Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's been a while......

I am still here.
It's been months since my last post.
A whole summer has passed and almost all of this fall also.

Life got hard for a minute.
We went through difficult months as a family.
Running was not at the top of the list and time for it was well...hard to find.
I did what I could but it was never enough.
I lost my balance trying to keep the one of my 2 boys intact.
I succeeded in doing that and that is my job as their mom.

I now have a job. 
Its part time but it is every day and it is during the time I used to have to run. 

I have done a few races since my last post, most of them were with the kids.

I have lost a lot of fitness since June.  It is difficult to face starting over.
Starting over is hard.
Starting over when you are 45 years old is REALLY hard.

Right now every run hurts, every steps is painful.
I don't enjoy any of my runs because I know where I was and what I could do and now well I suck.  Big time.
I refuse to give it all up.

The proof is a signed up for a half marathon that is in June.