Friday, March 30, 2012


I applied for Nuun's team for Hood to Coast.
I hit sent.
Now I wait.
I will share my video next week. :)
I hope I get in!

I have 2 "running dreams"
  •  Hood to Coast
  •  Marathon
I am thinking of signing up for  Big Sur Half Marathon

Did you run that one before?
How was it?

Did you buy lotto tickets?
I did.
I got some earlier this week and I won a huge $3.
I am hoping to keep my lucky streak alive :)

Somebody got a new guitar
I think he is happy!

Last long run this weekend.
Next week: taper
Race: A week from Saturday in Hollywood!
I got my race packet in the mail, I like it!

Look even the time chip looks nice and we get to keep it!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The One

The quest for The One perfect running shoe.
That can be frustrating, painful and costly.

I went back to my Brooks Ravenna after the Pure Flow fiasco.
I found another pair of Ravenna 2 in clearance for $55 and I used my REI dividend and member 20% coupon to get a pair of Ravenna 3. 

We just had an Earthquake as I am typing this.  I hate those. Not a good side of living here in California that is for sure.

Those are my new Ravenna 3:
I will rotate between 2 and 3 for now.  I tried the 3 and so far so good.  They made some changes and so far all good for me.

Millet sports offers the BROOKS Ravenna 3 at a reasonable price, visit them online for more details

With the Pure Flow I ended up having Plantar Fasciitis coming back.  I am hoping things go back to "normal" with this adjustment.  Since I fell I am so scared of falling again it is driving me crazy.  I need to shake this out of my system!

The One who is making my abs hurts today:

Aouchy...hurts to laugh...I don't think I will have a 6 pack in 6 weeks BUT maybe a 2 pack someday!! :)

The One who convinced me that I CAN do a marathon:  look the the right that pretty blond gal in the picture with Arizona friend.  I had been thinking about it..I thought I could do it but I needed a little push...a "yes you can do it". 

The One who made my day Monday: My ex boss in Quebec.  I used to be an engineer in my pre-kids life and I kept contact with some people from my old job in Canada.  I worked here too before having my first son but sadly I did not stay in touch with anyone because..well they were not happy with my pregnancy and things ended badly.  Anyway I am going off topic..this week was my ex boss birthday so I wrote a happy birthday message on his Facebook wall.  This is what he responded

"Thank you Caroline. You inspired me and a year ago I started to do exercise and have better meal. I lost 50 pounds since then. Si tu viens à Mtl fais-moi signe"
That made me happy.

The One I want to be?  The One who will be picked for one of the NUUN Relay team for the 2012  Hood to Coast!  It is one of my dreams to run Hood to Coast!  I am working on my application..I am almost done!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Los Angeles Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure is a special race for me not just because I run it in honor of people in my life that are fighting breast cancer but also because this is the race that started my running life. 

Back in March 2010, I went to the Dodger Stadium to run this 5K.  I was not prepared, I had the wrong clothes, the wrong shoes,  I could not run 3 miles without stopping.  I did this for Shana, my brave friend, who was at the beginning of her battle.  This was us March 6, 2010.

Look how tired I look!  I remember the next day I could barely walk!!!  Everything changed that day.  I did not stop running.

Yesterday I ran my 3rd Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.   Shana was there for the 3rd year also, this time CANCER FREE.  She WON.  There is HOPE.  This is a good thing to know...there is HOPE.

The race:
It is at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  Dodger Stadium is located in a pretty hilly part of town.  The course had been the same in 2010 and 2011 and I did not see any announcement regarding a change for the course so I prepared for the same course with a decent hill for the first mile and mostly flat for the rest of the course.
I met my team before the start, on my team was my sister in law who was running her first 5K, my babysitter Rebekah who is pregnant, Shana of course and other friends.  Rebekah was my TOP recruiter this year!

I wore a bib on my back in honor of our dear friend Jane who is married to Bill's best friend. I hope next year she will be there with us.

I lined up with 2 of the young gals on my team who said they wanted to run this and try to stay with me.  They had 2 lanes at the start, one for the runners and one for the walkers.  There's more walkers than runners at that race so the start can be crazy with some people who are not lining up where they should but that's OK.  And we were off!

And that is right where I lost the 2 young gals who wanted to stay with me.....oopsy.  I am sure if they keep at it,  next year they will be the ones loosing me at mile 1.  :)

So it did not take long to realize that this was NOT the same course as the last 2 years.  Instead of running in the parking lot we actually went out to the park near by.  And that course was hard.  The HILLS that keep on coming.  It was just hills.  It was nice to not run in a parking lot.  I think that the old course was extremely boring.  That course is a challenge, there's the hills and also the road was pretty beat up and I had to look where I'd step.  I was really concerned about falling again. 

Oh look KIM,  I am wearing a skirt!   There won't be a 2nd time sadly.  It's a size medium and it  needs a drawstring.  It is too big at the waist and it moves and it was really annoying.
So no PR on this crazy course but that is OK. 

I am happy I did it again. 
Lot's of pink at that race! Look at these guys! Pretty Awesome!! Behind them is Rebekah sprinting to the finish (right behind the gal in the sunglasses).

And than there is this guy who is at ALL the local 5K races.  Look to the you see him

NOW do you see him?

He is always not dressed like that.  Same shorts.  They look like they have NEVER been washed.  I think I should start a charity to get this guy a SHIRT.  Look at the other guys on the was NOT HOT yesterday!

To recover from this race I went for a 10 miles run this went better than last week, less pain in the knees.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Run Fatty!

Run Forest Run! You know that famous line right?

Yesterday I went for 5 miles run.  I run on a fairly busy street that has a lot of shops and traffic lights.   Sometimes people I know honk at me, some people men stare and  yesterday some punk yelled out "Run Fatty".  If you are my Facebook friend you know this already because I put that on my status. 

Most of my friends commented that I am not fat.  I know  The reason I shared that and I am posting this now is to show people are mean.  For no reason.  It is pretty sad.
Those were 2 young punk driving an old Camaro.  Their moms did an awesome job raising them obviously. 

Here's the thing, yesterday it did not bother me in a way that it would hurt my feelings.  It bothers me to witness that kind of behavior towards anyone.  Recently I saw an interview with Julia Roberts and she was saying that she does not like the Internet and the social networking websites like twitter and facebook because people can be mean and say all kinds of crap and hide.  She is right.  These guys were not really hiding because I saw them in their car but they drove away in the opposite direction and clearly I was not going to run after them.  I was tempted to show them how long my middle finger is but I did not...that would have give them the satisfaction to get a reaction out of me.  Bottom line is mean people are cowards.

Yesterday "Run Fatty" did not bother me. 
But 3 years ago it would have.

If that guy had said "Run Fatty" to this gal in the pictures.  She would have been crushed and humiliated and she would have not returned running "in public".  I am pretty sure this is what would have happened.  It is likely that I would have given up.

If there are women, or men, out there trying to change their lives for the better and some morron yells something mean like that to them it could send them back to square one.  That is sad and depressing

Tomorrow: Race Day! 
5k Susan G Komen.
My goal is to beat last year's time.
This is a tough course for a 5k.  There is a nasty hill in the first mile.
I pulled something in my groin doing the myrtl routine yesterday so I am going to be careful.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Boston Marathon Book Giveaway


It is a book called The story of Johnny Kelley, Boston's Marathon Man.  I gave one of those in January and now that the Boston Marathon is less than a month away time to give the second copy to one of you!!!
"Johnny Kelley is Mr. Boston Marathon. Mr. Lewis has painted a loving portrait of this running icon. Mr. Kelley ran 61 Boston Marathons, winning twice and finishing 2nd an astonishing 7 times. The book was originally published while Mr. Kelley was still alive. Mr. Lewis interviewed Mr. Kelley extensively and this adds immeasurably to the story. The book is not only a biography of a great runner but a personal journey through the history of America's Greatest Race. GREAT READ!! "

There are lots of pictures in the book:

Want a copy?
Here's how:
1. You need to be a follower of this blog and leave a comment.
1 Bonus Entry:
Share on Twitter (include @carotabi in your tweet) or share on your blog and leave a comment here to let me know.

Again, this is open to everyone, Stefano, I mean it, EVERYONE..USA, Canada, Italy, I will ship it anywhere!
I will pick a winner on April Fool's Day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Following the pack..and a curse on Duke

Following the pack.  I have never been a follower of what is popular or "trendy".  As far as fashion goes..forget it.. I am in Levis and T-Shirt since High School.   Music..pretty much the same thing..I cannot stand rap and hip hop for the most part.  I still listen to Bruce Springsteen and well that Keith guy because my kids did convince me he is pretty great.   So I broke my usual habit with the Brooks Pure Flow.  I did follow the pack.  I read so many great reviews on these shoes that I convinced myself that they would be MAGICAL for me too.   Turns out they are not great for EVERYONE and that is true for ALL running shoes out there. 
This day 4

It still hurts a lot.  I still got my long run done yesterday.  10 hard miles.  Weather was perfectly cold but very WINDY.  My knees hurt, you cannot see on the picture, but I have bruises all around  the red parts.   I finished the week at 30 miles, I am happy.

So my weekend started with this nasty fall on Friday...and later that day..I watched my beloved Duke fall apart in round 1 of the NCAA tournament.  ROUND 1!  LEHIGH University....seriously....I put a black shirt over my Duke shirt and went in mourning...LEHIGH University...................depressing.

It is pretty clear to me that EMZ put a curse on Duke...I see no other explanation to this fiasco.

I watched a lot of basketball this weekend.  Duke, Georgetown, Michigan and Missouri made my brakets bleed all over.  Yikes.  Last year I finished 2nd in my pool of over 150 people, not going to happen this year...although my pick to win it all is still alive.  The best game  of the tournament so far for me was Marquette vs Murray St.  What a great game that was..very physical.  My favorite player: Marquette #32 Jae Crowder, I now call him the BEAST.

This coming Saturday I will run my 3rd Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in LA.
This marks 2 years of running for me.  The first year I ran it for my friend Shana.  Last year I ran for her and Bill's step mother Laura.  This year another name added to my list, Jane the wife of Bill's best friend.  I hope that next year there will not be a 4th name to add to my list.  Enough already.   Shana and Laura are cancer free.  Jane is at the beginning of her fight, she had her first chemo 3 days ago.  If you want to join my team or donate to the cause please go here

I added a tab called RACES.   I listed all the races that I have done so far (this weekend will be race #34!) with links to Race Recaps.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Divorcing the Brooks Pure Flow...I Think

So I was ready to write about something else today...something like 26.2 something..but that will be for another day.....(I did not sign up for a marathon just yet)

So today I only had 30 min or so for a quick is the last day before Spring Break and kids are getting out early plus I went to volunteer in the classrooms.

I went for 3 miles.  Just that.  I put on my PURE FLOW.
Like I said on my last post, I have a hard time adjusting to these shoes.  It feels weird running in them and also slow.  At mile 1.5 I tripped but I did not fall.  I am sure that made the drivers who saw me laugh.  It's OK.  For the last mile I tried to pick the pace to be where I usually am for a short run like the lower 9:xx. 

I have worked hard in the last months  t0 get to a faster pace and with these shoes I feel like I am regressing.  It is frustrating. 
Anyway back to the run...last mile I decide to go faster (not a sprint just faster)
at 2.98 miles...
4 steps from my car...
I took a nasty fall.
I did not trip on anything, no rock, no crack, no piece of wood, nothing.
I BLAME the freaking SHOES.
  • 2 bloody knees.
  • 1 pair of broken compression capri pants
  • 1 broken glove
  • 2 sore hands.  Lucky I had gloves on otherwise my hands would be much worst.
  • 1 damaged shoe hurts...

This sucks
I am not loving those shoes right now and I am thinking this was a big mistake and a waste of money. BOOOO HOOOO.

The Madness is here!
First Day: 14 out of 15 for me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 {or 70} yrs old, Awards Season and Brooks Pure Flow.

Look at this face:
Today Maggie is 10! That is 70 in Doggie years!!!  I think she looks pretty GOOD!  She is the best!

Parental Bragging section..if you are allergic to that just skip...

It is AWARDS Season again...not the Oscars kind of Awards. The academic kind of awards.
The 2nd trimester is over.  Already.
I had both parent-teachers conferences for my sons report cards.
I have said this before but for me these report cards are in some ways a report on how good of a job I am doing with my boys.  They deserve most of the credit of course but if they were not doing well I would definitely blame myself.  They both did awesome.  I could not ask for better.  Jonathan, who is in Kindergarten, is done with the K benchmarks and started 1st grade work.  He has "mastered" all academic subjects for his grade.  He has also Mastered the art of talking too much in class.  I blame DNA for this one.  Their Canadian DNA.
William, who is in 2nd Grade, received The Top Reader Award for his Grade and the Math Champ Award.  He scored 98% on his benchmark tests.  He is also good at talking too much.  Again DNA.  What can I say.  They are my kids.  Can you guess what was on my report cards....a lot of As and talks too much.

I am very proud of my kids.  They are so lucky to have wonderful teachers. I tell them often to appreciate these ladies and all that they do for them.

So far so good this week.
I am sticking to my new plan of running 3-4 days and take a rest day.  Also running longer distances during the week. 
I have had no  more calf and foot pain since doing this.  I do struggle on rest days.  I feel more tired and a bit off..hard to explain..I am sure I am not the only one like that.

I got my new shoes last Friday: Brooks Pure Flow.  It was supposed to be rest day but I could not resist trying them so I went for a quick 3 miles.
My first impression was: "This feels very weird".  Right away I could feel it in my calves.  The way my feet were hitting the ground felt strange. I was also going much slower.  I kept looking at my watch, it did not feel that slow to me but it was.  I remember when I first tried my Ravenna I felt fast and light.  With these ones not so much.  I know I need to use them more before deciding of those will work.  Monday I went for 4 miles in those and it was better but still feeling strange.  So for now I don't know.  It is not "Love at first step" that's for sure.  I think they will be good for the shorter runs and to help with keeping a consistent midfoot strike.

I have been thinking a lot about marathon.  That is all I think about while I run now.  Could I do it.  What plan should I use.  Would my body be able to last 26.2 miles.  What about my stomach.  I have had an offer from a VERY generous friend.  The kind of offer gift I would be CRAZY to refuse. 

I think a lot about marathon.
26.2 freaking miles.

Friday, March 9, 2012

EMZ and Caro

Today was a great day.
I met my DEAR Arizona Friend.  In person.
(Nobody was wearing heals)

Through our blogs we get to know people we follow and or people who follow us.  I think of some of you as my friends, even if I have never met you in person.  That's sounds silly to people who don't get to know others through the Internet but if you have a blog you get that, I am sure. 
This lady is one of a kindShe is like I knew she would be Sweet and kind and funny (see pics below for proof).  The only problem with this meeting was that it had to end.

She brought me some gifts....look: it made Maggie smile...only because she cannot read the word CAT all over the shirt

A lot of Arizona hearts and cats on the shirt....the letter A is nice but D is still better....:)

And for my boys...

I had a gift for her too, I will let her share that if she wants to. 
No no, not a Duke shirt.  I am way too scared to see what she would do to one of those!!!
But....I did come prepared for an intervention and make sure that EMZ gets a taste of the Duke Greatness.... I am a good friend I share the good stuff.  This is what her husband (PITA) said "Did you loose a bet?!!!" ha ha!!!

I would say that this intervention is clearly a success.. She IS Duke. I see great things happening in EMZ's future.  I have to say that she is a good sport.  Really.

No no she was not crying...or puking...she was overwhelmed with hmmmm JOY?!

EMZ, there are no words to express how happy I am that we got to see each other today. 
Thank you for stopping by on the way to Catalina to come and see me.
Thank you PITA!
Thank you poor Peanut who had to sit through all that non stop blah blah blah...!
I hope it does not take too long before we see each other again.  
Arizona is at the top of my destinations to go to list.  
I am so happy I got to meet your lovely family as well.   
EMZ & Caro: 26.2 in AZ.
That sounds like a good plan.