things...I promise you I was always good in Maths...I do have a Degree to prove it...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Comeback

Today I ran a slow 3 miles. 

I kept one hand on the treadmill and I took a couple of break to drink.  The gym was a SAUNA!!  Here in Southern California we have been hit by really heavy rain...I mean a lot of water.  Some people had to evacuate their homes...that's how much water..!  I guess they decided to put the heat on at the gym and it was a bad idea and it turned into a Sauna...not easy to run in a sauna when recovering from the FLU...but I did 3 miles and I am happy with that I hope tomorrow will be less shaky on the legs, still feel like Jello!  I stepped on the scale...minus 7 lbs...hopefully I get it back in a few days...

Have you heard of this?

Sherry and Lesley are leading up this new Challenge for 20111. 
The challenge - 12 races in 12 months
The distance - ANY distance

I ran 12 races in 9 months this year!

I am in!
Are you?

This is how you can join the Challenge:

• Send an e-mail and let them know you want in on the challenge. Include your name and a link to your blog (if you have one)!

• Follow the blog at

We made some ornaments yesterday and those 2 are my favorites!
The boys wanted to put a picture of their first race!
It was the Kids Race at Disneyland!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally I see the light....

First I must start by thanking all of you who left me get well messages.  I am very touched that you took the time to do this.  I still cannot even believe I have 31 followers!  You are all so kind.  Thank you so much.  The blogging experience is fantastic I am so happy I decided to start this.  I learn a lot from reading your blogs and I get support and I am reminded every day that there's a lot of good folks out there.

Well I am better...I think. 
I missed a lot of training and even more important things like my kids Christmas programs and my husband's Christmas party and my dear friend's birthday yesterday but I have accepted it and I tell myself at least I did not miss Christmas and this did not happen during my parents visit, trying to be positive...not always the easiest thing for this gal here.  Yesterday was my first day standing up...was shaky but it was standing!  Today I am more stable..legs still feel like Jello running today :( 
My husband had to go to work and left almost no gas in the car to be certain I would not go to the gym... NO TRUST! :) I get it though.  Tomorrow I am going...even if it is for just 2 miles!

I must have lost at least 6-7 lbs...that is not good. 

This was week 7 and I did what is in red Mon: Stretch and Strength: Stretch and Strength + biking
Tue: 4.5 miles: 4.5 miles
Wed: 3 miles or cross: 3 miles
Thu: 4.5 miles + strength: 4.5 miles
Fri: Rest: Rest
Sat: 50 minutes cross: sick :(
Sun: 7 miles: sick :(
total: 19:  12
The worst week so far...moving on...
Week 8 ** Because of illness I have decided it is best to mix 7 and 8 and to start slow, sorry Hal....**
Mon: Rest: sick
Tue: Rests: sick
Wed: 3 miles or cross:
Thu: 3 miles + strength:
Fri: 4.5 miles
Sun: 6 OR 7 miles:
total: 17.5:

Monday, December 20, 2010

I won tickets to Hood To Coast!!!

I got an email today telling me I had won tickets to go see HOOD TO COAST!!!
I already bought tickets to go see it.
This is playing one night and it is on my birthday: 1-11-11

I entered a contest on Runners World and I won one of the prizes!  I had to make a video (can be seen here on a previous post ) to explain what was my best race ever so I gave it a shot and tadam: free tickets!!!

Do you have your tickets? You can see on the right side of my blog a countdown widget for HTC and you can use it to find out if the movie is playing near you!

I had to......

All right nothing to do with running..but I am a mom first and this is my 4 yrs old son at his Christmas program and this makes me happy that even if I was not there in person I get to see it,  so I post it! 

He is the loudest one in the middle!

Lucky he did not hit anyone!!!

From Biggest Looser to Survivors

Well I am not running just yet...:(
but I am standing up today
Progress is always good.

Now I need to eat!
My husband says I look like a contestant on Survivors on day 39!
Not good.

Hoping to get back on track...Wednesday....
and then I need to figure out what to do with my plan
Today was start of week 8, I think I will mix end of 7 and 8 and make a 7.5.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The flu was NOT on my training plan

Still not well but not as bad as yesterday
Yesterday was hell: I passed out twice in the evening.
Very scary.
Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday.
I missed today's workout and looks like will not make it for my long run tomorrow.
This sucks.
What do I do? I continue where I was? Or I start week 8 Monday with what is on the plan?
End of week 7 went down the toilet with the rest of me ( gross I know )
All I had to eat since Thursday night is a banana.
So much for my plan to put weight on before my parents arrive on the 23rd!
Last time they saw me I was about 50 lbs heavier, I had started to loose weight but just 20 lbs. I think they are likely to freak out.

So much to do...and I am stuck in bed..and I will miss my long run..I worry about that.

Thank you to the snowflakes I got some cards today! Now THAT did not suck! I love getting real mail!

Friday, December 17, 2010


This is a crappy day.
I am sick.
I am missing my kids Christmas programs at school.
I am sad.
This sucks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

-Trois Trucs Jeudi - 3 Things Thursday -

1. Ran 4.5 miles today on the machine, felt like 10 miles to me....I had to cover the TM screen....Tomorrow is rest day so I kept telling myself that, it kind of worked. I have a friend at the gym his name is Vic, he is 67 years young and he knows EVERYONE at the gym.  He is quite the character.  He ran several marathons and even one ultra marathon and he was in the navy.  He has the best stories;  most of them completely inappropriate.  I think he is what my husband will be like in 15 years...They met and they agree...that scares me!  Anyway, he was on the bike while I was running (bikes are behind the treadmills) and he was talking to 2 younger guys who apparently were very bored today and started taking bets on the women's age....Oh yeah they went there..they are young they don't know any better...YET.  So because Vic knows everyone..they really did not have to ask many gals if they would share their age to settle the bets.  Of course my turn came and I had no clue, was listening to my Ipod and could not hear them.  Vic knows I can handle that kind of joke so he decided to out them...even though he knows my age.  So when I got off he calls me over and tells me "those 2 clowns have a bet on your age" so I made them say out loud what was their guess, Vic said he would give $10 to the winner for this they could not say "Oh I think you are 21" just to be nice...So first one goes and says....30! I tried not to smile or laugh...!! Second one goes "I am really sorry but I will say 33!" ouahhhhh ha ha ha!!!!  I almost paid them both $10 just for that.  I am so not vain but that made my day.  I mean better that then them guessing 51!!!

2. Christmas Tree is up and done! My kids are happy and less worried about Santa coming over our house, my younger son (4) said "Mom you really should call him to let him know you finally put it up" I love the finally...So here it is:

(Abbi take notes:  the tree is suppose to be UP not down!! :))

 Can you spot the ornament I got at my 10k race last weekend?

How about now?

3. I am in the cards exchange over at Runner's Luck and this is my group, go visit their blogs! All interesting folks and they don't bite..!!  Oh and to you my fellow snowflakes: my cards are on their way!!

Group Snowflake
Bobbie from 2010 Journey in Running
Caroline from Journey to a Half Marathon
Tiina from One Crazy Penguin
Scott from Big Daddy Diesel
Janae from Hungry Runner Girl
Zaneta from Runner’s Luck
Trish from Begin Again and Again and Again
Emily from If I Can't Convince You, I'll Atleast Confuse You

Something in Your Stocking — The iPod Shuffle Contest

Something in Your Stocking — The iPod Shuffle Contest

Great contest over at 26.2 is my cooldown....
I want to tell you to increase my chances
but you know take your time ...until welll next year to sign up to also increase my chances!!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Abbi over at highermiles tagged me with these...

1. What was your toughest race? 

Easy: The last 5k race at Universal Studio.  It was brutal, I got a new definition for hills that day...they just never ended and they were steep!  My legs hurts so bad the days after that race.  It was hard.

2. What are your goals for 2011?  To run a half marathon and finish it.  I want to be able to say "When's the next one?" and not "never again!".

3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Quebec City.  My hometown.  I miss it every day but the Holidays is the hardest time of year. 

4. What is my guilty pleasure TV show?  60 minutes...OK the honest answer....General Hospital...what can I say I have watched it since the good old days of Luke and mom was watching it so blame her!  That is how I learned to speak English, I never took any class!

5. How do I keep my sense of balance? What is that?  There is no balance...! I have 2 sons aged 4 1/2 and 6 and I am a stay at home mom!..Balance divorced me 6 yrs ago...I get 1 hours per day for me (gym or run time) the rest is for the boys, my husband and my dog!!!!

And now I will tag......
The bride to be Zaneta
Jess over at Blonde Ponytail
and last but not least Tricia!

Ran 3 miles on treadmill today.  Felt ok...not great but ok.  Tomorrow is another day!  Also realized I made a mistake and skipped a week when I look at the plan for this week...long run this Sunday is 7 miles and NEXT Sunday is steps....

92-year-old woman finishes marathon

If she can do it.....

Makes me believe I can....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmas people; stop complaining!

So yesterday I get the usual email from Active asking me to rate my last race.  I always try to make an effort to leave a comment, if I have something negative to say I try to find something positive to go with it.  I also read all the comments others make to see if I am the only one who thinks the way I anyway I went over the website to leave my comment and read the comments others had left...A LOT OF NEGATIVE BS.  I understand that not everyone will be 100% happy in any given situation or event but people are complaining about things like the weather (really??????) and that Panera Bread ran out of eggs (it was NOT the Panera bread race!).   The thing that people are complaining the most about is the course and I don't get it.  They had a website where we could see the map of the course, it was clear that the runners doing the 10k would run 2 loops of the 5k course.  It was on the map and it was in the text with the info for the race.  They knew it would be a 2-loop race so why are they complaining?  We got an ornament instead of a medal...I thought it was great: it was a Holiday race! This was also in the info on the website..people are complaining about that also..."would have been nice to get a medal!"  I guess they should change the request to "send us your complains" instead of your comments...!  I just don't like people who complain about something they knew they would get.  When I order a coffee at Starbucks I don't complain it is not lemonade when I get my cup!!!.. Yes it was a loop with one u-turn in it, big was in the info!! They had free massage and lots of food and drinks for the runners, lots of easy parking, 4 water stations on a 10k AND SANTA WAS THERE! COME ON NOW!!

OK I feel better now.

Went to the gym and ran the 4.5 miles that I was supposed to run...felt a little soar but not too bad...took a couple miles to feel OK.

I won a giveaway!!! A Itune gift card! That makes me happy! :)

*** I just saw that Abbi tagged me....will be back with that later...time for motherhood duties now!!!***

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 6 recap and Week 7 plan and the meaning of 5 minutes

This was week 6 and I did what is in red

Mon: Stretch and Strength: Stretch and Strength
Tue: 4 miles: 4 miles
Wed: 2 miles or cross: 2 miles 
Thu: 4 miles + strength: 4 miles
Fri: Rest: Rest
Sat: Rest: Rest
Sun: 5 k race: 10 k RACE
total: 13: 16.2 miles

Good week for me, ended with my best race this year!

Started week 7 today, was afraid my legs would hurt after the 10k, but no all is good.  This week will be challenging..last week of school before the Christmas break, lots to do for the kids and helping at their school...will have the dilemma...motherhood vs runninghood....we'll see how that goes plus I have  husband's Christmas party this weekend...

8 miles on Sunday....I have never ran 8 miles...hope it wont be too the 90s here today crazy weather...yes I complain about that...what can I say I am Canadian!!!!

Week 7

Mon: Stretch and Strength: Stretch and Strength + biking
Tue: 4.5 miles:
Wed: 3 miles or cross:
Thu: 4.5 miles + strength:
Fri: Rest:
Sat: 50 minutes cross:
Sun: 8 miles:
total: 20:

I want to thank all of you who read my blog and leave nice comments for me, I appreciate this a lot. 
Yesterday after my race we went to a kid's birthday party at a friend's house and people asked about my race and when I said I took 5 minutes off my time it really meant nothing to them.  They did not understand why I was so happy about "just 5 minutes"...but it is OK and I get it.  What is 5 minutes? It is nothing in a day..what can we do in 5 minutes really? not much right...It is all relative and a question of context.  Yesterday 5 minutes meant a lot to me.  It meant progress, getting better, that I am on the right track, hope, pride,  that I can show my kids that if you make an effort you will get results, that age does not matter.
It meant a lot to me that you left comments after my race yesterday. 
Thank you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make room for Santa 10k Race Report

Today was my 12th race since I started running in March of 2010.  It was my second 10k race and.....
I PR by over 5 minutes!!!!
I am so happy!!!  I got up at 4:20 this morning to get ready and have my coffee and hopefully get the system going..if you know what I mean....well no I was a little worried...Got the supporting crew up at 5 am and out the door at 5:20 am.  Got to Tustin at 6:20 am and had plenty of time to get bib and goody bag (they had great goody bag and long sleeve t-shirt!) and hit the lovely porta potty.  Temperature was low 50s so perfect for me.  I was anxious, did not sleep well last night, tried to warm up as best as I could.  I wanted to beat my time really bad.  Lot's of people had Holiday costumes, a few Santas, lots of elves! I had the cutest elves on my supporting crew I think...

 Went towards the back for the start, I did not want to start too fast and I figured it would be better to pass people as I go then to be in the way.  The course was 2 5k loops.  I saw my kids at the start, they had their bells to cheer everybody passing in front of them, I was told they were a big hit!!!

I started not too fast and was feeling pretty good..the course was FLAT, a nice change from last week.  I passed the first water station and I decided not to stop until the 2nd loop. 



 First 5k went by fast!  I saw my kids again coming out of the first loop and decided to take the gloves off for the 2nd half.  This is me trying to get my son's attention to get him to catch my gloves!

I was still feeling pretty good at mile side pain and I passed the water station and again decided to skip it and continue...I knew after that the last one would be at mile 5.5 after the turning point at the top of the loop.  When I got to that one, I was afraid to stop and loose my momentum and was afraid to drink and get side pain for the last stretch.  My mouth was really dry so I grabbed a cup and just rinsed and did not stop to drink any water.
Saw my crew for the last time before getting to the finish line.  I was tired but I still had some juice in the tank, I did not want to stop, I had not stopped once and was not about to do it at that point!  I looked at my watch there and I knew that I would beat my time for sure.

After that I just focused of passing one person at the time and keeping my pace and oh yeah not throwing up...(sorry gross portion of the post).

I passed all these gals

 Celebration pose where I look like a dork

PR by over 5 minutes!!!

I was so happy with my time and that I did better then a month ago.  I tried something different and it was better for me:  no walking breaks. Of course it helped that it was flat and we had no winds.  A good last race for my first year of running!  Next is the BIG ONE!

The big guy was there!

Got a free massage after the race! They told me I need to find a good chiropractor pronto!