Sunday, June 12, 2011

My trip part 2 lots of pics!

Before I get to my trip...I want to thank my GENIUS friend Emz for helping me solve the mystery of why people could not comment on my blog. 

Also I got a few questions about my diet and the restriction I have I did talk about it on a post a while ago it is right here

The short story gallbladder was not working, I had surgery to have it removed.  It had been misdiagnosed for a while and I developed GERD because of it.  Some people are lucky and go back to a normal diet after surgery, some like me not so much.  I cannot eat FAT and anything spicy or acidic.  No alcohol either.  So a lot of good stuff is a big no no for me.  If I eat it, I get sick.  For several days.  No food is worth it so far.  I tried.  So I eat pretty much the same thing every single day.  It sucks but some people have it a lot worst then me and have to eat ensure all the time.  That diet made me loose a lot of weight,  I did need to loose weight but not 70 lbs!

I went running yesterday, 6 miles outside.  It felt a lot better then running inside and my sore throat is gone, I just cough now.  Today I had to rest, the kids gym is closed on Sunday and Bill left for the week this morning.  I called these trips vacation and he insist on calling them work trip.  Whatever.

Now only need the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup! (That is HOCKEY Chris)

Tomororw I officially start training for my next Half Marathon: The Disneyland Half Marathon!
My trip part 2.

I thought I would show my family.  They don't read my blog but I am sure they are OK with this!!!

Bill is my Mom's favorite...don't tell the others!!

The whole family on my side,
last time we were all together was 3 yrs ago.
With my nieces, the older one is my God Daughter
she is 13 and 5'8" (!) and the younger one is 10.

That is my brother.  Who do you think is older?

My brother got the boys proper Hockey T-Shirts. 
We are ready for the return of the Quebec Nordiques!

In town, this is La Porte St Jean (St-John Gate) one of 4 gates to the fortifications of the city.

This is in front of a candy store, that bike is all candy!

Shirt they were selling in town..

In front of the Chateau Frontenac, nicest hotel in Québec.
It is 118 years old

Séminaire de Québec:
 Private school where I coached for several years.
This building is 156 yrs old.

Inside a Cafe where we had lunch


Kate said...

I love the family pictures! And such beautiful buildings. I'm sure you're treasuring every moment from your trip in your heart.

My husband is leaving for CA for a volleyball tournament with my 16 yr old. He's trying to make like his trip won't rock, but I'm not having any of it.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh love seeing your pictures Caroline! And Disneyland Half marathon! I want to do this too...what a great excuse to go to kids would certainly support me in that goal! :) My husband travels a lot on his work trips. boo!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Great pics....we visited Quebec last summer...hadn't been there in years & it's still fabulous! The boys LOVED the giant hockey store on the main drag....we now own an Ottawa Senators garbage can ;D.

T...Ottawa/Victoria....exiled in upstate NY :)

Anne said...

Your boys are a great age for you to do the Disney half :)
J'aime beaucoup tes photos de Québec! Pour les commentaires, si tu as de la difficulté à en laisser parfois, tu peux "downloader" Google Chrome...c'est un nouvel outil de recherche et Blogger fonctionne mieux lorsqu'on l'utilise. Moi je m'en sert juste lorsque je vais sur mon Blogue.

Bonne semaine!! :)

Anne said...
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Carrie said...

Quebec looks so beautiful. Love the history.

I'm on week 2 of my training for Disney. So excited!

Big Daddy Diesel said...


There is a new Ironman in Quebec, I know alot of people that are going to do it.

Pam said...

You have such a beautiful family. :)

Nelly said...

Looks like a great time, Quebec looks gorgeous!

Jill said...

What an awesome family - so full of happy smiles!! :)

Never been to Quebec but have heard WONDERFUL things about it. Now I gotta go one day!!!

Jenn said...

Ha ha!! Laughed at the work trip vacation reference! We use that terminology around here too!! Love all the awesome pics-your boys are just adorable!!

Yay on the Disneyland half training!!! So exciting!!!

Colleen said...

Love the pictures... what a great family!

Emz said...

the shirts ---- freaking rock. Love them. I know nothing about hockey other than I love the fights but now I love the shirts too. ;)

13 & 5'8" holy. cow. --- what do they feed her. The Pita thinks Peanut SHOULD be that tall. ;)

Loving these photos. They are awesome.

Beautiful you. Beautiful family.

Cari Mugz said...

Your boys are so CUTE!! Definitely could be the next Kieth Urban.

I am a HUGE Disney fan... so excited to hear all about that run!!! I want to run it someday too!!

Theia said...

Great pics!


Tricia said...

too cute!

XLMIC said...

So fun to see your whole family :)

Your pictures have made me very curious about Quebec…now I want to go check it out!

I hear you on 'no food is worth it'…my diet isn't nearly as restrictive as yours, but there are some things many people consider staples that I cannot eat :(

Looking forward to running w/ you in LB…i just need to make sure I am fast enough to keep up :P

Jeannie said...

Very cute! And thanks for sharing the link about your diet. It must be very tough! I had to be on a very restricted diet a two times when nursing my last two kids. I did it for them but it was so hard but out of love for them.