Sunday, April 13, 2014

Santa Anita derby 5K race

Last weekend I ran the Santa Anita Derby 5K with my kids.
It is my new favorite 5K!
I loved this course!  Beautiful views and we got to run on the actual race track, in the sand.  Very cool!
Race was super organized, free parking and right on time.
We had great weather this time.
The kids are still on a 2:1 ratio so I did that with them.  They got a PR! Not huge but still their best time!

Here they are before the race sipping some Watermelon NUUN.

At the start we went through the real derby race gate

This is an easy and really fun course.  We saw the house from "fantasy island" if you are old like me you"ll remember that show:)

Here running on the race track

Getting to the end

This is my new favorite race picture

We had a blast.
I think the kids can do better than this.
Run faster the running parts.

This was the 20th year that the race was held. The medal is really nice, medal/bottle opener/key chain

Kids if front of Seabiscuit statue

They had a really impressive quantity and quality of snacks for the runners after the race, all this for each of us plus fruit and water oh and 2 beers!

So we will be back for this one for sure.

Training this past week has been awful
I got up early just once. Major fail on this plan.
Allergies kicked my behind..we had some really hot days and that made things worst.  My husband's work schedule is once again out of control so I am on my own for everyhting and by Thursday I ran out of gas. :( Ran a 6 miler and a short 3 miles over the weekend, both on the treadmill because I was alone with the kids.  So my training for the OC half marathon is not going well at all.  Here's to hoping for better numbers this week!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Need days of 28 hrs

4 extra hours per day
That is not too much to ask right
I need them

I have zero time to run 
I am so frustrated these days it's not even funny
Yes yes I am complaining like a 1st grade girl ( in my experience the ones who complains and whine the most)

I am single parent mode again.  
I am still working every day.
The amount of work in 4th class keeps pilling
One night this week homework was to write a 5 paragraph text, answers 6-7 development questions on a chapter from Charlotte's web book, write a summary  of Charlotte's web chapter, geography, study vocabulary test, finish math, reading log and oh yes we still have the mission project to complete in the middle of this.

Plus well there is this little one in the middle

She needs to be walked 2-3 times a day
She is cute and we love her but right now she is taking my running time away
I could run after 9 PM... Maybe....but I am afraid Ruby would bark and wake the kids up
Nobody is home to keep her quiet at that time.
So I have ran a big 6 miles so far this week.
I could get up at 5
I should get up at 5
I stay up late to prevent Ruby needing to go outside in the middle of the night 
Right now I take her put at 11 pm and she goes until 6:45 am
I could get up at 5.....
I should get up at 5
Next week same thing again
I will need to get up at 5
That is the goal.

Tomorrow race day
5k with the kids.
Have a good weekend everybody 
Thanks for reading