Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Angels

What is your first thought?
They are cute?
They look good in green?
The one on the right looks like me?
Looks like this picture was taken the same day as the one on my header? (yep)
Will's hair is messed up?

They look like angels?

Yeah they do.
It is just an illusion though. 

World War 3-4-5-6 is happening at my house this summer.   We might need help from the Peace Corps soon.

This is what I hear:

Will: " Mooooooom  Jonathan just walked on my hand.  ON PURPOSE!"
Jonathan: " No I didn't"
W: "YES YOU DID!!!!!!!"
And then PAF!
One gets smacked on the nose.

That was before 7:30 am.

Jonathan: " Mooooooooom! Will says  I am stupid"
Will "Well he is, he peed on the floor!"
Followed by : SMACK, PAF! Aouch and crying.... Guess who got smacked on the nose?

Will: "I am smarter than you"
J: "No you are not, I am more smarter"
W: "Can you read?"
J: "No"
W: "There you go, I win, I am smarter I just finished a book that has 286 pages !"
J: "Well I don't care I have 2 girlfriends!" with a bonus slap on the arm. (he is 5)

J: I am first
W: No I am first
J: I said it first I am first
W: I am still first, try to move me...

J: "MooooooooM Will went to pee with the remote control because he does not want me to touch it!"
W: "No I didn't!"
J: "Yes you did I saw you"
W: "No I didn't!"
Me " So why is the remote in the bathroom ?"
W: "I did not go pee but I did go #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They are no angels living here...well none that are boys and or men.
This is the angel living at my house:

Went to see Mr Popper's Penguins today, way better than Kung Fu Panda 2, Jim Carrey pretty funny and the penguins are hilarious!

First can I just say: thank God for running! I would loose my mind I think without it.

I forgot to put week 2 of my plan, I know you can survive without this info but I like to include it for me.

Week 2
Mon: 4 miles
Tue: 3 miles (race rehearsal #1)
Wed: 4 miles
Thu: 5 miles: Speedwork 10x400
Fri: 3 miles (Race Rehearsal #2)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 7 crappy miles.
Total: 26 miles

This week I am at the gym Mon to Thursday. 
Tuesday I did 4 miles : HILLS
Today 3 miles tempo
Tomorrow Speedwork 10x400

I have a hard time on the TM, I get bored easily, there are TV but  no sound :(, I also get more aches and pain in my knees and also my feet (heels mainly) and for some reason I FEEL like I am faster but the speed on the machine does not reflect that.

Friday: I get to run outside for a short run.  
Saturday: Outside for 8 miles.
Sunday I will rest because Monday I got my 4th of July 5k race.

Monday, June 27, 2011

7 years ago today

JUNE 27, 2004
That day changed my life for ever and for the better.

This little guy came into my life 7 years ago today.
My son Will.
I cannot believe I have been a mom for 7 yrs now.

Will is a kind boy. 
He is curious.
He likes everyone.
He is stubborn like his mom and impatient like his dad.
He likes to please people.
He has the best hair color..strawberry blond hair.
He is very smart and he LOVES books (that makes me so happy).
He is a talking machine.
He loves Keith Urban.
He has a good heart and I love him so so much.
I feel so lucky to be his mom and I am so proud of him.


Keith Urban concert, that is Will on the big screen and KU singing in the middle

These 2 taken Saturday at his surprise birthday party

Today we went to see Cars 2.  It was great, lots of fun. The boys loved it.
I completed week 2 of ny training plan 26 miles total
My long run was crappy.  It was hot, allergies were so bad, my legs felt heavy, I was slow, just not a good day but it is OK that happens and I did the mileage I was supposed to do.  I have to leave the house much earlier for the long runs is just too hot and I struggle in the heat so lesson learned for me.

This week the kids have no summer camp and so I have to run inside every day.  :(
The good thing is I escape the hear, today it went up to 103.
Next race one week from today a 5k.

Are you racing for the 4th?
I like 4th of July races! I wish mine was a 10k instead of 5k but other than that it is a fun race.  It is local and this year our babysitter will run it with me!! She says I "inspire" her to run.  I got her to sign up for a 10k with me in a month and also for Long Beach!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k

 The Boring Runner's virtual 5k Report

I ran the course of my next 5k again (4th of July Freedom Race)
I went too late it was really hot and also cars everywhere.
Once again the hill in the last miles "broke" me.  My strategy is to not try to do negative splits for this one.  The first 2 miles are flat with 2 small downhill sections and the last mile is all uphill.  I will run it one more time next Saturday! 

So here's my results for today:

Better then my time last year when I first ran that race but not close to be a PR!!!!

Thank you Adam for hosting this race!
I do have a pic with the bib but my battery went dead and I cannot upload for now, will be added later!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Joyeuse St-Jean Baptiste! and Race Rehearsal

June 24 is La St-Jean Baptiste in Quebec.  That is La Fete Nationale, our 4th of July.  The holiday marks the summer solstice and honours the patron saint of French Canadians—Jean Baptiste  (John the Baptist).
Celebrations start on the 23rd with big outdoor concerts.  In Quebec, the concert is on Les Plaines D'Abraham (huge green area on picture below).  The concert is followed by fireworks.

People arriving at the St-Jean Baptiste concert in 2007
This was the year of the 400th anniversary of Quebec and that picture was taken at around 8 am on the 23rd.  The concert started at 9 pm.
On the 24th, people have the day off and they get together with friends and family the same way people do here on the 4th of July.  The Canadian National holiday is July 1st and that is another celebration but in Quebec the big one is June 24th.

I am sure by now you are sick and tired of reading about where I am from and how great I think it is. I am proud of where I come from and  June 23/24 are not easy days for me so bare with me one more time!  Music is a huge part of this holiday and so here are 3 clips I found on YouTube that I wanted to share with you.  First one is a bit old, June 23rd 1976 and it is 5 of the most well known folks singers and poets we ever had  (the one on the far left passed away last week),  singing what is considered to be our National Anthem:
Gens du Pays. (People of the Nation)
Pour toi Anne! Joyeuse St-Jean!!!

And this one from one of my favorite: Paul Piché singing Heureux d'un Printemps (Happy it is Spring)

Last one from a group called Beau Dommage singing La Complainte du Phoque en Alaska. (The Seal's lament from Alaska) I was at that concert in 1995.

Yesterday I did a rehearsal for my next race.  I am running a 5k on the 4th of July and it is local so I can run the course a few times before the race.  It went well.  The last mile is all uphill and my quads were feeling it.  I think negative splits will be hard to do for me.  I will bank time on the flat portion and the 2 ultra mini downhill.  I have a hard time to pick up the pace going uphill.  I am going back tomorrow for another try.

Today: speework: 10x400, 5 miles total.  I ran those a bit faster then the ones I did last week,  I want to push on these to see how fast I can really go.  On the last one, I went to my limit and almost fell of the TM and scared the gal next to me...oopsy.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most "depressing" day

June 21st
Ah crap summer is here.
I dislike summers in California.
It is way too hot for me.  
The sky is brown, that gives me headaches.
The air is crap, we hardly see the mountains.
I burn even with sunblock #144.
There's people everywhere, lot's of people.
I have to run with my belt for 4 miles and up because I need water when it gets hot,
We have to use the AC.

The one positive is that there is no humidity.  I am grateful for that.
But I am still miserable during the California summers.
I know poor me,  some of you would like that, that is fine. I don't.

Sunday took a rest day after running every day for 10 days in a row.  Well I felt a bit crappy Sunday.  I had aches and pains I don't have when I do run.  We took Bill out for breakfast for Fathers day and then I "let" him watch golf (yawn) all day while I cleaned the yard.  I know Wife of the year right?

Yesterday went for 4 miles outside...was really hot really early, I ended up with sunburn on my back and shoulders even with sunblock #50. Boo Hoo.  Pace should have been a bit faster I think.  On the short runs are we supposed to push it a bit? Yes I think, not sure, does not really say on my plan for the runs that are 3 to 5.5 miles.  Is it better to go slower for longer or to go at a faster pace.

Today at the Gym 3 miles HILLS. 
On the treadmill, I am slower.  I set the same pace as I did yesterday outside for my 4 miles and it feels harder, that it goes way too fast, I ended up with a nasty side pain. 

Saw 2 movies, The Switch with J. Aniston.  I like her.  I do.  But this one it was so predictable...I don't know.. Then yesterday I watched Rabbit Hole with N, Kidman or like Jonathan calls her "Nicole-the-wife".  It was really good but also sad.  A parent's worst nightmare and living through it and the pain that comes with it.

I am almost done reading  Dean Karnazes Ultramarathon Man.  Did you know I ran with him in February? It is all here.  I think about what he writes about when I run.  I picked up several books while I was in Quebec.  Reading in French is almost a luxury now!  Next up is Purge, a book who won the "Prix Femina", a French literary prize.  Did anyone read it? Super Kate maybe?

Saturday we went to a fun birthday party for Will's "girlfriend". 
Did I ever tell you I am raising little Casanovas?
Here you can see Jonathan in action with the ladies...
Saturday it was Will's turn.
In Kindergarten he met his princess Alex.  "The prettiest of all the girls mommy and she likes ME!!! Can you believe it?"  "Yes of course I can." I said.
We went through a summer and then a year of them not being in the same class and Will even not really being with the 1st graders much and guess what? She STILL likes him.  Yep it is serious.   And so he got the precious invitation to her birthday party.  They are just 10 days apart, really people, it is destiny :)  It was at a local amusement park, lots of fun for the kids.

I love this picture of them

There she is!!!!

Wonder what they were talking about

Yes someone went up there.....

No not one of my sons!!!!!

Yes Mini Urban was singing "Days Go By"
He will make a guitar out of anything!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


First the running portion.
Went for 7 miles this morning.  It was slow but OK.  I realized I had not rest since I have been back from Quebec.  10 days of running  without rest.  Not good and a bit stupid.  I am not young and today my knee was not the happiest.  So tomorrow will be rest day.

This ends week 1 of Disney Half marathon training.

Mon: 4 miles
Tue: 3 miles
Wed: 4 miles
Thu: 5 miles (10x 400 )
Fri: 3 miles tempo
Sat: 7 miles
Sun: rest
Total: 26 miles

Happy Fathers Day to all of you who are dads and are reading this!

In my life there are 2 men who are important dads.  My dad and Bill, my husband.

We don't choose our dads.  I think I totally luck out in the dad department.
My dad is great and interesting man.  He will be 78 in August.  He is still very active.  He has a garden and grows all kind of fruits and vegetables and he still drives my mom nuts after 43 years of marriage!  He was born in Hungary and he left his country in 1956 during the revolution.  He went to Belgium first and did his Bachelors degree at Louvain la Neuve and that is where he learn to speak French.  He already spoke Hungarian, Russian and German.  He arrived in Quebec in the mid sixties and he did his Master degree and his PhD at Laval University where I also went to school many years later.  He married my mom in 1968 and they had me a year later and my brother Martin 16 mos after I was born (yep he is the youngest one).  I am just like my dad.  I look like him.  I have the same personality, the good and the bad.  All my life people have told me "You are just like your dad!" and all my life I thought this was a HUGE compliment.  He is a fantastic father and a wonderful grandfather and I love him very much! So here's my Dad: Joyeuse Fête des Pères!

I was 3

Me, my dad and my grand mother (his mom)

With my niece

With Will

Then there is Bill the father of my kids.  We DO pick our spouses but unless they are already a parent it is hard to know for sure that they will be great.  I mean I had an idea of course but still you can only know when it happens.  Well he is great.  He is PRESENT.  He does not think that hanging out with his kids is babysitting.  I hate when parents say that they are babysitting when the kids they are with are their OWN.  He does not try to find any excuses to "escape" the house like most his friends do.  He is a great role model for our sons.   He works hard and ridiculously long hours and because of that our kids get to have one of us at home to take care of them.  Here's Bill: Happy Fathers Day!

With Will

With Jonathan

This one taken today!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My trip part 4 and the end

On the plan for today speedwork.  Was supposed to do 8x400.  I did 10x400.  Still no AC at the Gym so that sucked a bit but I felt pretty good.  On the plan Coach Hal says we have to do these at 5k pace but that is dare I say...too easy for me.  Maybe my 5k pace is faster then I think? We shall see on July 4th at my next 5k race.  Anyway I went 35 sec faster for the first 5 and and 1 min faster for the last 5.  Can I hold 30-35 sec faster for 5k? I am not sure I can but I am going to try.  I am now loving intervals!

I want to thank everyone for leaving the kindest comments about my hometown and my family and me. 

I am a lucky person.  I come from a special and beautiful place.  I got to live there for 31 years.  In French homesick is Le mal du pays.  (The country's ache) I have that illness.   There is no cure for it.  My kids are way too young to appreciate the sacrifice I made for our family but my husband is well aware of it.  That helps.  On the way back home we had 2 flights to take, Quebec-Toronto and Toronto-Los Angeles.  When we took off from Quebec I cried and then again when we left Toronto because then I was leaving my country once again.  I wish I came from a boring place sometimes, it would be easier to leave it behind.
I hope it will not take another  3 years before I get to go back. 

If you miss part 1 it is here
part 2 here
part 3 (with a pic of me at 17 yrs old) here

So a few more pics from our visit

Helping my dad in the yard!

My dad has lots of grapevines.  He makes his own wine with the grapes.

Will's Godmother is one of my best friend.  She like to spoil the boys.  There is a fantastic toys store near her house called BENJO.  She took the boys there and they made a craft, painting a figurine.  Then she told them to pick something in the store.... Ayaye....trouble!
So Jonathan aka mini Urban (if you are new and you don't get this,  you can read here) shocked everyone and said : "I want a GUITAR!" Of course he does.  I loose parental control with my friend.  She is the boss.  So they found the musical section and there it was;  the most precious thing Jonathan had ever seen: A UKULELE!  He was soooo happy.  He took that thing everywhere we went.  He would have slept with it if I had let him.  He showed it to the pilots on the plane when he got on.  It was a HUGE HIT.  Will also found something cool: a Batman board game.  So my friend Sonia is their favorite by a mile.

Can you see what it says on my shirt? GOTTA RUN!

See the Ukulele?
See they have this mini entree just for kids.

Of course Jonathan had to be on the guitar side and pretend to play it!!!

I miss her, I miss my family, I miss everybody.