Thursday, June 16, 2011

My trip part 4 and the end

On the plan for today speedwork.  Was supposed to do 8x400.  I did 10x400.  Still no AC at the Gym so that sucked a bit but I felt pretty good.  On the plan Coach Hal says we have to do these at 5k pace but that is dare I say...too easy for me.  Maybe my 5k pace is faster then I think? We shall see on July 4th at my next 5k race.  Anyway I went 35 sec faster for the first 5 and and 1 min faster for the last 5.  Can I hold 30-35 sec faster for 5k? I am not sure I can but I am going to try.  I am now loving intervals!

I want to thank everyone for leaving the kindest comments about my hometown and my family and me. 

I am a lucky person.  I come from a special and beautiful place.  I got to live there for 31 years.  In French homesick is Le mal du pays.  (The country's ache) I have that illness.   There is no cure for it.  My kids are way too young to appreciate the sacrifice I made for our family but my husband is well aware of it.  That helps.  On the way back home we had 2 flights to take, Quebec-Toronto and Toronto-Los Angeles.  When we took off from Quebec I cried and then again when we left Toronto because then I was leaving my country once again.  I wish I came from a boring place sometimes, it would be easier to leave it behind.
I hope it will not take another  3 years before I get to go back. 

If you miss part 1 it is here
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So a few more pics from our visit

Helping my dad in the yard!

My dad has lots of grapevines.  He makes his own wine with the grapes.

Will's Godmother is one of my best friend.  She like to spoil the boys.  There is a fantastic toys store near her house called BENJO.  She took the boys there and they made a craft, painting a figurine.  Then she told them to pick something in the store.... Ayaye....trouble!
So Jonathan aka mini Urban (if you are new and you don't get this,  you can read here) shocked everyone and said : "I want a GUITAR!" Of course he does.  I loose parental control with my friend.  She is the boss.  So they found the musical section and there it was;  the most precious thing Jonathan had ever seen: A UKULELE!  He was soooo happy.  He took that thing everywhere we went.  He would have slept with it if I had let him.  He showed it to the pilots on the plane when he got on.  It was a HUGE HIT.  Will also found something cool: a Batman board game.  So my friend Sonia is their favorite by a mile.

Can you see what it says on my shirt? GOTTA RUN!

See the Ukulele?
See they have this mini entree just for kids.

Of course Jonathan had to be on the guitar side and pretend to play it!!!

I miss her, I miss my family, I miss everybody.


Emz said...


I loved this post. I love how real you are. Honest. It's refreshing. I wish you didn't have to "miss" them--that you lived closer.

So happy you had such a wonderful trip though.

Amazing job on the 400's.
A m a z i n g.

Jill said...

I know when I moved thousands of miles away from my mom, it was so hard!! She's long gone now and I cherish those memories we got to spend together....and I know you do, too!!

Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures! ANd good lord, way to crank out a couple extra 400s!!

Anne said...

Je te comprends...c'est beau chez nous! Tes photos racontent une belle histoire et j'adore le ukelele :)

Your running is going great!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

10x400 your crazy (in the good sense)

OK you have me wanting to visit there now

Colleen said...

I've loved all of the posts... what a fantastic trip for you and the family!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

I lived in quebec for 2 summers. I ADORED it. Gorgeous. I bet they miss you already too.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful posts for a wonderful trip. I hope you will come back there a lot of times again.
I am lucky, I live and I work in my hometown.
A very good speedwork, congrats.
Have a good (running) week end.

XLMIC said...

Ha! You cannot still honestly think that I am faster than you! You are a speed machine, Caroline.

I loved reading about Quebec... thanks for sharing such a lovely and special place with us :)